Thursday, January 04, 2007


I'm at Mum's with Noddie for a few days. Much to my surprise, the train trip down here was really, really fun this time. The Spousal Unit will be joining us on Friday night for a beach-and-races weekend, woo hoo!
J rang me with some wonderful news - after 10 days, Teddy has been handed in to Bunnings' lost property! The T-man is back from his "adventure" (which was where we told Noddie he'd gone). Where this leaves Noddie's new Teddy I don't know, but I'm sure there's room in her life for two special friends.
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Noddie chose her accessories herself, bless her
This morning I rode some of the cycling course of the Olympic distance triathlon eeek oooh scary I'm sort of thinking of doing in March. I'll do the full circuit on Saturday now that I've worked out where I got lost LOL.
I was thinking about what a long way it was, and how big the hills were, and how hard it would be to have done one loop up that bastard hill and then have to do another one, and then run 10km after that. And how tired and far behind everyone else I would be.
And then I thought, what else would you be doing? Sitting at home growing ever more lardy? Watching, and wishing you had that kind of guts ?

Then I had some more thoughts:
is this really an appropriate project for me this summer, given my other commitments? Have I built enough base fitness to just tough it out if I have to? Is my vaulting ambition o'er reaching itself?

9 much-appreciated comments:

Jadey 0:-) said...

oooh how exciting. Welcome back Teddy!@

Simlin said...

I am sure you won't come last. I always believe there is more style coming in at the back of the pack.

Wes said...

No guts, no glory! Are you racing to win? Or racing for you! Very nice picture of Noddie and Teddy (2?) :-)

c2s Hayley said...

Hey, i'm loving Noddie's accessories. Surely there's room there for two teddies, you can never have enuff teddies methinks!

Good on you, in my books, for even CONSIDERING expending all that effort! Knowing you, you'll do it - coz that's the kind of motivated person you are!

Anonymous said...

All the best with your triathlon alison.Ive got a 120km bike ride in geelong on Saturday and its meant to be very humid.Guess ill have to ride fast to feel the wind.

Anonymous said...

last comment was from me forgot to add my name.

Frankie :)

Spark Driver said...

Looking forward to Teddy's blog posting to explain where the fark he has been!

jeanne said...

Noddie is GORGEOUS! so cute!

regarding your probing and thoughtful questions: no idea. But I do know if you don't try, you'll never know what you're capable of.

(I read that in a book somewhere.)

Celeste said...

You know, I wouldn't care if I came last. Even if I did come last it would be an achievement because it would mean I have FINISHED the damn thing!!!

Keep up the training and do the event for yourself. Dang everyone else!!