Thursday, January 31, 2013

Who I Am

In my last post I wrote that, clearly They Don't Know Who I Am. It's a good thing I DO.
(although sometimes I nearly forget)

That Is All.
And that's enough.

More anon, shame-slayers!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

*in which my five faithful readers are provided with helpful instructions as to the appropriate manner in which to respond to each of the following startling pronouncements*

The other day I was running on the treadmill at the gym
On the treadmill!!! No way!! At the gym!!! with all those humiliating mirrors! Good on you!!!
when the chick who's in my team for the corporate triathlon in three weeks
 you're doing a triathlon in three weeks? Wow! That's brave, especially since you've sat on your backside wallowing in self pity and gaining weight for so long! (I'll pay that: harsh but fair)
(whom, as I mentioned in my last post, I introduced to multisport whereupon she prompltly lost heaps of weight)
oh her
hopped on the treadmill next to me and said, you're running! Good on you!
well spotted captain obvious, also I'm sorry but our condescension meter may have just given a little blip. We'll keep you posted
is it hurting you? It looks like it's hurting you
Of all the cheek! But perhaps she was just expressing concern?
No, it's fine. This is just how I run
- ten minutes pass -
Well it obviously isn't hurting you, you're still going!
*there are so many insulting implications in that remark that we are speechless*
Sometimes the only thing that keeps me going is the fact that I Know Who I Am. Clearly no-one else does.

They've remodelled the gym so there aren't so many mirrors, which works for me. Don't tell me I shouldn't have issues about how I look after gaining 11kg in 2 years: I just do, ok? If I hate myself for having issues about hating my appearance then it's a double helping of shame and sad and one is enough.
Apart from the mirrors and the morning show the thing I hate the most about the gym is the kind good on you for coming in here smiles I get from the very trim older ladies. They mean well I know but I hate them. I've become one of those 1p0d people so I can pretend I'm not actually there.
When I run on the treadmill, though, I feel strong and determined and amazing - I almost almost feel normal again! I cover up the numbers and I just run and run and sweat and sweat and I just want to keep going and going but I'm being very careful about not injuring myself as I'm sure you will understand.
In other news: LBTEPA vs ebay: epic fail. But in a way not - I'm keeping my eye out for groovy flat shoes so that the eternity I must spend in post-surgery heel-less purgatory won't also be in Frump City...ok ok that doesn't explain the red strappy sandals...ok let's just call it an epic fail and be done with it.
Not so LBTEPA vs the Demon Drink! Progress to date is steady but far too boring to describe in detail; suffice it to say that the LBTEPA Liver Preservation Society is very pleased with me.
Must go, chums: I'm on a 30 minutes tiresome jobs/ 30 minutes fun stuff schedule today and the stove beeper has just gone off. The washing awaits!

P.S. this has been going the rounds of effbee so you've probably seen it but I thought it so funny I had to share. I may have to make it my new header.
 More anon, jugglers!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

and another thing...

- in which LBTEPA stomps off, muttering sulkily -
....the other person I introduced to multisport? Has lost 9kg and is feeling better about herself than she has in years. Which is good.

More anon, humbuggers
PS - no ebay = epic fail

But I press on.

Monday, January 21, 2013

So far so hoopy

So far the score is LBTEPA 100000000, sloth, whingeing and self-pity 0, although there have been some epic tussles I can tell you. The only reason I got out of the house for a ride this morning was becuase (after quite few minutes justifying remaining horizontal) I remembered that my 2013 motto is WORK HARD. Not "be lame and make excuses".
I've been (ahem) 'running', (2km non-stop so far coo er go me), riding my bike (oh 2009 power-to-weight ratio, wherefore art though?), walking and even swimming. Since last I wrote I have scarfed down six bowls of muesli, three salads (I'm having them during the week), only two pieces of bread and no diet coke. A big tick for three alcohol-free days, and no ebay either! Go me! Tres boring for you, my five faithful readers, but even more boring for, that's not right. I just want to look after myself properly for once and not give up becuase it's hard or a bit of a pest and then make excuses. I want this time to be different. Le sigh....

I must say I do find it a bit annoying that everyone I introduce to endurance sport instantly starts running sub-six minute kms and winning age-group prizes.

