Monday, April 14, 2014

such an idiot

Now repeat after me, LBTEPA
I WILL GET MY THYROID CHECKED more regularly than four years ago omg what an idiot
I WILL GET MY THYROID CHECKED because it's been bung for ever
I WILL GET MY THYROID CHECKED when I get really sad for ages and ages
I WILL GET MY THYROID CHECKED when I am dragging myself around with bone-deep weariness
I WILL GET MY THYROID CHECKED when I can't seem to keep the house vaguely tidy
I WILL GET MY THYROID CHECKED when I gain stupid amounts of weight
I WILL GET MY THYROID CHECKED because when I look after it, it looks after me.
You wouldn't think an increase of 25mcg would make such a huge difference, but oh my, my five faithul readers! Oh my! I'm calm and happy, I feel peaceful and confident, I (now this is a biggie) HAVE ENERGY! I get on my bike with enthusiasm and enjoy myself. I don't cry after the physio even when he says I'm more likely to be able to do short tris rather than any decent running in the near future and no, sorry, no swimming for you yet missy. I feel extremely fed up and over this bloody saga, but that's it.
This is what normal feels like, I'm guessing. *slaps forehead* (and laughs)
Feel free to remind me of this at any time should the bleat-fest recommence.
More anon, Hashimotos!

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3 much-appreciated comments:

Lisa Isenberger said...

Yes, now that I know you have a cranky thyroid, I will remind you to get it checked if you are in a prolonged funk in the future.

Enjoy happiness and clarity!

Tea said...

Great news! Maybe that's the wrong thing too say. But I am so happy that you've gotten it figured out!

Toledo Lefty said...

I have the stupid Hashi's too. And except last year, I have had to get my synthroid boosted every year.