Friday, December 02, 2011


Rehab instructions:
- lie on back
- activate core muscles BUT NOT ABS no no noooo that's what people with WEAK cores do
1. raise bent knee slightly x10
2. raise straight leg slightly x10
3. with knees together and both feet on floor, raise buttocks slightly x10
- repeat x 2/daily x 2 weeks
- consciously activate core with every single step you take feel unco-ordinated and tired
- wear flat mary-jane shoes all the time becuase they'll hold your orthotics feel frumpy, also shallow: so many people have far worse problems than missing their pretty shoes
- be constantly aware how unbalanced and painful it still is to walk feel disheartened
- hope to goodness you'll be ok to walk around disneyworld four weeks from now feel worried
- wonder if there's any point booking accommodation for Gold Coast next year feel sad
- pretend you're not bothered. There are Christmas-happy tap-dancing kids and blokes with broken ribs to look after!* Plannning and wrapping and preparing and packing to be done! Insouciance-R-Us! Yay!
- remember that mince pies fix everything

mmmmmm........... mince pies...............
more anon, yuletiders!
*J barrel-rolled his go-kart last Sunday. Can anyone say LUCKY BLOODY ESCAPE? I have asked him to not do it again, or at least wait until I am not watching.

4 much-appreciated comments:

Kek said...

I feel your pain...but it's all worth it. DO THOSE EXERCISES.

One day this week I started to have pain in my left ITB while walking and at first took no notice. Then I started to think through WHY it was happening. I stopped, drew up my transverse abs and took a few more steps and there was no pain...and I realised that I'd been dropping my right hip (again!). The cause? Not doing my damn rehab exercises!

Back to the drawing board.

Lisa said...

my core and my abs are both week. when someone says 'engage your core' i don't even know HOW

Wes said...

really? mince pies? PIE! Can you ship them? or better yet, bring them with you when you visit Mickey!

jeanne said...

Ugh Mary janes, I know what you mean. Btw those are the exact instructions my pt gave me--exact!!
This site has loads of cute comfy shoe reviews:

I'm still trying to gigure out what happened to you!