Friday, April 27, 2012

Things that make you go hmmmmm

Comment by LBTEPA on the Mighty Emma's effbee page, following an indication that she (the Mighty Emma) is thinking of a grudge match with Melbourne this October:
...asking myself, can one really go an entire year without a marathon....?
Her response:  A year without a marathon is like a year without mind-numbing terror.
When you put it that way..........

Is there a middle ground between too comfortable (which the brave, brave button on my work pants is telling me I am right now) and scared out of your wits?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mmmm, bikkies

It's the Anzac Day public holiday here today. In honour of the occasion I have made some Anzac biscuits. My first batch ever - so un-Australian I know! but better late than never. They are yummy (if you read the recipe in the link, there's no way to achieve instruction 6).
I also ground out 8.5 of the slowest kms ever recorded by a conscious person but I did run 2 songs/walk 1 the whole way and I have no foot soreness YAY! YAY! YAY!. And it's not my long run (11km is scheduled for Saturday. Eeek).
A quiz for you: just say a sharp edge in your orthotics is giving you brutal blisters. Do you
a) tape your foot, or
b) tape the edge of the orthotic?
Extra points if you worked out that the best answer is b) in less than 3 weeks, unlike some people I admit nothing
Operation you bite it you write it is continuing in its boring yet worthwhile way; I'd tell you more about it but I might fall off the chair at the immense tedium of it all.
Must keep this short as Noddie wants to paint flowers on my nails, and the footy is on. It's my favourite sort of game - very exciting and loads at stake and my team isn't in it.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

we can rebuild it

I must just say that, since I acquired the Best Sinuses Money Can Buy TM, sinus infections such as the one with which I am currently afflicted are a matter of somwhat tiresome pain, general off-colour-ness and poor sleep, as opposed to wanting to saw my own head off as was the case in the past. It's all good.

The other day Captain Obvious flew in and whacked me on the head with the 'you idiot!' stick - it finally occurred to me that the reason I don't seem to be getting anywhere much with the Great Health and Fitness Overhaul of 2012 is that I have started from where I would like to be than where I actually am.
Images in this post are brought to you by my no-show12.30 client
Consequently, boffins at the LBTEPA Institute for Behavioural Modification have conducted a thorough needs analysis, pinpointed a number of skill deficits, and come up with A Plan, bless their enthusiastic little hearts.
Issue 1: I am chef de cuisine here at Maison LBTEPA. I am also a picker and an emotional eater. I just stuff things in my mouth All The Time. Mostly little things, but my work pants are telling me it's adding up.
Plan: write down EVERYTHING I eat.
BO-RING, but so is my work pants being too tight
Issue 2: vaulting ambition o'erreaching itself (aka senseless optimism/biting off more than I can chew).
Plan: limit, limit, limit. Slow, slow, slow. 30 minutes on the bike, not 40, so my hip won't tighten up, so I can run the next day. 6km runs, not 7, so I can run two days in a row.
This is also BO-RING, and very confronting. I like to see myself as this crazed superfit superhero (STOP LAUGHING) and let me tell you, I will be that person again. But I need to suck up that I am not her now. Patience, patience patience. I will FLY AGAIN! Bwahahahaa!
Mind you I am still doing two half marathons in the next couple of months. That doesn't count.
Issue 3: no routine to my fitness.The Spousal Unit works pretty much random shifts and Noddie is a bit young to be left alone.
Plan: get up at 6am no matter what and do SOMETHING. Minerva is set up on the trainer in the study, but even if some wretched lurgi is hanging about (as they so often do) making cardio inadvisable, I can still stretch or do weights or a core workout. I need to am going to rebuild my "I am an athlete, this is What I Do" mindset one day at a time.
The guts of it? I need to TTC, have a RHG and a GHLAM!
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

PLan C

In which LBTEPA Thinks Things Through

3.45pm Saturday: The Spousal Unit gets home from work.
- You're off for a run?
- I really don't feel like it but since I didn't go this morning I pretty much have to decide right now whether I'm still aiming for the full at the Gold Coast. 
4.15pm: head out
4.20-4.45pm:  I really, really don't want to do this today. My foot hurts. Why is my foot hurting? Why didn't I stretch today? I stretched yesterday. My head aches. Stupid smoke. It'll stop soon. It's not stopping. I'm not re-tying my shoes again. This is doing my head in. I don't need this....aaaannnd repeat
4.45: sms J when I get home I am entering the GCM half the full is just too much atm it's messing with my head
5.20pm: enter Gold Coast Half Marathon
5.21pm-10pm sulk, feel like a failure/loser, and more of a failure/loser for feeling like a failure/loser about something that a) makes perfect sense in the context of my current health/injury/fitness status and family/work/study obligations and b) loads of people would love to be able to do and think is amazing.

Essentially, I did The Right Thing, then had an extended sook about going interstate for a nice holiday, some bling and a new t-shirt - becuase I looked in the mirror and didn't see Wonder Woman.
Boo F----ing Hoo, eh?

