Thursday, March 13, 2014

Testing, testing

Cholesterol - normal
Liver and kidney function - normal (must be made of old boot leather, bless 'em)
Thyroid function - slightly dodgy, retest in 2 months (hmm, hello weight gain and low mood???)
Physio appears to be pleased and has ordered bike, bike and more bike, as well as okaying walking Noddie to school (a 2km round trip, I'd say whoopeefriggendoo but there's that whole giving up whingeing for Lent thing) and squeezing one of these between my knees whenever the opportunity presents itself.

I suspect it will provoke inappropriate comments from the Spousal Unit.
More anon,  velocipeders!

1 much-appreciated comments:

Tea said...

Not just the spousal unit, but I will refrain in case there are children present.