Monday, April 14, 2014

such an idiot

Now repeat after me, LBTEPA
I WILL GET MY THYROID CHECKED more regularly than four years ago omg what an idiot
I WILL GET MY THYROID CHECKED because it's been bung for ever
I WILL GET MY THYROID CHECKED when I get really sad for ages and ages
I WILL GET MY THYROID CHECKED when I am dragging myself around with bone-deep weariness
I WILL GET MY THYROID CHECKED when I can't seem to keep the house vaguely tidy
I WILL GET MY THYROID CHECKED when I gain stupid amounts of weight
I WILL GET MY THYROID CHECKED because when I look after it, it looks after me.
You wouldn't think an increase of 25mcg would make such a huge difference, but oh my, my five faithul readers! Oh my! I'm calm and happy, I feel peaceful and confident, I (now this is a biggie) HAVE ENERGY! I get on my bike with enthusiasm and enjoy myself. I don't cry after the physio even when he says I'm more likely to be able to do short tris rather than any decent running in the near future and no, sorry, no swimming for you yet missy. I feel extremely fed up and over this bloody saga, but that's it.
This is what normal feels like, I'm guessing. *slaps forehead* (and laughs)
Feel free to remind me of this at any time should the bleat-fest recommence.
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Sunday, April 06, 2014

More stuff I know

The Cook Islands are wonderful. Save up your money and go there as soon as possible.


If you're interested in seeing more photos and we're not friends of effbee then send me a message and I'll send you a link.
Other Stuff I know: I didn't miss the internet, tv or my phones (personal and work) at all. Neither did Noddie (I think J missed tv a bit). We took the dvd of the BBC series Broadchurch - rivetting.
I'm going to change a few things to try and live more as we did on our holiday. Not, alas, spending a couple of hours a day snorkelling in balmy tropical waters full of colourful fish, but I want to maintain this lovely feeling of wellbeing as much as possible as we head into winter. So the Plan is This:
no diet soft drinks ever again
as much fresh air as possible
only wear a watch when you have to - my watch tan line is gone and I'm so proud
people are how they are; you can love them while finding many of their habitual behaviours inexplicable
only look at my phones three times a day, and effbee once a day. This will be a toughie, but it was so nice feeling so uncluttered.
a lot of niggles go away with anti-inflam gel. Do your exercises every day, for sure, but get on with the fun stuff and chill a bit, bro!
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Stuff I know

If you get a chance to volunteer at an Ironman, DO IT! If you can pull the stunt managed by  my dear friend the Mighty Emma, which was volunteer at the last minute and end up tacking off athletes' chips in the finishing chute, then all power to you - but handing out water, ice, flat cola, watermelon, bananas, gels, vegemite on a stick and COWBELL to the late finishers is also a sensationally inspiring way to spend your time

I had 3 of these working overtime (and now have bruises on my fingers). A bloke from a house across the road came over and started saying, you know those bells - we all thought he was going to tell me to pleeeeeaaaaasssse stopppit stopppit stopppit, and later someone from the aid station said she wished he'd said it (how unkind) - they're awesome! Have some tim tams! I nobly shared them with the crew because I've given up chocolate for Lent. About an hour later the bloke returned with a tray laden with cups, tea, milk, hot water and sugar, an absolute lifesaver at 10pm. So kind!
So do it do it do it. So inspiring
Now I want to do one...... I think I need a Plan!
Must dash though chickies, we are heading off to the Cook Islands straight after work this arvo!! WOOT! I'll be off the grid for 9 days, engaged in a rigorous schedule of snorkelling, eating, reading and sleeping. Wish me luck!

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Testing, testing

Cholesterol - normal
Liver and kidney function - normal (must be made of old boot leather, bless 'em)
Thyroid function - slightly dodgy, retest in 2 months (hmm, hello weight gain and low mood???)
Physio appears to be pleased and has ordered bike, bike and more bike, as well as okaying walking Noddie to school (a 2km round trip, I'd say whoopeefriggendoo but there's that whole giving up whingeing for Lent thing) and squeezing one of these between my knees whenever the opportunity presents itself.

I suspect it will provoke inappropriate comments from the Spousal Unit.
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Monday, March 03, 2014

It was about time

LBTEPA popped off to the quack for a checkup and pap smear today ewww and eeek as said checkup included being measured and weighed aaarrrggghhh. Ugly. I'm getting blood tests tomorrow - liver and thyroid function, cholesterol and blood sugar. Could be even uglier.
I'm thinking of giving up whingeing for Lent - my Mum will think she's gone deaf! What do you give up?
MOre anon, pancake makers!

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Still here

Just a quick one to reassure my five faithful readers that LBTEPA is still here, and absolutely fine. Keeping at Things, Carrying On, thinking about new Plans. Just not very talkative
Hope you're all well?
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Here's my new favourite song (and possible theme for the year)

Saturday, February 22, 2014


The visit with sports pych went extremely badly. I wanted her to hear me and she wanted to fix me.