Thursday, March 27, 2014

Stuff I know

If you get a chance to volunteer at an Ironman, DO IT! If you can pull the stunt managed by  my dear friend the Mighty Emma, which was volunteer at the last minute and end up tacking off athletes' chips in the finishing chute, then all power to you - but handing out water, ice, flat cola, watermelon, bananas, gels, vegemite on a stick and COWBELL to the late finishers is also a sensationally inspiring way to spend your time

I had 3 of these working overtime (and now have bruises on my fingers). A bloke from a house across the road came over and started saying, you know those bells - we all thought he was going to tell me to pleeeeeaaaaasssse stopppit stopppit stopppit, and later someone from the aid station said she wished he'd said it (how unkind) - they're awesome! Have some tim tams! I nobly shared them with the crew because I've given up chocolate for Lent. About an hour later the bloke returned with a tray laden with cups, tea, milk, hot water and sugar, an absolute lifesaver at 10pm. So kind!
So do it do it do it. So inspiring
Now I want to do one...... I think I need a Plan!
Must dash though chickies, we are heading off to the Cook Islands straight after work this arvo!! WOOT! I'll be off the grid for 9 days, engaged in a rigorous schedule of snorkelling, eating, reading and sleeping. Wish me luck!

more anon, tropicanas!

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Tea said...

I always thought wetsuit stripping would be fun (now that we have an Ironman here), but I have a fear of pee splash.