Thursday, January 25, 2007

Australians all, let us rejoice!

First of all, thank you all so much for your kind comments about our dog. The Spousal Unit had Skippy for twelve years, so he was devastated at having to have him put to sleep. Noddie has been fine about it - she told Daddy that Grandpa was throwing a ball for Skippy in heaven.

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Australia Day is tomorrow, so let us rejoice!
- for we can speak out against divisive and immoral industrial relations laws
- for we can be compassionate and welcoming toward all people, in the face of federal policy
- for we can make individual efforts to decrease environmental impact, despite our Prime Minster's refusal to sign the Kyoto agreement
- for we can continue to protest against our involvement in an unjust war
- for we can apply our own principles and intelligence to the bias of commercial news
- for 2007 is an election year, and we can change things.

I like to celebrate Australia Day by doing this swim. It will be even more fun this year because my sister is coming along to do the 1km. Afterward we'll have fish and chips on the beach, then later we are going to a 50th birthday/20th wedding anniversary party. Let's just say I plan to get stuck into it!
*note to self: buy some panadol*

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9 much-appreciated comments:

lisa jane said...

I'm really so sorry about your dog.Losing a pet under any circumstances is heart wrenching.

I love your australia day Idea,it makes me want to do better in my own life :)

Thankyou for your comment on my blog,I think some people are afraid to look at things a different way.

I really love how active you are, it is empowering !!!!

IHateToast said...

i'm not a citizen yet. sigh. i think i'm due about this time next year, so i hope to be part of the bigger citizen party.


c2s Hayley said...

This IS A GREAT COUNTRY! I never doubt how lucky we are, and will be raising the kids in the same way...

WAAAAA at Noddies comment about Skippy, aren't they just gorgeous? They see things so innocently that it makes me want to get that inner child back... she's in there somewhere, I know.

Brent had to put his own dog down (no vet in town) whilst I was in Hospital waiting to have Lilli. Lloyd was twenty years old and had been his best friend through a difficult adolescence. I feel for the Spousal Unit, I really do. Noddie's comments must have helped lighten the mood for him?

I'll be thinking of you swimming tomorrow whilst i'm sitting in the wading pool with the kids...LOL!

kathrynoh said...

Great post :)

Wendy said...

Have a great Australia Day!

Wes said...

I came by for the dog post as well, but stupid blogger wouldn't let me leave my sentiments :-( Happy Australia Day!

Neese said...

That is SO sweet what Noddie said about Skippy and Grandpa, lovely.

GeekGirl said...

You cannot possibly, possibly know how sick with envy I am that it is so lovely down there. I wonder if I could get some land and spend winters there?

jeanne said...

Happy Australia Day!