Monday, November 07, 2011

what, me worry?

Here at the LBTEPA Institute for Behavioural Modification, the cycle of tape-ice-ibuprofen-wear-flat-shoes-feel-sad-worry-about-Goofy-weigh-myself-feel-worse continues. I'm sorry if I'm letting the side down but there you have it. As I bleated to the ever-supportive Spousal Unit yesterday, most of my other marathons have been #$%*ing train wrecks, I don't know why I thought this one would be any different (the Institute includes a Self-Pity Pool for daily wallowing). The Spousal Unit, bless him, said I've always finished my marathons before even with utterly crap preparation, so I shouldn't worry hahahahahahahaha.
But you know what the thing is? The thing is, I expect to get sick in the winter. Totally across that. Over it, but across it. It happens. It's been well over two years since I was injured, though. More than two years, and this rat-bastard plantar fasciitis decides to move in and hang aound now? When I've paid huge amounts of money to fly the family across the world and race 63.3kms over two days, less than 9 weeks from now? I feel very very sad about this, and very scared as well. I wake up at night and try to reframe it or feel hopeful or make some kind of Plan and I can't. I just don't know what to do.
Let us, then, wheel out the boffins and study this scientifically. As my saintly mum would say, what's the worst thing that could happen?
In no particular order:
- my foot isn't better enough to even have a go at the half when the mighty Mary Sunshine has coughed up airfares and race fees to come all the way to Florida from Ohio and run with me.
- I run and get injured and the rest of the holiday is stuffed up for the others.
- I run and can't finish under the cutoff = no bling and huge, huge disappointment.
- everybody I've yapped to for this whole year of planning for my Big Dream why do I talk so much? Why? asks me how it went and I have to tell them I didn't get it done. Because I was injured. And then the sneering, patronising, condescending you're pathetic you're lazy you're not good enough you've let everyone down I knew you couldn't do it demons will eat me.
I need to share something about Big Dreams with you, my five faithful readers. The worst thing about them is that even though you know they're stupid and unimportant in the grand scheme of things, you still work stupidly hard for them and you love them stupidly dearly and the thought of losing them is just too horrid to contemplate.
I. Need. A. Plan.
Thanks to the Spousal Unit, I have one (not "don't worry about it sweety" which while well meant is infuriatingly unhelpful and will get him a dong on the noggin if he keeps it up).
The Plan Is This:
Do everything possible to start the half marathon with the mighty Mary Sunshine! Woot!
If I finish in time and in one piece, decide whether to have a crack at the full.
The flaw in this plan is of course that it only covers Jan 7th and 8th. I might have to occupy myself in the meantime with some freestyle freaking out (is that an Olympic sport?) unless someone has any better ideas. Don't say "get stuck into the chardy" either because I've reformed but am terribly easily led.
More anon, bravehearts!

5 much-appreciated comments:

jen said...

Your plans sound very reasonable. Plantar fasciitis is a Nasty Bastard of an injury. No one who knows anything about it could blame you if it gets in your way.

Mary Sunshine said...

Hmmm... I wish I had some magic to tell you. I will go googling PF and see if something forms in my foggy head. Please don't worry about ME! I think whether or not we do any running at all, we should still go. And if we don't feel like running on the day of, then we should party and ride around on rides or something. Such are the preliminary thoughts of your biggest US Fan!! More thoughts to come.

Wes said...

yes, health first, fun later! with 7 hours to do the Disney Marathon, I do say you could speed walk it, eh?

Anonymous said...

I swear the word verification is "kissesss"! I was going to write ((((hugs)))but hey what the hell!
Al, you always do the right thing, run when people say that you shouldn't or CAN'T and you haven't injured yourself beyond repair yet! You can do it- I find PF is never that bad when I run, only in the mornings. Pick your shoes carefully and I am sure you can get back running soon. How about some calf massage (and glutes) to treat the cause and not just the symptoms- or do you know what has caused this? Sara

Lisa said...

i think i might have pf also. booo.

but you have a plan. all hail the plan!!