Saturday, March 13, 2010


I have on my List - the new kind of List that I use these days to make life full of cool amazingness, the List O' Joy, if you will - of which more later, for reasons which will become apparent - to write in my blog twice a week.
Had I written here this week, the content would have had to be heavily edited by the Anti-Grumpiness Censorship Board. In summary
- I was looking forward to the Run for the Kids very much. I even felt reasonably prepared!
- the Spousal Unit was working such insane hours and was so tired and stressed that it became clear that my swanning off to party in the big smoke from Saturday lunchtime until Sunday night (leaving our over-excited, ahem, cherub in the care of my dear mother, who Has A Life) would not be the Right Thing. Booooooo!
- I made other plans and agreed to do other things
- but I was VERY disappointed.
- Especially when it turned out that J wasn't working on Sunday after all!
- So I mapped out a nice long run to do on my own - see all that nice riverbank? So pretty! - and my kind Mum agreed to mind Noddie.
- but now I've woken up with a chesty cough, a temperature and a dodgy tummy, and ditto for poor little Noddie. No two-hour sweatfest in the sunshine for me today. If the panadol kicks in, maybe a session on The Trainer O' Boringness.
As I posted on FB, LBTEPA has decided to just sit with her feelings about the Run 4 The Kids snafu and just be........just be BLOODY GRUMPY.
Many thanks to my kind, philosophically-minded encouragers - but sometimes you just have to let feelings happen and pass in their own time. I'll cheer up later.
I'll have a good day anyway - I hope you do too!
More anon, acceptors of imperfection!

8 much-appreciated comments:

Mary Sunshine said...

I'm so hoping that I'm the first comment... and now that I likely am...wishing i had brilliant thing to say except "There will be other great races!" And "running anywhere at just as good as a sanctioned race."

How bout that?

I love you more than chocolate! I really do.

Lisa said...

As for your grumpiness - "This too shall pass"

kathrynoh said...

I kinda wish i wasn't doing it! I am weak. And slow. And hate getting out of bed.

Sue said...

There are times when we can say to ourselves "Suck it up, princess" and put the blues behind us, and there are times when nothing but a good wallow will suffice.

Paul said...

... enough said
... maybe your Doggies will get up for you tonight!

thermy said...

:( *sends virtual soup* Hope you're feeling better soon. The run can wait.

Inca Maia said...

Feel better soon. Lots of chicken soup! a

Wes said...

hope you and the Nodster are feeling better! :-)