Sunday, February 27, 2011

Amazing words from amazing friends

I noticed a glaring omission on my chart o' fabulousness this morning - I didn't organise myself to blog this week! So here I am. I'll keep this short because it'll be dark in about an hour and a half and I am Making Lemonade by riding my bike to my inlaws' new house (they are only 20km away now , oh woe! oh woe! No no no I never said that, naughty Evil LBTEPA has been hijacking my blog again)
But I digress.
My imaginary internet friends have been in particularly scintillating and thought-provoking form lately. In the interests of brevity I will note the phrases which jumped out and lodged in the LBTEPA noggin, changing it forever, then direct you to their posts....bugger, I have run out of time, will finish this tomorrow

1. The mighty DG
Last year I hated opening my wardrobe. All those too-tight or just plain too-small clothes seemed to mock me. They were testament to my lack of self-control, my weakness, my laziness... (so been there, sister!) Something has shifted in the past few weeks...A dress is just a dress again, not failure-on-a-coathanger. (the most perfect phrase ever!) What saddens me is how little I wore these clothes when I actually did fit into them.
This last is the key, my fabulous friends. While we here at the LBTEPA Style Bureau are all about Dressing Appropriately, we strongly believe that in this sad, beige world, it is our Duty to Share the Inner Diva. Be the chick who wears dresses to work! Rock those awesome shoes and earrings on the school run! Be the only one at the races in a hat! Nothing bad will happen, I promise.
2. You may be thinking, but geez LBTEPA, how shallow you are faffing on about being fabulous when the world is so hard and harsh and people are suffering with terrible floods and cyclones and earthquakes. The ever-brilliant Kathryn has some thoughts on this:
It makes you realise that in an instant, your life can be changed forever - whether its a disaster that makes the world news or a private tragedy. What can we do in this life but hold those people we treasure close to our hearts, and not let the precious moments slip away....and make the most of today - do something brave and sparkling and daring, because life is now.
So. True.
3. The gorgeous Linda, who absolutely embodies a sparkling, beige-defying life, pointed out the blindingly obvious (although not to me in recent times) - you can't out-train a bad diet. Thanks for the *slapping forehead* moment mate! I needed that!
4. Finally, St Thomas Aquinas (not that I know him, he's been dead for ages) said this:
Go back and read that again. What an amazing thought. Joy as an act. I have this on a little plaque near my front door to remind me that joy is a choice. It's easy to focus on the bad stuff. It's much harder to live a joyful life in this imperfect world. It takes practice and discipline and courage, and it's a gift to everyone you encounter.

In other news, remember I wasn't going to buy any clothes this year? I'm sorry. Won't happen again.
More anon, sparklers!

7 much-appreciated comments:

Cinders said...

That T-Shirt was made for you :) Now, where are those red velvet wedges?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the gentle slap in the face- I cannot out train my diet- that is what I need to hear daily! Sara

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the gentle slap in the face- I cannot out train my diet- that is what I need to hear daily! Sara

Wes said...

you've had that on underneath your regular clothes all the time :-)

kathrynoh said...

Thanks for including me in such fine company. Love the sparkles :)

Tea said...

Excellent! I love this post! The shirt is to die for.

Shauna said...

That t-shirt suits you so darn well! Thank you for the mention, woohoo! :)