Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday seven

1. still icing my poor sore foot every hour or so.Still wearing flat shoes oh the trauma.
2. still not running. The podiatrist said we should wait at least another week before I even try it. After the last attempt a couple of weeks ago, when it was a bit sore at first then settled down then suddenly felt as though I was being STABBED with every step and then hurt like #$%& #$%&ing #$%& for days and days and days, I'm sticking with caution. It still gets more and more painful as the day wears on which is a worry.
3. I'm not sure I really like my new podiatrist. I want someone to tell me if you do x then y will happen, preferably with x = ice and rest for a few more days and y = completely recover and be able to run without worrying about it ever again. That's not his way, apparently; he's more a we'd better take it carefully for another two weeks and then make a decision from there. Boo. At least he's made me some orthotics that actually do something.
4. I feel flabby and weak, and irritable, and hungry, only not really hungry, just irritably hungry. I am putting in some bike trainer time and have been swimming once but it's all so depressing.
5. I've watched a couple of incredible documentaries while I've been sweating in one spot. One was about two young blokes who kayaked from Oz to New Zealand. At the finish, one chap commented that doing amazing things and chasing down big dreams wasn't so much about the doing itself, but about coming home at the end and living a richer life becuase of what you'd done. I love that. The other one was about the Pikes Peak race in the US, which makes Goofy look like a pathetic doddle. Lots of gravity involved there.
6. I'm so sad to hear about Peter Roebuck's death. Nobody's said anything about a cause yet, which usually means that the person found life's path too rocky to struggle along any longer.
7. Sometimes I've got my head around the fact that Goofy is pretty much stuffed, and sometimes I haven't. Le sigh.....

More anon, philosophers!

4 much-appreciated comments:

Anonymous said...

I dont consider Goofy to be stuffed AT ALL! I am completely in awe of those kayakers- thanks for the link, however that is what I feel like as I prepare for my Goofy (Murray Mara) similarly underprepared and completely daunted to the extent of terror- that is normal isn't it??? Sara

kathrynoh said...

My friend Simon had PF a few years ago, couldn't run for ages. The last time I saw him, he was a running machine = running more and faster than ever.

Lisa said...

I think I'm having sympathy pains. I haven't run for 10 days now. Wearing 'non-custom' orthotics (generic thing I bought at walmart), icing, rolling, etc. Heel pain is a bugger!

Wes said...

if you ride around Disney in a wheel chair, you get to go to the front of the lines... just sayin ;-)