Saturday, October 20, 2007

Xkg - 1

I was going to blog this morning but all three of us were going out on a Saturday Train Adventure 'cos the Spousal Unit wasn't working for a change and I did heaps of work on Thurdsay so I could afford a day off the Bastard Thesis, and I was going to blog this afternoon but I was tired from our outing and had a nanna nap. Sorry my treasures, family pizza lunches at flash waterfront restaurants and sleep come before faffing on about myself.

Things that make me go *beam*

It was so glorious this morning that when I went out for my run I had to restrain myself from breaking into "Zippety-doo-dah, zippety-ay, my oh my what a wonderful day....". It was either the local avian choral society or a bird CWA meeting, but the noise was captivating. The sky looked freshly washed and everything had that lovely soft, golden early-morning look about it. :)Spring Frost , one of my favourite paintings
The other night I was getting my stuff organised for the next day. I pumped up Minerva's tyres, oiled the chain and cogs, and adjusted the seat - amazing what useful stuff comes up when you google 'sore knees bike fit', no?. So what? you may ask. But you see, I can't do this bike-maintenance stuff! It's hard and I don't know how and I always mess it up. Hang on! No I don't! Doing stuff like that thrills me with a no doubt unfounded, but oh-so-sweet feeling of competence :)

As you know, me and the vino, we've been close. But becoming significantly less so, thanks to your encouragement :)

Antibiotics and rest 1: chest infection 0 :)

If you do something like, oh, say, riding your bike or running, three times a week for a month or so, you get better and stronger at it! This always surprises me, which is also funny :)

I'm SO not telling you how much I weigh - we're close, I know, but I'd HATE to have to kill you. It's becoming clear that my approach to lard-shedding - FTF, TBUS - is only working up to a point. It needs to be much more specific to provide the constant positive reinforcements and rewards I require from A Plan. So the plan is this:
I want to lose 9 kilos. In order to do that I need to lose 1 kilo. Then another, and then another and so on.
How to do this? I've begun my campaign by adorning the Bermuda Food Triangle (my kitchen) with yet another set of motivators. Not letters but numbers on my stove splashback and my fridge and my pantry door. The number written up everywhere is 1kg below my current weight. Xkg -1.That's my goal. When that number appears on my scales for an entire week (they are temperamental buggers and prone to messing with my head), I'll rub it off and write up a new Xkg - 1. That's how I'll get there.

Off to watch a George Clooney movie* and eat chicken and asparagus pasta cooked by the Spousal Unit now :) :) :) :)

More anon, strivers!
*Waddya mean, which one? Does it matter? Ocean's 13, actually - eye-candy heaven with Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and Andy Garcia. Rwow!

7 much-appreciated comments:

B said...

I love your idea - it will work for sure. It's that whole "how do you eat an elephant" thing. Brilliant!! I might steal it if that's ok?

kathrynoh said...

Great idea. I used to write motivational quotes on my fridge with white board marker. Maybe I should try that again.

MorseyRuns said...

I stopped going to WW because I was scared, so I bought scales, now I am too scared to stand on them. Good luck- you have more courage than me! And you have inspired me (tomorrow) I will get on those scales.

Wes said...

The journey of 9 kilos begins with a single kilo :-) Good luck! Sing when you run! Love life. I do!!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Excellent! Just take it 1 kilo at a time.

I can think of soooo many people who'd do better thinking like that.

Kathy said...

We have that painting at home. I love it too. We call it "Barney". My mum grew up on a farm and it reminds her of one of the farm workers.

You're right - you do get better at riding and running when you practise. It always surprises me too.

Siren said...

I do the exact same thing to get myself through the mental part of losing weight. Otherwise I found the whole thing overwhelming (my formula started out at X lb - 150 - YIKES.)

If you really want to make it easier translate kilos to pounds - you lose one of those in half the time! ; )