Monday, March 01, 2010

Light headed

I have printed out this picture and stuck it up in my study
Well blow me down with a feather if ranting about having issues and taking them on with a whip and a chair (whilst fetchingly clad in a tailcoat and topper) hasn't cleared my head beautifully. They haven't gone away, of course, but (at the moment at any rate) I am the Boss Of Them. I feel very light, somehow. I keep thinking of the phrase angels can fly becuase they take themselves lightly. I'm laughing more, and sleeping better too. Mind you, this could be because I've dragged my whingeing backside through the first three weeks of OMG how did I get this unfit I've lost everything I'll never get fit again regular workouts, which Always Suck, and now I'm in that pleasant phase again of feeling stronger and fitter and as though I actually want to exercise becuase it's What I Do. This happens every single time I have a layoff - I always hack out the first three or four weeks, convinced All Is Lost, and I always get to a point where I start to feel good again, and I'm ALWAYS surprised. And then I always think it's funny.
In other news:
OMG OMG OMG I GOT A JOB!! Even though this move is something I am very happy about, and Noddie and J seem to be thriving, I've felt curiously removed, or displaced, if you will. Or even if you won't. I think it's becuase I don't know who anyone is - I didn't Know Everyone where I used to live, but I recognised people from my street or the shops and the school and even had some school mum friends. But here I'm adrift. And with that feeling went a doubting that anything else from the old world was still true - had I ever actually had a job before? What could I actually do? I dutifully looked in the paper each week until I found one that seemed to suit who I used to be. Maybe...maybe.... Luckily I was able to fake confidence for long enough to put together an application that got me an interview for a little part-time job as a counsellor at a TAFE , and flimflam through the interview well enough for them to offer it to me. It may have helped that when when they said so, have you anything you'd like to add? I said please give me this job, I really want it and I think I'd be good at it. I didn't quite hug their knees and beg but it crossed my mind. I start in two weeks.
I tell you what, my ducklings, it is a fine thing that, thanks to the mighty Emma and her book recommendation I always do everything Emma tells me, I have regained my ability to see things (my bottom and thighs) as they really are (PERFECTLY FINE thank you very much), or spending the ENTIRE MORNING trying on ugly and ill-fitting jeans might have done my head in. I was moments away from chucking a massive wobbly in the main street when fortune smiled on me and I found some which do justice to my shapeliness. I bought two pairs. I almost didn't use this picture as it was captioned "finding the perfect jeans for an imperfect body". GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! and also WTF???? My body IS perfect! It's the only one I have; it's mine; and I love it!! I won't have it called names!
More anon, lovelies

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Anonymous said...

The power! The authors of that book blog, by the by, at Shapely Prose. I highly recommend it.

With all this power, what should I demand? I know: you should always remember how amazing you appear to your friends.


Wes said...

hugging knees is my preferred tactic as well :-D

Lisa said...

Congrats on the job!

Funning how the training goes. First it sucks. Then it doesn't. every time. in that order.

Paul said...

Congrats on the new job. Hope it turns out to be fun! Paul :-)

Anonymous said...

Further on buying jeans; I have a friend who is a former ballerina. She is tall, leggy, and has very little body fat.

We have gone clothes shopping together. She had a bugger of a time finding jeans.

The problem is not our bodies, it's the fact that ready to wear doesn't fit most...

Sure, I have a hard time buying jeans (Dickie's Double Knee, for me! Now available in purple and aqua!) but so do most women.