Monday, February 05, 2007

Thoughts on the F-word #3

I know there were only going to be two posts on this, but gosh my BWSNBN neuroses are just sooooooooooo interesting I can’t stop myself......
A quick countdown – sleeps to go until
- BWSNBN (surfing lesson and birthday dinner) = 5
- we leave for Vanuatu (possibly still tragically hungover) = 7
- bags must be packed and house cleaned (see above) = 4
- Port Melbourne to Williamstown swim = 21. An idea: do some training. Hmmmm.

The most important thing I have learned since I was 30 (apart from how to apply red nail polish without looking as though I've just ripped someone's heart out) is that I accept and value myself the way I am. Greedy, prickly, opinionated, competitive and tactless, and funny, smart, passionate, determined, and adventurous. Accepting all these traits as just there, neither good nor bad, means I can work on ways to prevent the less adaptive ones from hampering my life. I rarely do self-destructive any more. I don’t play emotional games. I can pick my battles and stick to my guns when I believe that my cause is right. I pretty much like myself, and I finally realise that I am good enough. What a relief (mind you, sometimes none of the above applies, like when I drink too much, gain 2kg in a day, miss training, and Noddie runs away in the supermarket causing me to abandon a full trolley). But it’s mostly true.
It’s just that forty sounds so ollllddddd.....
but still…..(sings) any day above ground is a good day.... Maybe I’ll just be 41 for two years, it has a much perkier ring to it :)

I had a wonderful bike ride yesterday, out to a small town about 30km from our place. I know it’s the drought, but I do love the colours and smells of the paddocks at this time of year. My hydration/nutrition strategy worked perfectly - water whenever, Gatorade every 20 minutes, a muesli bar after an hour, and a picnic lunch at the end with the Spousal Unit and Noddie, who drove out to give me a lift home, bless them. My chain came off about 6 times (grrrrrr) - BUT when I got home I found the manual and fixed the problem All By Myself :) Life IS all about small triumphs.

Now I promise there will be no more faffing on about unmentionable subjects! Really.
More anon, keensters!

9 much-appreciated comments:

Wes said...

Life is so much better when you celebrate the little things. I'm sure your Noddie does new things all the time, and I KNOW you smile and celebrate that in your heart. Forty ain't old dear! It's just another good excuse to kick butt and take names.

Dante said...

Hey, where did you ride to? Did you ride out north towards Mernda? I really enjoy riding out that way, luckily it only takes me a few minutes to get there.

Thanks for the comment on my blog by the way, I still have a bit to think about, but I'm moving in the right direction now ;)

As for my swimming, when I do swim from home it's at the Mill Park Leisure Centre. Although, I'm not sure swimming with you would be safe....a 3.2km ocean swim planned, that's kinda scary.

Sue said...

Well, aren't you just the home handychick!

Linda said...

you forgot one - The Big 4-OHHH....
Not long now - have a great week.

Hannelie said...

Oh OH Oh, wow, I like this post! Happy Happy early b'day wishes to youuuuuu!!!
I hope this week goes realy quick for you, wow a holiday in Vanuatu!! Go go girl!

Fe-lady said...

Happy Birthday...New age group!!!
And shut-up about 40 being's not. It's a state of mind-and body! I am sure your physical and mental age are quite less than 40!
I am 53 chronologically....not so sure about mental/physical...but it's MUCH younger!
Have fun!

Jeremy said...

Hi there! Thanks very much for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind comment. I look forward to following your tri journey as well!

jeanne said...

I plan on blogging about my birthday for another month at least. let's milk this thing as long as possible! and I keep telling you: Life BEGINS at 40! (except when it begins at 50.)
I wish I had learned all those lessons. I often still feel like i'm 12. (by mistake i just wrote 123. which is also true.)

IHateToast said...

i could tell you about nails! i found a book at a garage sale from 1972. it's for a 7th grade home ec type class. tells me how to do my nails (always do the dominant hand first as it'll be better coordinated with wet nails to do the other...oooh and which order the fingers go and the strokes), how to make a sandwich (complicated. 2 slices of bread you say?) also, it tells me that some girls can carry a bit of extra weight, but if i'm not one of them... I LOVE GARAGE SALES. let me know if you'd like my most excellent nail tips now that you're phoartie.