Tuesday, December 25, 2012

and a happy new year

Saturday, December 22, 2012

with a little help from my little friend

It may not surprise you to learn that I am often quite strict with my poor dear Noddie. One of her jobs is to clean the bathrooms, and our Saturday mornings are often enlivened with the sounds of
Those bathrooms need to be done before you go to your firend's house 
I don't wannnna.
You don't have to want to, you just have to do it
I'll do it laaaaater
If you'd started when you were asked you'd be finished by now
Oh Mummmmmy you're so meeeeean
Can't I just get a drink
No! Just go and do it! 
(huffy flounce)
etc etc
The other day it struck me that I was doing exactly the same thing (without the lame bleating, I mean, calling me mean, she has No Idea how mean I can get, foolish child) with my exercises. Mangled ankle or not - and let's not go there, the world didn't end last night, we're all in a good mood - I could still do my core work, stretches and weights if I wasn't wallowing in self-pity. Clearly the LBTEPA mojo needs some help. To this end I have summoned the LBTEPA Behaviour Modification Unit (Junior Division). You said you were going to do your exercises
I don't wannnna.
You don't have to want to, you just have to do it
I'll do it laaaaater
If you'd started when you were asked you'd be finished by now
Oh you're so meeeeean
Can't I just get my 1p0d?
No! Just go and do it! 
(huffy flounce)
It's working a treat. My core and arms hardly know themselves, and Noddie thinks it's hilarious More anon, comrades!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

South Africans vs Kiwis

About this time last week I had applauded my darling Noddie playing the piano at the school concert, taken my peer support committee to lunch as a thankyou for the tremendous work they do and was on the train to Melbourne finishing my Christmas cards. By this time tomorrow (but last week; do keep up) I was about to wake up, catch the train into the city with my sister's partner, have a happy look at the Myer Christmas windows (which were just charming), enjoy a funky little breakfast at a funky little laneway cafe and head off, full of coffee and trepidation, to the sports physician.
I think it's the difference between optimistic cheerful Kiwis and dour tell-it-how-it-is South Africans (see? South Africans: no nickname! Says a lot). Spunky Dr  Andrew (in whose bin I threw up last time as you might recall. Awkward) was all don't worry! This will work! And if it doesn't work the next one will work! You'll be running by Christmas and lining up for Melbourne next October! whereas Dr Tony was a bit hmmm, well...this should work, but the next step if it doesn't is surgery (SURGERY??) to remove the bone chip and when I asked in a very small voice whether that would be a keyhole procedure yes, it's keyhole but all foot surgery is pretty complicated and takes a while to recover from. But we'll know in four weeks (FOUR WEEKS???) whether it's worked and I'll be able to refer you to a surgeon before I move back to New Zealand.
New Zealand appears to hold a strange attraction for sports physicians. Bloody place must be crawling with them. No wonder they're so good. But I digress
That, my five faithful readers, is when the old LBTEPA Stiff Upper Lip had a Red Hot Go at kicking in, but ultimately failed as you will see. I'd had it in my head that This Would Be It. The Long Tiresome Slog that began in April would be all done, all finished thankyou linesmen thankyou ballboys. I even had an appointment on Friday with the owners of the Prawn Jetty of Doom to sign off on all the out-of-pocket expenses. It was all going to be over, before Christmas, with time to get better enough to wear my pretty heels to my nephew's wedding and fit enough for the corporate triathlon in February  and now it was all Not Like That At All.
I do know that this is all no big deal in the big scheme of awful things in the world but it was a big horrid shock and discouragement, especially since handsome Dr Andrew had blithely tossed off the comment no, you won't need surgery AND I BELIEVED HIM. I was so happy to believe him. I was so sad to hear it might not be so.
I'm getting teary again writing this. What a bloody la la.
So. A shock.
Off I trotted next door to the radiology clinic. I'm good like that. I do what has to be done.
The lovely reassuring John the radiologist sat down with me and explained everything, then went into the big machine room where UmmIforgethername the not very reassuring Ummnotsureofherjob freaked me out saying they were going to put the Big Horrid Needle into a completely different place than I was expecting, nowhere near the pain and right through a bruise I got from moving the coffee table. Umm went and got John, whose capacity for reassurance proved somewhat limited when I asked how many of these have you done? and he answered we do loads and loads of these with all the joints in the ankle but this one is really unusual so no, we don't do them very often, no, but we do all the joints in the ankle all the time so don't worry...
That's when the Come on LBTEPA Don't Cry switch broke off.
I won't go into detail about being able to vaguely feel a Big Horrid Needle being poked into your ankle and hearing two people who do this all the time only actually they don't saying things like almost got it, just a bit that way, that's the spot: suffice it to say it was horrid and they need more tissues in the room. And it hurt. I cried. I cried on the machine and in the wheelchair and in the recovery room while I was being told by an annoying Irish nurse that no one had ever reacted like that before and while I drank my tea and ate my bikkie. I cried becuase I was so sad that this was happening, and when I was finished crying I paid them a lot of money and limped to the tram stop and went to pub at the station and had a sadly-not-all-that-restorative chardy and read my book for an hour and a half until my train came and then I went home. 
It still hurts. It hurts all the time unless I don't walk on it at all, the week before Christmas (insert hollow laugh here).
I'm not optimistic about this. Dear time: please prove me wrong!
There's always chardonnay I suppose. And mince pies.

