Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I did it

A salutory tale in which our heroine learns that slackness never goes unpunished.
I went back to the physio last night. He looked at my foot again and got me to stand on one leg (which is quite tricky) and then lie down and raise my leg and then looked at my shoes. Then he told me that my core muscles are so pathetically weak that they have created torsion from my hip all the way down to my toes which is why my foot (and everything else) is buggered. Basically catastrophic overload of poor biomechanics. I now have many difficult exercises to do involving activation of the core muscles independent of the abs. Many people can do this easily, I gather. I hate them all.
This kills me. You see, I've had this problem before, about seven years ago after I had Noddie. I wasn't running so much then so it presented as mostly hip pain. My physio and I worked really hard for ages to sort it all out and make my core strong and active and all that a core should be. Over the years, though, I somehow got into the mindset that it was all fixed so I didn't need to worry about it any more...and I stopped doing my core exercises. This last year it's been all I could do to get the running done, what with the move and uni and J struggling at work and me being sick, let alone cross-training and strength work excuses excuses bleat bleat blah blah blah.
That'll teach me. If you fail to be diligent about things they will sneak up and bite you, and take your Goofy medals.
I've had a good cry about this whole mess and will probably sook some more but the milk is well and truly spilt now and I just have to suck it up. That came out wrong. Eewww.

I've always said that if you can't be a good example then be a dire warning. You're welcome.
More anon.

4 much-appreciated comments:

Margaret said...

Now that the image of you crawling on the floor sucking up spilt milk is well and truely embedded in my brain (and yes - eeewww covers it!) I have to give you big hugs for your pains. As one who has never even gone down the road of fixing up post-birth body traumas properly I hear you re the frustration of the body not acting in a way that you expect it too.

I shall immediately investigate and implement a 'proper' plan to fix my isues, your dire warning has been heeded!!

sassydrcil said...

Hey. You are a MARATHON WOMAN.
You marathoned before, and you will again.
Big hugs.
I will keep an eye on all aches and pains as well, as I head into becoming a MARATHON WOMAN like you!

sassydrcil said...

and HELL YEAH to the choc and wine.

Anonymous said...

Oh craptastica.

Is it any comfort that it took a full body rebellion to slow you down? I think it is time to have a serious word with your sinuses, the Fletcher Christian of bodily organs.

I prescribe a bottle of something with bubbles, and something with a lot of antioxidants (dark choccie?).