Monday, March 03, 2014

It was about time

LBTEPA popped off to the quack for a checkup and pap smear today ewww and eeek as said checkup included being measured and weighed aaarrrggghhh. Ugly. I'm getting blood tests tomorrow - liver and thyroid function, cholesterol and blood sugar. Could be even uglier.
I'm thinking of giving up whingeing for Lent - my Mum will think she's gone deaf! What do you give up?
MOre anon, pancake makers!

3 much-appreciated comments:

Anonymous said...

I am trying to build some resilience in the small child in my life by telling her that there is no point complaining about something that you cannot change, and if you can change it, then tell me about that instead. I am also trying to do this in my life too so I wish you well for Lent! Sara

Anonymous said...

Are we up to Lent already? Cool. I think I can give up booze.


Tea said...

My motto is "accept it or change it".
You don't come across whiney on your blog. I think you should wait for all your results. Then, if there is anything that needs to be changed that way, start there. Again, you don't seem whiney, so.....