Monday, February 14, 2011


I reckon yesterday was almost the perfect day.
I wanted to do a bike workout. The Spousal Unit wanted to go to a market (LBTEPA: aka a collection of junk stalls ew ew ew yawn yawn) in a little town 20km away, and then out in the boat. Noddie didn't want to do anything she seems to be in "default setting = "NO!" mode a lot lately, le sigh.... This discouraged J. We'll just go to the market quoth he, it's too cold and it might rain and I'm too tired.
Mummy Took Charge (as she does). No No No she quoth in turn (we were having a quoth-y day) I will help you get ready, and We Will Have Fun.
We did, too. I rode my bike to the market while J and Noddie faffed around looking at...err... stuff. The good ship Mad Dog carried us across the lake to the 90 mile beach where we paddled and made sandcastles until we were driven away by the #$%*!$ sandflies ow ow ow note to self: keep some aerogard IN the boat. Then Noddie wanted to swim in the lake but we'd not brought our togs - so we said bugger it, we're wearing undies and had a brilliant time hurling ourselves off the jetty and mucking about in the water. The jetty was about eight feet above the water so I thought Noddie was a bit of a legend jumping in. Oh Mummy, she said, it's almost like flying! When we got a bit cold we climbed back into the good ship Mad Dog and went home across the lake. I'd done all the washing and folding on Saturday so there was nothing to do but cook a roast for tea. Perfect.
Now I really must get stuck into my uni stuff and last year's tax. I'm in such a good mood it doesn't seem like quite such a mountain now. And I have a teaspoon. No worries!
What's your perfect Sunday?
More anon, blessing counters!

3 much-appreciated comments:

Lisa said...

Sounds like a LOVELY way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Wes said...

sometimes, you have to make the faffers have fun! :-) Well done!

Anonymous said...

Like like like! What an awesome day!