Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The real world

Well this will be a challenge. On FB this morning, all keen and enthusiastic, I posted that I would "do a bike session, weights and 400 words of my literature review today". Ah, charming, naive optimism....
Since then:
I had to fling off the slouchy study duds, transform myself into a vision of casual competence and zoom into town for some weak coffee and no cake (we ate out last night: I don't need any extra extras today) because I forgot about a work morning tea;
I have had a horrid tummy-ache and just want to lie down with a hot water bottle;
and the Spousal Unit was unable to countenance a picnic by the creek near our house on "his day off", (sing it with me all you mums and wives, how nice one of those be?) instead believing it essential to drive half an hour to a nearby beauty spot for a 'nice lunch' of (admittedly delicious) pizza by the water.
Now it's a quarter to four, I still want to go to bed and the word count is at 50. Chateau LBTEPA is an enthusiasm- and motivation-free zone. Will "Find A Way" be the answer?? Or will Finding a Way today mean just Letting It Go?
More anon, makers-of-no-appreciable-progress-who-for-no-fathomable-reason-still-refuse-to-throw-their-hands-in-the-air-and-say-f#$% it! We must stick together, we hardy few!

4 much-appreciated comments:

Lisa said...

maybe you simply need to readjust your goals. 400 words was too much yesterday. when do you have to get this done? what is a reasonable daily goal between now and then?

just food for thought...

Wes said...

You always bring cheer to my day :-)

Inca Maia said...

Dance. Dance in the rain.

Then there are the days when you re-write one bit 44 times but the word count at the end of the day is still only 78 (btw: 44 x 78 = 3432!!!).

Still, we are blessed. :)

Bella said...

Just re-signed up for a google account and am checking in on old friends.

So glad to see you still out there in the blogosphere! It's like hooking up with an old friend that you wonder why you ever lost touch with. :)