Friday, February 23, 2007


(as in 'coming down with a...')
If you like, you can click here and see what I did on my holidays (you can slow it down by moving the slider).

Now I have a terrible cold, a mountain of articles to read, an extra kilo and 3.2 km to swim across Port Philip Bay on Sunday morning. My strategy (you knew I'd have one) is to Not Think About It, and hope for a still day.

I can't think about it - it makes me feel a bit sick about how hard it will be with this stupid cold. I think it would be a cop-out to not swim, because I'll pretty certainly finish. It will just be *insert whiny tone* haaaaaaaard. Do I only like difficult things after I've finished them (and can show off about them)? I dunno. Sigh. Ocean swimming isn't like running - there are no conversations, no landmarks, no spectators. It's just me, the water and my whingeing sooky la-la self (who is clearly writing this post). Probably my major task on Sunday will be telling my WSLL self to shut the f#$% up and keep swimming!

If the Spousal Unit was here, he would point out that I do this terror-stricken bleat thing every single time I face a challenge - and then I usually enjoy myself! And I always reply, no, this time it's different.....this is REALLY hard....
So repeat after me:
I love swimming in the ocean.
I won't drown.
I won't be eaten by a shark.
If I DNF the sky won't fall.
It will only take a bit more than an hour.
I've paid for it so I'm bloody doing it.

I think I'll go and dry my dishes with my Vanuatu tea towel now, and maybe look at my newly-tidy bookshelves, or the pinboard where I've hung all my necklaces - now I can see them, I might even wear them! Small things make us happy, my friends....

7 much-appreciated comments:

Linda said...

You're back!! It sounds like you've had a fab time (other than the cold). Happy belated anniversary and good luck for your swim on Sunday. I'm sure you'll kick arse. See you soon.

IHateToast said...

no sharks. man a mass of swimmers will look like one monster squid. think about it that way. breaking up the pattern. swimming zebras.

Steven Novak said...

You might be eaten by a shark...

Just sayin'. ;)


LBTEPA said...


Spark Driver said...

How does DNF work when you are in the middle of an ocean?!? Is that when you become shark bait?

Anonymous said...

Great photo. Have an awesome time swimming. Will be thinking of you.
I know you will not get a DNF.


Duane said...

Cool photos! Kick some butt and enjoy the swim!