Friday, July 18, 2014

No dramas, just stuff

I'm only writing this becuase one of the Improving Habits I am working on is to blog more. The topic should really be "SS,DD", but then again, reflecting on that - that this is all just stuff that happens, no point getting in a tizzy about it - makes it easier to keep things in persepctive, does it not?
Our heroine feels as though she is treading water and not making any progress at anything much, owing to
- the everlasting, ever-tedious chronic sinusitis + bonus bouts with local lurgis
->interrupted sleep -> hard to 'make time'
->low energy/general crapness
- father-in-law in and out of hospital
->even more  challenging to establish a routine
-> a stressed-out Spousal Unit
->who copes by bringing home chocolate
- and of course work/Mumming/housekeeping.
SSDD, really. I told you!
It's all just stuff to manage, but having no fitness base is a pest. I just can't seem to get any sort of run on to build myself up. But I am finding a way.
Improving Habit of the week is to be very conscious of my urge to go out/get takeaway when I'm tired. I've noted it and resisted it well so far, possibly becuase I've been reframing it as saving up to go away next year. It's all what you call things, isn't it?
Improving Habit for the coming week is to be very conscious of what I eat during arsenic hour (5.30-6.30pm). The bikkies and cheese can start to relax.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

big smoke, little steps

a lovely visit to the big smoke for the dermatologist with Noddie last week included the zoo, the art gallery, shopping with my sister, lots of yummy not-like-in-our-town food, a ferry ride across the bay, and scienceworks. Now we know everything about black holes! We did a fair bit of walking, comparatively speaking, despite the winter wind, and I summoned the willpower to emerge from the spa at the hotel and wobble into the gym for stretching and core work. I wanted to (ahem) 'run' but the legs weren't playing after our (ahem) 'long' walk. The trouble with being physically weak is the body just Won't. Keep. Up. aka, patience is everything.
On Sunday I did go for a real live fair dinkum 'training run' - a planned and executed bit of exercise aimed at an event. So what if it was walk 2 min run 1 x8? I smsd a few friends I was going so I wouldn't sook out. When they kindly asked how it went I had two answers: a great start! and if I thought they were all going to be like that I'd give up on the spot. Both true. Next day the bastard achilles were a bit grabby but they're better today so I'm going again after work. I was just talking to Noddie and we agreed that getting up early(ish) this morning and doing my exercises and not running is much better than staying in bed dozing and not running. Noddie's a lovely child.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

and another thing

There's a 1.5k swim held every September in the cooling pond for the power station about 2 hours from our house. I've always wanted to do it and then always forgot about it until the weekend it's on and we're always busy/it's sold out/I haven't trained and etc etc. THIS YEAR I AM DOING IT. WOOT! Too. Much. Fun.
It's not a nuclear power station so I won't glow in the dark afterward *pouts*

on a related note, here's to giant-killers!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

possibly the most exciting post ever

Guess what? I've entered the 10km at the Melbourne Marathon in October!!!! I have A Goal! Something to Aim For! I might end up running 30s walking 2min30 for two hours while cross skinnyfasts gallop past me yelling abuse (it's all on the same course) but I. Don't. Care.
It. Is. So.On. On like Donkey Kong. In like Flynn, that's me.
I am So. Over. not racing. You know what I've been doing wrong? Forgetting that 'how can I do it?' is always better than 'can I do it?'
I'm going to have to get a bigger Team Stupidly Determined shirt made.

(I don't know that I'd call it 'courage' exactly...)
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Thursday, June 26, 2014

ok enough

I don't care if I have to lie down after every rep I am going to do my core exercises and skipping today so there
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

and then...

our heroine was poleaxed by the disgusting phlegmy lurgi that has felled an estimated 30% of LBTEPAville and nothing has happened since, except tracking food and standing while using the pc. Bleah.
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Faux mauxjaux

I was saying to the Spousal Unit this morning that it was hard to establish new workout routines when you keep getting colds all the time. Which is true. It's also hard to establish new workout routines when your father-in-law is in and out of hospital, your husband is off to Melbourne for days at a time,  and then your dear old dog dies *wiping eyes*. Another hard thing is perceiving progress when life and workouts are all so higgledy-piggledy. It's seeing progress that keeps a person going, I think - me, anyway - and this blog IS all about me!
I keep feeling slightly puzzled and disoriented by the fact that this all used to be 'normal'. I was the mojo queen! If it needed to be done, I did it, now! Self-discipline as an effort is a strange feeling to me. I'm not whingeing, mind! It's not the frantic dramatic oh woe is me however shall I manage? as it was in the past. I do hope those days have passed forever, and with regular thyroid checks there's every chance they will have. Hooray!
So, how to orchestrate a runner from sort-of-but-not-really-Happily-Drifting-Along-Land back to Planet Enthusiastic Amazon? Given that buying stuff fixes everything, I have equipped myself for this new phase of my existence with the following:

A FIT BALL for the activation of my core and the amusement of my family.
A SKIPPING ROPE for the activation (?jumping muscles?) and the amusement of my family and the neighbours. Bruises an added bonus.
A COMPUTER STAND. I sit for up to five hours a day at work. Now I stand while I'm using the computer. This makes me quite tired, which is why I am going to do more of it
A SMALL BOOK to write down everything I eat, and record my weight on Saturday mornings.
NEW TOGS because I am a tragic spendthrift and I didn't like my apologetic black ones any more. Also groovy new goggles with cool reflective blue lenses (see 'tragic spendthrift').
A LIST! Becuase what is A Plan without a List? I'm going to blog more often (it's on The List) and post photos my List with a whole lot of lovely ticked boxes. It'll be fab!! And if it isn't fab, I'll pretend it is until it really is! Fake it 'til I make it! Bring on the artificial oomph!

(I was looking for an image to post but there's a rather scary-looking UK band called 'Oomph' so I am going with 'bubbly' instead)
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