Thursday, November 03, 2011

She will wear them with panache

My awesome new shoes arrived today, and because I can't wear them while I am recovering from plantar fasciitis (and some other awful-sounding ankle/achilles thing that I forget the name of), now properly diagnosed by a real live physio, as opposed to Dr G00gle - who was spot on, btw - which means no running at all except in the pool (bike workouts are ok though) for at least another week and maybe up to three more weeks, I gave them to my Mum because she looked stunning in them.

no running at all for maybe up to three more weeks

It's 63 days until Goofy
What am I going to do?

3 much-appreciated comments:

Anonymous said...

I'm only minding them!


jen said...

How awful. No advice, just my empathy. It is so frustrating to have a big goal like this and then get a big ugly injury.

Anonymous said...

Bodies, who'd have one?

My fingers are so crossed.