Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Have you turned out the way you were supposed to? Have you achieved what you wanted? Have you messed up your life? Disappointed yourself? Not done what you planned or wished to? Would you impress your old friends? Your old enemies? Can I get a facelift, liposuction, a great haircut and a fabulous life in the next four days?

It’s my high school reunion on Saturday.
Effortless yet awesome, that's the ticket. Do I own anything effortless yet awesome? Bugger!

I've pretty much convinced myself that not only is no-one expecting me to defend how my life has turned out, but also everyone will secretly fear that they will have to justify theirs, so we will all have a few too many sherbets and have a great time.
Have you been to a reunion? How did it go?

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Yummy Mummy said...

We just had my husbands 20 year reunion and we had a ball!!! I think by 20 years everyone is a little more relaxed!
After the 10 year reunion, I swore that I would NEVER return. Jack went to a toffy private school... amazing what another 10 years does to people! Heads where out of the clouds!
I was amazed what some of the girls where wearing.. some went way out and others looked great in casual jeans...
Have fun!

Sue said...

The only high school reunion I've been to was 7 years after I left school. Only went because Dad was retiring as principal. It was way too soon!
Went to my journalism school reunion last year. Mostly they have turned into a bunch of pretentious gits!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I went to my 20th H.S reunion and #25 is next summer. Probably won't go to #25.

For me it was particularly weird because I moved away. It seemed different for people who still live nearby.

Have fun!

MorseyRuns said...

I have to admit trying to squint and see what year you left school- but only so I can appreciate how long ago it was! I had a great time at my 10 year reunion.

B said...

I went to my 10th. It was awful. Missed my 20th cos I was 8 months pregnant. Oops, yes I started late!! Only having one though.
Wear something sexy but also that you feel comfortable in. Who cares what they think anyway, it's your hubby and your child that really matter the most!
Oh and hire a Porsche !! ;0)

Kathy said...

I didn't feel confident enough to go to my 10 year reunion. Would have no trouble now.

Enjoy it for what it is and have a great time.

Wes said...

Since I hated high school, I decided to avoid all my reunions. So far, I'm 100% spot on :-) I think you should wear the old uniform :-) LOL...

Mary Sunshine said...

I always WANT to go but I seem to spend all my money on races and gear....such an unbalanced life!

I hope you have a great time!!! I'm sure you will WOW everyone.

Do some dancing for me!

Siren said...

I skipped my 10 year reunion because I couldn't face them 150 pounds overweight when they hadn't seen me since I left as a skinny girl. I sucked it up and went to my 15 just this past summer. Still 90 pounds overweight and completely freaking out about it, but it turned out so many people I grew up with had also gained a bunch of weight nobody noticed me. I had a nice time, had some lovely conversations, got a good reminder of why I recall some people fondly and reconfirmed that moving far away from there was the best thing I ever did. (In fact, I was something of a mini-celebrity that night, being one of the handful who did move far away who bothered to come back for the reunion.) I'll probably go back for the 20th (and not just because by then I'll probably be the thinnest in the room!)

kathrynoh said...

I've never been to a reunion - mainly because there's no one from school I ever want to see again.

Linda said...

I'm with Kathryn and besides, I didn't want to upstage them all *cough cough*. I have been looking at the photo for about 10 minutes but I cannot pick you.. Spill - which one?

Linda said...

I am such an idiot sometimes - why didn't i just look at the photo above??? You can wear anything but I'm thinking your gorgeous boots from hubby may have to make an appearance.

airlie said...

i loved it - my whole group from ten years ago just rehooked up and had a blast - but with alcohol this time, so even better than high school!

Miss Beck said...

Breathe - Im with Linda, get out your boots, they're HOT..

Mind you, you have the whole Trinny and Suzannah thing going on so I think you'll look dynamite in ANYTHING you choose.

My advice would be to take pics of your choices tonight then let us chose tomorrow ;) LOL

I LOVED the idea of driving up in a porsche. Crack up.

I have never been to a school reunion but one day a girl came back and organised 15 of our old school friends for a big dinner at a restuarant. A few sherbets later we ended up climbing the walls of our old highschool (since been closed) and walked around it hand in hand. It was really beautiful.

jeanne said...

nothing personal, but you look WAAAAY better now! omg that one of you on the right: hilarious!!! of course you will wow them! then make sure you drop a few words like "TRIATHLETE" here and there.

hee hee.

and sadly, no, have never been to a h.s. reunion. i have no friends from h.s. which is sad, cuz it was a pretty small school! maybe i'll make a surprise visit one year.