Friday, February 09, 2007

Flat out like a lizard drinking*

I have a bit to do today
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as we are having a little party tonight so Noddie can help blow out the candles. She is having a sleepover at Nanny's tomorrow, woo hoo!
When we get back on Sunday I will try and post all the fascinating details of the surfing-and-party etc, for which you will naturally be agog, but since we have to be at the airport at 04.00 on Monday (aarrgghh) I may not get a chance, especially if I am still a bit, um, delicate (not unlikely).

More anon, adventurers!

*moving extremely fast; very busy

7 much-appreciated comments:

Wes said...

It's coming together. The excitement is building. Booya!

Simlin said...

Have a great Birthday, and HOLIDAY yay!

Spark Driver said...

I don't see "post a Blog message" on your list?!? WTF?

Linda said...

Incase I don't get a chance to slip by tomorrow or Sunday, I'd just like to wish you the best birthday ever! Enjoy your day and your holiday. May it be a great year for you xxxxxx

IM Able said...

Oh, christ on a bike!! Grab a huge cup of coffee and get movin'!! You are a total mutitasking rockstar.

You Go Girl!

Sue said...

I hope it is all going fabulously well.


Anonymous said...

Have an awesome birthday. Hope you get to fit in some running on "your day" :)


chartbusting 80s is back on Thursday 8th of March. Ive put my name down for every episode lol.