MOre anon, Svengalis!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Plan

As part of Project FOC (Fear Of Crutches, aka fear of having to literally drag my (currently) lardy arse around with my (currently) weak and puny upper body after the surgery, which, I believe I have mentioned, is in early April) I am going to give up
- bread (mostly)
- diet coke
- alcohol at least 3 days a week
- ebay
and eat muesli for brekky and salad for lunch.
Waddya reckon? I reckon it's a ripsnorter. We'll see what happens.
The other week I cancelled my gym membership in a fit of I'm so fat I'm so ashamed of myself not the mirrors noooo! - come on, don't tell me you've never been there - but I was too disorganised to do it in time for the end of month processing so after a lot of bullying encouragement from my skinnyfast slavedriver good kind friends I have managed to un-cancel it. Bring on the big clanky things!
The surgeon also told me that overloading my foot might hurt it (pain schmain, I say) but won't damage it, so in an unexpected and frankly unwelcome resurgence of the ol' LBTEPA spirit I have signed up for the local corporate triathlon. In four weeks. 9kg heavier than the last time I did it. With no training. It will be unbelievably horrid why do I always think I have to confront ALL MT DEMONS AT ONCE WHY WHY WHY??? the Best Fun Ever.

More anon, mousketeers!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I'm having ankle surgery on the third of April. I have A Plan, but I must go to work now and earn some money to pay for all the retail stress management I did.
More anon!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Operation 2013

So...these new year's resolutions.
They're good and I like them. I fully intend to pursue them with vigour and pep.
However, they've been discarded in favour of uncontrollable crying and an overall feeling of intense weariness for a moment - a short moment, I hope - while I get my head around the phone call from the sports doc telling me that my ankle isn't going to get better by itself and will only stop Hurting All The Time after some (I hope highly trained) bloke has a rummage in its innards with sharp implements and I spend 3 months rehabbing it Very Carefully.
Three. Months.
Feel free to wince, goodness knows I am as I see the words I've just typed.
Maths aren't my strong point but even I can work out that even if I could have the op done in the next few weeks (thankyou, incredibly fortunate set of life circumstances that have enabled me to afford private health insurance) that won't leave three months before we go on holidays to Japan where we will be doing a lot of walking (did I mention we're going on holidays to Japan in March? Sometimes I think I should just rename this blog 'sooking about first world problems' and be done with it) which leaves us in April, which plus three months leaves us in July, which given that I've barely raised a sweat in anger in the last year pretty much leaves 2013 f***ed, athletically speaking.
It's sort of a relief to have the verdict. There will be no more hoping and pretending to be optimistic and pretending to be fine about being so unfit and so heavy and pretending not to be bothered by the pain and pretending not to be so worried and sad and pretending not to be so angry and pretending everything is ok and pretending and pretending. Sort of a relief. But actually Not Really A Relief At All In Any Way. The axe has fallen and here we are.
I've got nothing today. No 'ok, this is how it's going to be, I'll...(insert impressive, gritted-teeth plan for intense and dedicated self-improvement) and everything will be fab. Nothing. I'm tired and I'm sad and tomorrow the sun will come up and I'll do something.
And as I said in a message I left on the mighty Emma's phone this morning, we'll run together again one day. We will. 
More anon, friends!

P.S. Hey, I've just realised that this date last year was when the Goofy challenge was run! Yay for January 9th!!
PS please don't say anything along the lines of oh well, at least now you'll be getting some answers etc etc. I can't look on the bright side today. I'll do it tomorrow, I promise. Or the next next day

Thursday, January 03, 2013


I don't usually make New Years's Resolutions, but 2013 is the year of not doing the same thing over and over again so I had a think about it and these leapt to mind:
Stop whingeing so much
Lose some of the 11kg I have gained in the last 2 years
Drink less alcohol
Exercise near-daily
Stop using self-pity as an excuse to not exercise.
Stop using un-dealt-with anger as an excuse to stuff my face
Stop using ebay to self-soothe
Be nicer to Noddie and J
Do more stuff that I like
Grow veges
Be a better friend
Work harder
Next post: what these new behaviours will actually look like (I need a while to think about it all).

Do you make resolutions? How do you usually go with them? What are yours? Maybe you should run my life.
On that note: should I buy these shoes?

More anon, dancers!