Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

In a last-minute burst of enthusiasm I have decided to do the Sunset Series Zoo Run tonight. Running through the zoo at twilight is great fun! Even better, I will be catching up with a long-time-no-see coolrunning friend who is coming back from injury, which may slow her to somewhere near my pace LOL.

I am offically getting Over Excited about the BWSNBN* weekend, especially since this t-shirt arrived yesterday from the US. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I saw it on Anita's blog and Had To Have One. (BTW Huge kudos to Threadless for uber-swift service ). It is to be worn at all times, except when I am in my new dress *squeals and does girly hand-flap*

Holiday-related Over-Excitedness is also reaching critical levels, but I will spare you. For the moment....(mwahahahahaha)
More anon, zoo dudes! Roarrrrr!

*UPDATE: Zoo run was BRILLIANT - many friends to chat to and run with - thanks SlowJo :) Watch time 54.14. Happy with that.

*Birthday Which Shall Not Be Named. Do try and keep up.

11 much-appreciated comments:

Wes said...

Oh, lordy, I wish I could come to that party, LOL. The suspense is getting outrageous!

deege said...

Hey, there will be a bunch of us ausrunners there tonight as well. Good luck.

jeanne said...

yes, the suspense is personally KILLING ME!

You're the greatest, you know? And I swear on a BIBLE, I NEVER thought YOU had a texas accent. that's that OTHER person. nevermind.

What a nice present you gave me! I don't think I can match it!
(but i can try...)

jeanne said...

p.s. I officially COVET that dress.

Linda said...

The dress is gorgeous. Photo with u in it please...

Sue said...

That is an outrageously cool tee-shirt! Dress is hot too....

Spark Driver said...

Woohoo that is some dress!! Looking forward to the pic with you in it.

slowjo said...

Alison - you're a star! Thanks so much for keeping me going during the run last night. Enjoy your weekend away & have a great holiday. See you at R4TK :-)

Simlin said...

Not a bad time there. Did you run in your new T-shirt? Love it...and the dress too, looks sh-tunning.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the weekend away ;)
Have a great time.
i hope the wedding is a very late afternoon one as i would not mind doing the half. Ill email you when you have recovered from your weekend away, next year maybe lol.
Have a great time.


Siren said...

Great Dress!! (Chosen with advice from the brilliantly catty Trinny and Susannah?)

Happy Birthday!! I'm a little fuzzy which day it is, what with the international dateline and all, but I think I'm pretty close : )

Thanks for setting a fabulous example for those of us who can't help doing a bit of navel-gazing of our own when traumatic birthdays hove into sight.