Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Perils of LBTEPA

See this? It's a very dangerous exercise known as a static lunge with a band. I was doing this yesterday at the gym (although certainly not wearing head-to-toe brown, nor brown of any kind for that matter. Please.) as part of my very first go at my Exciting New Program at the Temple of Sweat. I like my program, for the most part. I like gyms. I like the machines and the clanking and the little adjustable knob thingos. I may just have a teeny crush on the rowing machine - so much more fierce than the stationary bike! I don't even mind the Noise The Young'uns Call Music These Days
But I don't like static lunges with bands.
I got this picture from g00gle images. There aren't any pictures of what it's like when the band slips out from under your foot and smacks you in the eyes.


The muscular tatooed bloke on the next machine swore and got the gym attendant to bring some ice. I didn't swear, nor did I cry (until I got home), because that is the LBTEPA Way. My eye is still a bit swollen this morning and I have a bit of a headache, but I am going back this afternoon to finish that damn workout.

I'm sure I ticked the "all exercises must be 100% nuffy-proof" box on my assessment. Le sigh......

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stardate Sunday

I must write swiftly. Since Starship LBTEPA crash-landed on the Plague Planet I have been the slave of the Plague Monsters and they may call for me at any time. Their demands are unceasing. The only blessing is that I have not been infected. This means that if I plan carefully I can sometimes experience a semblance of freedom, even if only for a short time. The blossoms here are lovely and give me such joy. Other slaves to the Plague Monsters tell me this planet is not so bad, and that it will be warmer soon.  They have accepted their fate. I fear becoming like them. I know the monsters are coming to value my labour, even to almost feel affection for me. I have taken some advantage of this and made my way to the Temple of Sweat as often as I can, but I must be careful.
I will get stronger. I will escape.
They are calling me - I must go!

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one of the first images sent from Mars

Thursday, August 09, 2012

as you do

In which LBTEPA realises that There Is Enough, and that Being Fabulous is always the best policy. 

Dear Blog
Since I started going to deep water running I've been thinking oh I must join up at the gym, if I get a corporate membership it would cost less than one class and one swim a week... oh come now what a waste of money I have a perfectly good mat and weights and a set of core and strength exercises and a bike on rollers at home... oh but I am so borrrrrrred with that but if I was more disciplined I could do it ... but classes sound like you do.
The other day I was prodded in the back by the wise, serene and gentle sages of the LBTEPA Think Tank (Philosophical and Spiritual Division) who pointed out in no uncertain (yet serene and gentle) terms that I was not treating the universe as a place of abundance, where There Is Enough for things that matter, and also (equally calmly and wisely) that I was giving a low priority to my health and emotional wellbeing. Continuing ever so serenely on (I have to say they were starting to give me the pip by this stage), the sages pointed out that if I insisted on being so venal as to fixate on the finances, then I might like to channel my attention (see? Pack of bloody hippies. Sheesh.) toward the fact that a) kicking my twice-weekly takeaway coffee habit  and bringing my lunch to work a couple of times would more than cover it and b) a year's gym membership is about the same as the medicare out-of-pocket for a couple of scans and specialists' visits, which I'm less likely to need over the next decade if I get properly fit again.
To sum up (and I thought this was rather brusque: I may write a stiff letter) they said
You like going to the gym
You can afford it
You need to get out more
Stop bleating and sign up
So I did!!
It's been great fun, although rather confronting to have to (ahem) confront the mumblemumblemumble kgs of extra lard I've been ignoring. I must be the only person to have gained weight doing Dry July (I DID IT! I DID IT! AND YOU CAN STILL DONATE TO THIS GREAT CAUSE!!!) Damn you, mirrored pilates studio! Oh well. It is how it is and I'm buggered if finally making eye contact with my spare tyre will stop me from pumping iron again. Sing it with me, ladies - body shame is temporary;  fabulousness is forever!
I have to go to the physio now to check how The Ankle is going. This is scary* but not as bad as the dentist yesterday which I got through without crying or throwing up. Go me.

More anon, Olympic addicts!!
I LOVE the Olympics. I'd ALMOST get cable for the Olympics. Really.

Did you see the finish of the women's triathlon (and by 'see' I mean scream yourself hoarse at the tv)?What's not to love? 

*Ankle Update: Physio is happy. All is progressing as it should be. If I keep up the standing on one leg (which is Quite Tricky), all should be tickety-boo in due course!!Yay!!