Sunday, February 03, 2013

Everyone laughs

See this? This is what I do on Mothers' Day. 

I get up early and I go outside and I raise a sweat in the company of lots of other women in aid of an exceptionally worthy cause, and I get a medal
See these? Count them. There are NINE. 
Now as you all know - and if you don't it's not for want of my bleating about it - the Trashed Ankle is utterly smegged, refuses to fix itself despite every encouragement and now requires surgery, which has been scheduled for April 3rd. It has just occurred to me that this is only five weeks before Mothers' Day. In the absence of some muscular lunatic kind soul willing to push 80+kg of LBTEPA around a muddy, potholed river track in a wheelchair,  I WON'T GET MY TEN YEAR STREAK.

No, I've never been on the podium and never will.
No, I don't get anything special for finishing it ten years in a row. There is no special award.
Hardly anyone will know, other than my long-suffering nearest and dearest, and of course you, my five faithful readers.
No-one except me will care.
I am seriously considering delaying the surgery until the third week in May.
What's six more weeks in the big scheme of things?

 Stop laughing!

3 much-appreciated comments:

kathrynoh said...

I've always had bad luck with the Mother's day run including a dramatic DNF and another dramatic DNS so I applaud your medals.

Anonymous said...

When and where do you want me to report for pushing duty?

I am absolutely serious. You must wear a Team Stupidly Determined top, as will I. I am quite, quite serious and will do this. I understand the bling. I understand the call of ten consecutive years of bling. Cinderella, you can go to the ball.

Can we do the 4km option, or must it be 8km or 10km? Does your hometown put one of these on? Can we paint "go faster" stripes on the wheelchair?


Anonymous said...

+1 for Emma!
How did you know that I was laughing as I read your post??
No, it wouldn't be foolish to put your surgery back, until six weeks later when you realise that you would be six weeks ahead. Or something!
Wheel chair hire is but $35 a week for a manual one;)