Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Minerva's big day out

It's So I did!
It was great fun, although the words 'so your legs hurt going up the hill and you've run out of gears? Whoopy-f$%*ing-do. You won't die and it'll stop at the top' did cross my mind several times.
Being as I'll do pretty much anything if there's a free feed involved, I joined in a community breakfast about halfway to work where the friendly local cyclists happily stuffing their faces were kind enough to impart their bike-wisdom. I found out which bike shop to go to (the staff at the one I've been going to are vying energetically for Mr Condescending Git 2007) , a Sunday morning riding group near my house, and had my bike engraved with an ID number (also free - woot!). Thanks to these good souls the Yarra Bike Trail is a frightening mystery no longer. I tell you what though - showering at work is a bit freaky. I piled all my stuff up against the locked door just in case.
Whether I ride or train it the 16km home (don't laugh, you bike-geeks, I have to start somewhere!) will depend on how sore my ankle feels later this morning. My rehab depends on my having the discipline to say 'that's enough, I'm stopping' when I really really want to just push it a teeeeeeny bit further. It drives me absolutely mental not to be able to plan plan plan lovely events and goals and schedules - but I know if I did, I'd be much more inclined to overdo it in training. There are nine or ten events I want to do over the next few months; I'm not entering any until the last minute so as not to risk overloading this pesky joint.
As the pinup-girl for Stretch-Goals-R-Us, this INFURIATES me.
*short pause as LBTEPA bangs her head against the wall*
I have to keep reminding myself that I'm training for fifty+ more years of active life, not just this summer. Sigh.

I *heart* Minerva.

More anon, hjólreiðamaður!
Isn't Icelandic a grouse language?

9 much-appreciated comments:

S. Baboo said...

Yea, National Bike to Work Day! I think ours is a few months away yet but last year I got a free t-shirt and some good grub...oh, and a free bike trail map and a set of tire irons.

Miss Beck said...

I am so bloody proud of you. If I had a work to ride to, I'd have done it but I doubt I would have scored all the nifty things like you did.

Side note: I used to ride to and from work daily in Broken Hill. The change in my bum after two weeks was amazing.

kathrynoh said...

Sounds fun :) And there will always be events.

Jessie said...

And guess what I did today?
Yes, I proudly huffed and puffed the [pathetic] 5 k's to work (and back, I might add in spitting rain!).
The most scary part was riding home in busy traffic, having cars forget you're on the road too!

But, so much fun - I just might make it a more regular thing! Might even have an excuse to go and invest a little in an upgrade (the bike I bought in 1995 as a teenager is a bit beyond its best days).

Oh, I totally get the whole cursing-at-the-hills thing... that's me, all the way up!

Kathy said...

I so relate to your whole hill comment. I was riding up when particularly steep bit this morning, resolutely not looking at the bit that was still to go. Yes, I did get to the top, and I loved the long coast down on the other side. Wheeee!

Wes said...

You are so lucky being able to bike to work, and very smart not to push it.

I {heart} Minerva too! No excuses for not training smart!! :-)

Duane said...

I think you have the right attitude, just don't bang your head against the wall to hard! :-)

Jenny said...

I'm glad you're not overdoing it - it must be frustrating coming into your peak season (here, of course, it's going to be winter in about 10 minutes!) Finding a good bike shop is great - we have several around but I'm not sure if any of them are really good.

MorseyRuns said...

I think your bike attendant has a brother, or apprentice in training- the bike shops I have been going to are crap at giving information that doesn't come with a free smirk and a bit of checking their phone for text messages thrown in.
Great work on riding to work!!