Sunday, March 07, 2010


stands for Just Bloody Write Something! It's funny, I want to write more and I even think of things to write about, but then any excuse, anything - emptying the dishwasher (yes, we have them here), folding the washing - will stop me. But there's a new kind of magic in LBTEPA-land these days, oh yes there is. It does involve a Plan, of course it does, and list, oh so many lovely lists, of course it does, but it's all about Doing What I Want as well as all the Have To's. These, by definition, do have to be done, of course; they're part of real grownup life, but they - along with my massive talent for faffing about, shillyshallying and lollygagging - have been eating my best life. This is unacceptable. The Plan is This:
....would you believe it? The phone just rang: my Mum's popping over for a cuppa! She's fine and so is the jeep, but the taxi she ran into isn't! This is a job for the good biscuits if ever I saw one.
Later: Mum is 100% fine, just dark about having to pay the excess on the insurance. She passed on an invitation to friend's birthday party too, so I must go and get changed.
More anon!

4 much-appreciated comments:

Lisa said...

I'm glad Mum is okay, but she must be a mess over hitting a taxi!

Inca Maia said...

Funny just how well JBWS applies to me at the moment... and the anything but also... So thanks for this post! :) Fast train to Accomplishton, here I come!

Glad to hear your Mum is ok, boo on the excess.

Sue said...

So maybe today you can JBWS?

jeanne said...

I LOVE this post! Doing what I want! Yay!!!