Tuesday, November 27, 2012


this streak thing
we went to Merimbula, fab place, you should go there
but don't get food poisoning. That's unpleasant.
Mind you, if you did happen to get food poisoning, Merimbula would be the place to get it. Such nice places to lie down and feel like death warmed up

Of course if you had any brains and had food poisoning and felt like death warmed up you probably wouldn't go swimming
but there is only one rule when we go somewhere with water unless it's midwinter or something
and it was such a lovely spot. Who could resist?
So the streak continues!

I'm a bit OK EXTREMELY upset though. The sports doc has had to postpone the injection.
What's another 10 days when it's been 10 F$%&*ing months?
I know I know it's nothing in the scheme of things but I was so hoping it would be over *sad face*
...breathes in...breathes out....
(wanna hear something funny I was going to be all 21st century and funny and write hashtag woeisme and I couldn't find the # key LOL)
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sofa so good

Well the streak is broken but I can tell you that 12 back-to-back days of intentional exercise, mostly outdoors, makes a huge difference to everything. Everything. I feel So. Much. Better. I can recommend streaking to anyone tee hee that sounded rude
I broke it becuase I went out for tea with friends from my placement, to celebrate The End. Yesterday was the last day of the last thing I had to do for the Masters That Ate My Life. The paperwork has been written up, signed and posted. The email has been sent. It's done. Now all I have to do is to wait for uni to do its stupid interminable stuff, and I'll be an M.Psych at last.
I can't believe it.
So I went out for dinner, had a few extra sherbies and and fell asleep on the recliner watching Hawaii 5-0 (I was very tired). I have a Challenge to win, though, so the next streak starts today. And at 3pm so do my holidays. Did I mention I'm going on holidays?
Noddie turned 9 on Sunday. She's a grouse kid and I love her. We had a cave girl party!

Somebody asked me what I'll do with all my new spare time. If I feel like it, I'll make a birthday cake that takes all afternoon. That's what.

Life is so good right now. I appreciate it so much.
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Thursday, November 15, 2012


It's not you, it's me. I have been so boring that I've put myself to sleep thinking about what to write. Look!
...blah blah blah ankle still stupidly sore oh woe not tolerating running or heels (shocking!) looks as though I will have to go back to Melbourne for another steroid injection into the bone this time eww eww I'm so  disappointed will this ever end blah blah blah must stop self-pity drinking and over-eating no wonder I'm such a lardarse these days blah blah I can't believe my nephew and his fiancee could be so thoughtless to poor Noddie I am so mad at them I could SPIT blah blah blah...
but darlings, I can spare you no longer. I am currently So Excited I could just about burst. This time next Wednesday we will be on a balcony overlooking a lake in sunny Merimbula, jewel of the sapphire coast if what I am led to believe in the brochures is accurate, sipping white wine, reading a novel and vaguely thinking about dinner BECAUSE MY MASTERS WILL BE COMPLETELY FINISHED AND WE WILL BE ON HOLIDAYS. Hoorah! and woot!

And that's not all...
My five faithful, ever-patient and steadfast readers will have postulated the existence of a severe shortage of workout mojo on Planet LBTEPA in the recent past. How perspicacious you are, for such has indeed been the case. But all is not lost, gentle readers. Your heroine has the bit back between her teeth. The gauntlet is down and there is champagne at stake.
I told you I was over-excited.
I have these two friends, K and J. They are titchy little skinnyfasts and I feel like Gulliver when I stand next to them, but they are Good Sticks. They think it's normal to want to ride and swim and lift and run and sweat. They are My People. Fortuitously, we have all been experiencing somewhat of a mojo-adjacent phase (could it be the weather?) and it was as we were mutually bemoaning this sad state of affairs that The Challenge was born.
The Challenge will run from Nov 5th until Dec 5th, finishing conveniently in time for the festive season becuase we might be endurance heads but we are Not Stupid. The woman who lays down the most days of exercise in that time wins. There is another prize for the longest unbroken streak WHICH I AM WINNING GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! and another for the most kms covered. One each. Perfect! Because I am injured and K likes riding more than J and I do, there are no restrictions as to what a 'workout' is - core work, weights, walking, (ahem) 'running', swimming... just so long as it is a) intentional and b) works up a sweat. I just typed up 'worked up a swear', but that's optional.
 I'm loving it. The Workout Ninja has been released!
Bring. It. On.
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