Monday, September 24, 2012

Lost in Translation

The other day I was wrestling with the Thesis That Ate My Brain and I kind got into a bit of a tizzy, as you do, or well I do, and I started to Worry About Things. Ankle Things. Will this bloody thing ever get better Things. Have we reached crunch time or is there still hope Things (told you I was in a tizzy). So I rang my physio and asked her - or so I thought. I must have been speaking tizzyspeak becuase her response was all about my going to Melbourne for a second opinion if I wasn't happy with hers, (?!?!?!), reports for insurance claims (??!!??!?), etc etc etc. Eventually I managed to stammer out my actual question: have we reached the point of no improvement vis-a-vis the Stupid Ankle, or is it too early to tell? All my fingers are crossed for B, I'm giving you the drum. The physio explained that to date we have been focusing on rest, and now it's time to start loading the ankle more to see what happens (that sounds like B, don't you think? Woot!), but I can still go to Melbourne for a second opinion etc etc etc. How embarrassment. That'll teach me. All I really wanted to know was whether I should put my marathon medals in the cupboard and start giving away my shoes.
or possibly buying some new ones. You never know.
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Where in the world is LBTEPA?

I don't know that the full import of my last post imparted itself to my five faithful readers.
Just writing that put the most massive grin on my face, and I'm currently this ( - ) close to handing in the first draft of the Thesis That Ate My Brain howwillIgetitdonebytomorrwarrgghhh? so it's only the most fabulous thoughts that can plaster a smile on this dial. Hello bike = helloooo instant good mood!!! My family plans to present my physio with a plaque to express their gratitude. It's pretty quiet where I live. A morning ride to the gym might involve seeing perhaps two cars, but instead some pretty mist over the parks and the river valley. There are cockatoos and lorikeets. It's coming up to magpie season but I'll deal with that. You can't bring me down off my high. Oh my friends, my friends, how I have missed that wonderful spinning-along feeling and the hum of the tyres as you ease on down the road. Do you ride a bike? Do you like it? Why? Share!

In other news, LBTEPA's family and friends are deeply saddened to advise her readers that apart from the odd velocipedic outing, gung-ho workout ninja LBTEPA has been reported missing, presumed gone troppo. They blame society.
There have been rumours as to her fate

and even sightings, although none from verifiable sources.
 A search party has been despatched
but really all we can do is hope for the best and trust in the old LBTEPA pluck to bring her safely home.
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Sunday, September 09, 2012

So I went for a ride on my bike

That is all.

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NEWS FLASH! DATELINE TUESDAY: A reporter from the LBTEPA Times has today announced that our heroine's physio has given LBTEPA permission to ride her mountain bike!!! LBTEPA's bike, not the physio's. Do pay attention. For one thing she's a short lady so it would be too small. Said riding is to occur for not more than 30 minutes every second day, to see what happens. Any ankle pain means stop stop STOP STOP RIGHT NOW NO NO NO VERY BAD. This is Very Exciting News - I haven't been on a proper bike since May! This is the start of getting my life back!

So has your heroine in fact been out on her bike?
She has not.
 And why is that, my five faithful readers may rightly ask?
Welll... brace yourself for some lame excuses, 'cause they're on the way....
I've been sick. The thing with sinus infections these days, as I believe I have mentioned before, is that since the re-bore I no longer wish to saw off my own head within minutes of the germs assaulting my immune system.  It takes me much longer to notice that I've been dragging myself around doing the absolute minimum family maintenance,  not exercising and wishing I was dead NOT because I am slack and lazy and unable to handle stress (I had a uni assignment returned to re-do and I cried for an hour. At work. Thank goodness it was Friday afternoon and the place was almost deserted) but because I'm actually very very crook.

Aaand the LBTEPA Award for the Most Wonderful Thing Ever Invented goes to....ANTIBIOTICS!!!
I've also been pretty busy at uni as you can see from the above. This situation will ease in due course though, sometime in December. I hope.
*LBTEPA has left the room to bang her head on the desk and think about wine and shoes. We appreciate your patience. Normal service will resume shortly*
I saw this car last time I was in Melbourne. The number is now on my speed dial. 
Blah blah blah excuses excuses, pictures to distract you from excuses, it's been unbelievably windy and raining a lot and J has been on late shift blah blah blah. Wanna know the real reason I haven't been out on my bike?
Yes, give the lady a free ticket to Sooky La-La Land on the Spineless Express! What if it hurts? What if it's not properly better? You know what? What if? So what? I will go today, I promise. I'll take a photo for you, if I don't fall off.
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Tuesday, September 04, 2012


I've been falling into that blogger black hole where you don't have time to write the usual epic so you don't write anything, then you haven't written anything for ages so you Owe The Readers a particularly jaw-dropping bit of epic prose but you don't have time for that and on it goes. I'm at the unpleasantly crunchy end of my thesis and after mumblemumbleOMFGhasitbeenthatlong years of formal education I do Know One Thing about writing: you have to write something. Just Write Something is my motto with the Thesis That has Eaten My Life and is now Eating My Brain (don't expect any sense out of me in the next six weeks no no nooooooo), and henceforth it shall also be my blogging motto.
As my five faithful readers are aware, this is a sort-of endurance sport blog, not a weight-loss blog. However, I want to share one of those make-a-face moments - I got a new ID card yesterday for my new placement (that's I'm doing while I finish the Thesis That is Eating My Brain. The placement is at the local psychiatric ward which I think is apt). I put it on the doover with my work ID card. The two photos were taken about two years apart, and the second one is as flattering as the first (there are some gifted photographers in East Gippsland HR). But the new one still looks like the old one's fat ill much older sister. My sugar (fermented and otherwise)-based stress-management strategy is showing. I have no portrait in my attic. Must look into that.
In other news:
I go back to the physio today to see how close I am to going outside. Gosh I miss riding my bike. I'm a bit upset at the moment becuase my other foot - the one that went bung last year - is hurting again!  I went to Melbourne last week and walked all day (YAY!) in flat boots with no arch supports (doh) so maybe that's it. I love my boots though. I am blessed with extremely shapely calves so finding boots that both do up and are appropriately fabulous is a challenge.

In other other news: hurrah! Hurrah! IT'S SPRING!!! We went to the beach on the boat on Sunday. It was brilliant.
Obligatory Exercise News: 2 trips to the gym and 2 swims this week. Must. Do. Better.
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