Saturday, February 12, 2011


- 44 revolutions of the sun completed, crikey when did that happen? Thursday, silly. You were there! You ate this fabulous chocolate crackle cake! - celebrations: appropriate. Cake, a card and flowers at work what a lovely surprise they are so nice :). When a client conveniently cancelled just before lunch, I headed for the beach, hopped into my togs and swam out past the breakers. For the next half hour I just enjoyed myself in the clear green water. Happy Birthday to me!
To mark the auspicious occasion, Chateau LBTEPA was the scene of such a soiree as our rural hamlet has never witnessed. We actually just kept inviting people we like and then when it came time to buy the food we counted them all up....and said, thirty five?....oh.....but it was all cool apart from being very hot and extremely humid but that just meant every time a chair near the air conditioner was vacated someone else sat down in it rather quickly and pretended they'd been there for ages, which was amusing to watch and everyone seemed to have a good time or at least said they did. LBTEPA herself pronounced it The Best Birthday Ever. Next morning at legal training for work LBTEPA was reported to have consumed two diet c0kes before morning tea, but this has not been confirmed.

- it has struck LBTEPA recently that Time is Ticking By. It's getting close to time to Get Serious. -in the short term, I have a backlog of stuff from uni last year, thanks to the Amazing Disappearing Supervisor, the current semester's stuff and also my tax to do. Time to Buckle Down. Le Sigh. It's been a fun summer faffing around with sprint tris but it will soon be time to think about Gold Coast, Melbourne and Goofy. I'm also wondering how I might fit this in.
- in the long term, I need to really Take A Good Hard Look at Myself regarding my health. I've gained a fair bit of weight in the last year - no problem in itself of course, as anyone can be splendidly healthy at any size. However, the eating and drinking habits in which I've been indulging are neither compatible with what I want to do in 2012 nor with good health in the long term. As my five faithful readers are aware, I struggle with "I'm feeling tired/sad/angry/overwhelmed /might as well have a chardy/ well f#$% it might as well eat those chips" Syndrome. Maybe I always will. Although it is the LBTEPA way to do her level best to make make a fabulous and rich life appear effortless, it never will be. It isn't meant to be.
My Chart O'Good Things is proving a great help. The Spousal Unit is being wonderful. I'm exercising nearly every day - the "2011 SWEATING' box in my sidebar is proving a strangely effective incentive - and have even Cooked some Proper Food, out of a recipe book and everything! Although logging my food is a screaming bore, it's proving helpful in terms of being mindful, and choosing to eat stuff I actually want to eat. The LBTEPA Research Lab is currently working on Project Stuffwe'vetakenforgranted, including (but not limited to) Wellit'ssaturdaynightit'sbeenabigweeklet'shavesomebubbles. No! you gasp - but Yes! We'll go there!
Stay tuned....
More anon, gallivanters!

3 much-appreciated comments:

Anonymous said...

Hi mate, glad you had a happy birthday and good to finally chat today! Love the new relaxed plans but still with the impressive goals. Keep it up!


Lisa said...

Sounds like a grand birthday!!

jeanne said...

Happy Birthday, you crazy person!!! You never fail to make me laugh. Next year, we absolutely MUST celebrate together!