Wednesday, February 02, 2011

You know what?

...the less frequently you blog, the harder it is. You (that is, I, that is, LBTEPA) get all caught up in the it's been ages I'd better put together something epic/hilarious/profound oh crap all I want is to have a bit of a whinge I think I'll just go and have a cuppa instead thing.
I don't really know why I write my blog but I do like it, my five faithful readers seem to like reading it *waves to FFRs!*, and who knows, maybe something I write will resonate with someone or inspire them or make their day a bit more cheerful, cheerful stoicism being, as we know, the LBTEPA Way. I have to tell you, cheerful stoicism is much easier to manage when you have properly functioning sinuses. I have a bit of a cold and it's very smoky here from the fires and I feel a little bit rough - a massive improvement from last summer's on my knees with pain and out of my mind and sending everyone else insane with crankiness.
...Oh bugger, I was going to do one of those cool lists that regular bloggers do and now I've given away the exciting bits. Oh well. We shall just have to press on, no?
1. I have a head cold and it's very smoky and I feel a wee bit rough. Functioning sinuses are absolutely worth every cent.
2. LBTEPA apologises fully and unreservedly for being so remiss as to allow Noddie and the Spousal Unit to reach the ages of 7 and 49 (respectively) without seeing The Princess Bride. Best. Movie. Ever. Lemme Is too much. Lemme sum up.
3. Noddie and I had a girls' weekend away in Melbourne. We went on the train and stayed in a hotel (and had breakfast at the hotel restaurant! I love being around seven year olds, they are So Excited about Everything). We went to the art gallery and the Aquarium and bought Noddie some new sparkly shoes and a nice man in the bead shop made her a gorgeous necklace.
4. I really don't like shopping. My dream is for someone to measure me and bring me nice stuff that's comfy and looks fabulous.
5. My right knee and foot are twinge-y. Must. Do. Hip. Exercises. And. Core. Work. And possibly not do two triathlons in three days
6. I seem to be more tired than normal lately. Is it a) thyroid? b) low iron? c) staying up too late? d) no proper exercise routine established for 2011 as yet? Who can tell? There are lots of things to tinker with. I'm hopeful
7. Dear work colleage: if you say in December that you'll participate in a team triathlon, and people you know pay the entry and get a uniform and marquee organised, and then four days before the race you announce I'm not doing it becuase I'm feeling really anxious about not doing well becuase I have't been training or given up smoking and I might get injured, maybe some people will say, you poor thing, that's ok. But other people will think you are rude and lame and a la-la, and will wonder whether your lack of responsibility and belief that you don't have to do anything unpleasant pervades other aspects of your life.
8. Dear husband of my friend: you are a filthy scumbag lowlife for cheating on her. Even if she forgives you, and even in the context of your childhood experiences blah blah blah, you are still a pathetic excuse for a human and don't deserve her. R.E.S.P.E.C.T., bloke. Look it up and then write it on your hand.
9. Dear five faithful readers: thankyou for constantly seeking to be the best people you can be. You make the world a better place with your striving and your smiles.
10. OMG OMG SQUEALS AND GIRLY HANDFLAPS!!!! We're going to Goofy!!!! And Hawaii on the way home!!
11. Don't start watching Running on the Sun at 9pm and expect to get to bed on time. Utterly engrossing.
More anon, Mousketeers!

6 much-appreciated comments:

Cinders said...

You're going os? lucky thing - Noddie will love it. Josh gets really excited about everything too, its a great age :)

Anonymous said...

Mate, in the space of two sentences you mention doing two triathlons in three days, and being tired. Sometimes, cause and effect is easy to spot.

Re. 10. We're toying with this now. Decisions will be made after Paris.

Re. 8. You're kinder than I am.

Re. 11. I know what I'm doing after I've churned out 1000 words on obscure chemistry.


Wes said...

ooooo, Disney! sounds like fun :-

Lisa said...

we rented princess bride from netflix. haven't seen it yet, maybe tonight. i'm expecting it to be good...

Anonymous said...

You actually have another faithful reader, he just doesn't say much...


jeanne said...

Look at that you have SIX faithful readers!!!

I still can't believe you CALLED me for my BIRTHDAY!!!

but i do hear you about getting started up again. YIKES.