Saturday, January 20, 2007

What's going on here?

If I’d dragged myself out of bed this morning and run before the Spousal Unit went to work then I’d have achieved six out of six workouts for the first time since I started recording my training. I may still do a pilates video and hit that magic number. But Noddie was restless last night in the heat and I woke up a couple of times with my achilles tendons just throbbing, and I did a bit extra in the pool yesterday so I was a bit sore, and I’m home all day with Noddie today and then we have friends coming over for I turned off the alarm.... and that’s ok. I don’t have to do six this week. It’s more important to build up relatively slowly and not injure myself. Minerva and I are going on a long(er) ride tomorrow.
I don’t know what’s going on here lately. I’m feeling very peaceful. Even last week when I was very down, I wasn’t frantic. Laying down the law to J is just that – no anger behind it. Rows with Noddie blow over and we are friends again quickly. Most days lately I actually stop eating my dinner when I’ve had enough – even when it’s really good! I’m consciously seeking snacks that will fuel me, not just comfort me, and drinking lots of water as well. Of course there are areas I could (and am trying to) sharpen up – especially chips at parties, Noddie's yummy stuff and chinese food arrgghh – but mostly it’s not such a struggle to eat pretty well. This confuses me – but I hope it lasts. It’s not showing on the scales, but not to worry - see? Frighteningly calm! Is there a pod under my bed?

It’s not much of a secret that I used to have a glass-or-two of wine most nights, and sometimes more. I was getting a bit worried how much I was looking forward that little “switch-off/reward/mhaaaa my day is now ovah” buzz that came with it. Let me tell you a real secret. Over there in the sidebar there’s a little table of AFDs for the month. Look! I didn’t mention it to anyone because I wasn’t sure if I could actually kick my habit. BUT I HAVE! To be honest, I have a light beer most days, but I am no longer looking forward to the little wine buzz. I may never give up drinking altogether, but from now on it’ll be the planned exception rather than the everyday. I’m proud of that.

More anon, pod-people!
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9 much-appreciated comments:

IHateToast said...

sounds ...sound. can i write that? i don't think the key to everything is just complete elimination. for some that is all that's avail, but hey... if all you need is a cut back, then take it. and you should feel proud.

jeanne said...

very nice work! Your psyche sounds ... quite psyched!

LBTEPA said...

HA! Almost immediately after posting this I had such a massive run-in with Noddie that I have had a headache all day. Calm, my arse. Somebody bring me a ticket to Venezuela.

Neese said...

ah a nice glass of wine can be nice, excess, never good, but one a night cannot be bad, lets drink to peace! :o)

Wes said...

Yay! You are in the groove! Doesn't that feel good? I haven't given up drinking either. Don't think I ever will. I have cut back like 90%, but gin and I have a special relationship :-)

Hannelie said...

Oh good on yooouuuu!! Remember babies have to crawl before walk and walk before run, so you are doing just great. I caught up on some previous posts and I loooved the pics of your holiday, the pink dress is just tooo flash to handle!! LOL Very smart.
Gosh you are busy girl, keep it up, you make me feel guilty.
At least I gym now 3X instead of 2 per week, slow changes big results later I hope. Take care.

KLN said...

Whooohoooo, finding that "place" that golden mean, is precisely what I've been blogging about the last 2 days. Well done, and treasure the serenity you have found :-)

kathrynoh said...

Sounds like a good place to be in and sometimes a sleep in is much more important than a workout.

c2s Hayley said...

LOL @ yr comment. Now where's that wine bottle that I had hidden away for just such an emergency? LOL!

So glad you're in such a good place. Can you give directions on how to get there?