Mmmmmm....mince pies.....

More anon, bravehearts!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Hi There All!
Lots of apologies, firstly for being even more AWOL than usual with lots of time-consuming dance concert/bedroom painting/Christmas stuff, you know the drill, and secondly for having to install one of those prove-you're-not-a-robot thingys. Poor dear Casa d'LBTEPA has been attacked by some exceptionally distasteful spam. This will not be tolerated!
I head off to Melbourne tomorrow for what I hope will be the very last episode in this interminable Saga of the Mangled Ankle. If all goes well the sports physician on Thursday will agree with the one I saw last time (who has buggered off back to New Zealand, filling me with confidence. NOT), organise a fun-filled injection right into the middle of all those complicated little foot bones ewwwwwww (there is a brief pause while LBTEPA turns pale, feels faint and is given smelling salts by her devoted attendants) and send me off home all better at last, the end, all done, all finished thankyou linesmen thankyou ballboys.
Hey, a girl can dream.

More anon, optimists!

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Simple, not easy

It's simple. In order to be an athlete one must
- exercise regularly
- pretty much organise one's life around exercising and good health
....sounds pretty simple
and it is
but not easy.
The Streak has been great - 12 days, 9 days, looking good for the win not that I'm competitive hahaha  - because I'm remembering how much I miss working out and feeling fit, but it's still a bit of an afterthought.
Things do get in the way. 
- the bike is still put away in the shed from the holidays
- The Spousal Unit's shifts are, as always, all over the place
-  this week we have at least one thing, sometimes two, on every single day, from school concert rehearsal and performance via dance concert photoshoot (rolling eyes), stop-start, dress rehearsal, matinee and evening performance all the way to the Sunday School concert, with a couple of work things in between. Cross your fingers for us that the weather's not too hot.
- December the first = Christmas tree day! With bonus nativity setup, carols-on-shuffle and domicile be-tinselling! Must fit in some senselessly time-consuming Christmas letter action as well... and present-wrapping! what, you haven't finished your shopping yet?owowowstophittingme.

- housewifey sh**, you know, minimal hygiene, food, clean clothes etc etc
- oh, and work
- J's been quite down. It's important that I spend time with him. Noddie also is requiring extra patience and concentration. We've had to move on to some pretty serious treatment for her psoriasis and it's knocking her around a bit, poor little lambie.
- the mangled ankle hates sand. It's still sore from the holiday. Walking is good but I do so miss running.
- sometimes I get really down about being injured and lardy and mojo-free. I took my marathon medals off the wall the other day. Noddie asked where they were and I realised I was being a bloody sook so I put them back up. I hate the thought of another steroid injection, onto the bone ew ew ew and what if that doesn't work? ohdearohdearohdear but it has to be done
- AND I HATE THE MORNING SHOW ON TV AT THE GYM and I hate wearing headphones
Jumping these little 'hurdles' used to be automatic. Now sometimes it takes me a couple of days to even notice them! Dealing with them has changed from 'part of exercising' to 'another job I have to do before I can work out'.
Well, my friends, as of today it's changing back.
I've written A List. Lists Are Good
- get the **** bike out of the shed!
- check J's roster. If he's not on an early shift then work out in the morning. Life has a tiresome habit of eating the evenings. We know this.
- don't eat anything between 5-6pm. Arsenic hour, that sad, tired, hold-your-temper-for-dear-life breathe-in-breathe-out what-needs-to-be-done-what's-for-tea-Mum???? time, is when the majority of the mindless scoff-fests which have created such irritating wardrobe limitations tend to occur.
- suck it up that gym - mindless tv noise = headphones. Princess.
- vacuum the damn study and damn well get down on the floor and stretch.  It is the idea you fear, grasshopper, not the reality
- try and remember that I like swimming. I don't know why I always feel as though I don't and never want to go. It is the idea you fear, grasshopper, not the reality....(there is a brief scuffle/pause while ancient sage is dragged off). Yes, I think we got that.
Simple stuff. 
So, my five faithful readers, waddya reckon? Will this help? Am I kidding myself?
What are your practical tips and strategies for living an athletic life? Share! Share!
I'll let you know how all this goes. What I'm doing now isn't getting me what I want, and it might just work. You never know.

More anon, tinsel-towners!