Monday, February 07, 2011

Allstars and Superstars

I was lucky enough to do a corporate team triathlon on Sunday with some workmates. Apart from one friend, I knew little about my teammates - apart from the fact that they were up for a challenge! It was a case of one old triathlon warhorse (me) and five others who'd previously done one triathlon between them (!) fronting up to the line on a mixture of bravado, curiosity and because-I-said-I-would. The mighty GLCH Allstars and Superstars, smiling with relief!
The day started in a fearsome fashion. The area was drenched and lashed by the tip of Cyclone Yasi's 3000km tail - it was pouring and cold and blowing a gale. A tree down over the main road to the venue caused an accident as a car spun on the wet road trying to avoid it and hit a tree. I was first on the scene and felt sick to see a woman slumped over the steering wheel. She was quite shocked but able to move and speak quite well. After I'd rung the emergency services, and some other bossy organising-type people arrived and took over, I kept going as I would just have been in the way. The woman was ok, thank goodness - a friend of mine who knows her told me she was released from hospital later that day with concussion and bruising. Our teams were huddled together under our marquee when I arrived. They are mostly quite slender people and the wind was freezing. I was worried about the weak swimmers in the whitecaps (in the sheltered lake!!) - but thankfully, the wind died altogether half an hour before the start and stayed away until after the race.
I was pleased with my race. The ride was mostly uphill on the way out ewwwww, and therefore very agreeable for we mass-enhanced athletes on the way back, especially since I got my brakes fixed. My target all ahem "summer" has been to reliably run 2km non-stop straight off the bike, no matter what - no small thing for this Very Slow Marathoner. I did run all the way, including an ahem "impressive" burst of speed into the transition area to hand over the chip to my teammate.
I just about burst with pride at the others. They were great, especially one bloke who, when he said I can't swim, didn't mean I can't swim very well. He literally could not swim. 300m is a long way in double-armed backstroke and dog paddle. Guts, bloke. Guts. Well done sir. The all-conquering GLCH Allstars
Since I had spent Saturday afternoon volunteering at the registration table I knew a few people from the tri club. I was surprised at how many other people from around the place I knew who were either racing or cheering on friends. I called in to work this morning to drop off some photos and there are already murmurings of next year we'll have to......(train harder, get more teams up, organise a barbecue etc etc) around the place.
It's all good.
More anon, adventurers!

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