Sunday, February 11, 2007

Brilliant :)

It was all brilliant :)
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My family and friends make me the luckiest girl in the world.
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See you when we get back :)
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13 much-appreciated comments:

Wes said...

Party in your neck of the world? Brilliant!!

Anonymous said...

Have an awesome birthday. Hope you get to fit in some running on "your day" :)


chartbusting 80s is back on Thursday 8th of March. Ive put my name down for every episode lol.

Briony said...

Hope your transition to the dark side is a fabulous one!!

Shauna said...

now how bloody sexy and gorgeous do you look!? haaaaaappy birthday to youuuu!

Duane said...

Welcome to the other side! Hapy B'day!

airlie said...

yay! happy birthday and happy holidays!

u r glowing gorgeous girl!

jeanne.notborntorun said...

you like HOT in that pink! and the t-shirt isn't bad either.

jeanne said...

and...i hate new blogger! that last comment was from me. did i say happy birthday? happy birthday!

Philippa said...

You look gorgeous!!

Hope you had a fabulous day.

And I love the F Word #3 post on accepting yourself for the way you are. I can sense your contentment and happiness in your life - you deserve it :)


Spark Driver said...

Naughty forties perhaps?

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

You look smashing! And like a fine wine, don't you think we are just getting better with age?!

side note - I was in australia a year and a half ago and spent a few days in Melbourne. Lovely city!

Hann said...

Wow, how lovely do you look??
Glad to hear (sorry read) it was a great one.

Beckie said...

You look beautiful in the pink. That is definately your colour.

HAPPY belated birthday!!