Sunday, October 14, 2007

You know what?

Being whacked with the frump stick is a choice, and has nothing to do with size or income.
Having loads of people rush up and say they're glad to see you and you look awesome is extremely astonishing and gratifying.
Not appreciating your life is a terrible waste.
As of now I am OVER feeling apologetic for being over-the-top.
Why was I the only one with photos and address cards?
I am disgusted by people who have nothing good to say about their children.
Saying 'I'm not interested in learning about computers or the internet' is f%$king LAME.
The most attractive people are those who have something in their life that excites them - job, kids, triathlon, fishing, travel - it doesn't matter what, just that something makes your face light up when you talk about it.
It's great to feel validated in the way you approach your life.
It's a gift to be able to say, I'm so sorry I never found you all these years; I'm so very glad you came tonight and we're in touch again.
People who have always had email probably don't realise what a blessing it is.
It's good to be able to say, it's midnight and I've had a wonderful time and I'm going home now.

More anon, my friends!

14 much-appreciated comments:

airlie said...

You are so right darls. And don't worry I am a sentimental too - i would have had addy cards and pics as well. Some people just live for the moment - i kind of live in the past, but that makes me loyal and caring - when others forget too easily.

And man I LOVE them boots! WHen I got skinny arse legs can i borrow them?

Shauna said...

your attitude just plain ROCKS :) glad you had a rockin time!!!

Wes said...

Hawt, hawt! Glad you had a good time :-)

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

You look stunning. Your positive attitude and happiness with life is totally SHINING through. :)

kathrynoh said...

I love the boots - and you are right, being over the top is nothing to apologise for. You look fantastic.

Linda said...

Glad you had a great time - I hate it when people bag their kids too. You look gorgeous.

Simlin said...
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Simlin said...

You look RADIANT!

Jenny said...

I hope that pink dress is what you ended up wearing - it is FABULOUS!!! It took me til my 20th college reunion to be able to feel good about myself and comfortable seeing all those people again - I am so glad I went! I was at my fattest, too, and didn't care! I don't think they did either. It was just nice to connect.

Benson said...

Gerrrrrrrr *wolf whistle*. You look ab fab. You're gonna be stopping traffic with that hot!

Mary Sunshine said...

That is the cooooolest dress in the whole wide world and the boots are beyond words. My jealousy is bashing my blues! As does your constant encouragement.

I cannot believe you hate shopping.

Kathy said...

I love enthusiasm. I adore outgoing people. I'm glad you're feeling validated.

You rock!

Siren said...

Those boots are TO DIE FOR! And you're totally right, the most engaging people are the ones who are happy to be living life, whatever their interests are.

IHateToast said...

Saying 'I'm not interested in learning about computers or the internet' is f%$king LAME.

no kidding. they just say that to make them feel like they go out and sniff the flowers all day. they don't. and if they did, they'd have no clue what flowers they were sniffing or how to google well enough to find the species.

you looked great. ha!