Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ab Fab

Well this post was going to be all, sorry darls I got nuffin for you - flat flat flat lacking inspiration a bit tired a bit worried I might be overdoing it on my ankle blah blah blah, followed by some pretentious homily on Acting As If and how if I just keep on doing the right stuff the mojo will crawl back all hungover and grinning from whatever outrageously fun jaunt it's been on without me pretty soon I'm sure.
But then the magnificent Kathryn sent me this!! Mwah, dahling! Thanks so much for the lovely compliment *blushes*.
It's a serious duty in these conformist times to be as fabulous as possible and I thank Kathryn for reminding me.

Fabulous: –adjective
1. almost impossible to believe; incredible.
2. Informal. exceptionally good or unusual; marvelous; superb: a fabulous bargain; a fabulous new house.
3. told about in fables; purely imaginary: the fabulous exploits of Hercules.
Googling "fabulous" gives you 18,100,000 possibilities.
I think being fabulous is about being true to yourself. Even if they do care what other people think, fabulous people don't let those opinions interfere with living a joyful and courageous life.

Now I am privileged to pass this on to five other fabulous bloggers.
and of course our beautiful Beck.
Have you earned your Order of Fabulousness today? Celebrate your inner Diva! Refuse to be beige! Dream big and go after it! Smile while you're doing it! Set an example!

Maybe I will buy that Cup Hat after all.....

I'd best be off now; I'm riding to work today and need to leave early to try and avoid the trucks.
More anon, secret superstars ;)

7 much-appreciated comments:

kathrynoh said...

Oh I love the hat.

Wes said...

Ummm. OK. LBTEPA? Where can I find this inner Diva? Maybe if I peel back the layers of this plan ;-)

Miss Beck said...


Thank you for the Fabulous Award. I'm honoured.

Refuse to be beige? That's gold!

jeanne said...

I am not worthy. So what am I supposed to do again? Think fabulous thoughts? Act fabulous??? I'm with you on the beige, but I can't seem to give up the black!

See?? I'm really NOT worthy! but thanks! I needed that today!

MorseyRuns said...

Woo Hoo- you are fabulous! When my boss told me he was 45 years old I told him "You don't look a day over fabulous" and I think he wanted to kiss me!

Kathy said...

I have visions of you fitting right in with the Ya Ya Sisters! You truly are fabulous!

Would love to see you wearing the hat.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

You *are* Fabulous.

So is the hat. Get the hat. And run in it!!