J said Now you can just enjoy yourself! And do a bit more riding and swimming, and just have fun.
That's taking me a while to get my head around, but I'm sticking with it. I'm plucky like that.

Of course I woke up this morning at 4.30am becuase poor little Noddie was coughing and I feel fantastic and full of energy (if not properly awake). If I hadn't got all gloomy yesterday I could be out getting my long run in and still on track for Very Slow Marathon #6
This will give me the chance to really thoroughly get my core strength and flexibility sorted and my foot really properly healed (not to mention the sprained ankle from last weeks' faceplant) instead of always worrying about how far I'm pushing it and every little ache and sniffle that's going around.
I will also experiment with this 'exercise for fun' thing. I'll just do a couple of halfs over the next few months and maybe the full in Melbourne in October.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

The horns of a dilemma

So. Do I crank out my make-or-break, do-it-this-weekend-or-forget-about-the-full-at-the-Gold-Coast 20km (did I tell you that Noddie commented the other day you know you could just go to the Gold Coast and not run in anything. I just stared at her in complete incomprehension) from 6-9pm tonight after work EWWWW, or from 3-6am tomorrow morning before J goes to work EWWWWWWWWWW?
But as the Mighty Emma, my comrade in Stupid Determination, has observed, everyone wants to do a marathon but no-one wants to run a really long way.
I want to send a shoutout to my good friend Sara who is going through her own stuff and still reaches out with comforting thoughts when her dopey mates fall over broken footpaths and hurt themselves twelve weeks out from the Next Big Dream. Darl, I think I was going the full drama queen about my foot, on the inside, but was so horrified myself that I couldn't even express it. The ankle is still a bit creaky but that's what ice and ibuprofen are for, no? (((HUGS))) darl you are the best.
Do you have an awesome friend who always says the right thing? Get on the phone or the interweb or ride your bike to their house Right Now and thank them for being in your life. Off you go!

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(that's BUCKERS. With a B)

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I was whingeing to the ever-patient Spousal Unit the other night. No! you cry. Never!
What's happened to me?I used to be fired up! No sooner had I packed Noddie off to bed and I'd be on the trainer! I hurled myself out of bed morning after morning in the freezing cold, no worries! Now look at me. What's happened to the mean keen exercise machine? Where did she go?
I don't know where she went. She's not here, that's for sure.
B#&*%, letting me down when I need her.
You know what? I thought. She nicks off, with my mojo and my enthiasm? I'll show her. I'll run by myself. 
And I did. It wasn't too bad. It's been cold but the mornings have been clear and beautiful, and I got to high-five the funny old bloke who always tells me there's five miles to go, and say hi to Killer and Fang the attack fluffballs out protecting their Mum.

Dear Keen Energetic Self: see you when you get back, but I'll be ok.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Told you

6 km run 4: walk 2 with no more than the usual creakiness says IT'S JUST BRUISED.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Thine be the glory

Easter Blessings to you all!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

A river in Egypt

I have decided to ignore this whole foot nonsense and treat it as a false alarm until evidence to the contrary becomes particularly intrusive. IT IS ONLY BRUISED.

Friday, April 06, 2012

The curse of the prawn

It's Good Friday today so yesterday I nicked out from work and headed down to the waterfront to get some super-fresh prawns off the trawler (as you do skite skite) for the fish barbecue tonight.
My purchase complete, I trotted back to the car, caught my foot in a broken bit of footpath (as you do) and splatted so heavily and inelegantly that the fishermen came tearing out to see if I was ok. I think I was a bit shocked becuase I more or less bolted away. I should have asked them for some ice. Now my foot is sporting some unsightly bruises and is quite painful even without weight on it. It feels weird.  I might whiz up to the hospital for an x-ray when I've finished my tea.

Bloody prawns.

UPDATE: possible fracture, a week on crutches then another x-ray to confirm. #!&%!!  #!&%!! #!&%!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Up and at 'em

I need a personal trainer who would stab me with a pin and make me get out of bed in the morning! I used to be really good at hurling myself out from under the doona o'sloth: now all it takes is one trip up the hallway at 3am to help poor coughing Noddie and I'm All Excuses All the Time when 6am rolls around. Then I get up at 6.50 in a temper becuase I KNOW I'd be feeling GREAT if I'd just got back from a run or ride.
Oh well. We here at the LBTEPA Institute for Self-Improvement are nothing if not tenacious and optimistic! The sun will rise tomorrow, and who knows, I may be out there to greet it! I'll be doing (drumroll please) 6.5 km of run 4 minutes, walk 2!!! No more run 2 walk 2 for me, no no no no. Bring on the squeals and girly handflaps!!! Woot!!

I did charge through a major (self-created) obstacle today. The GPs at the clinic where I work are quite grumpy, and I suffer from Fear Of Grumpy so I've been putting off asking them to distribute the surveys for the research I'm doing for the Everlasting Masters Degree. Today I just thought, hang it, I'm going in! Possibly becuase I've been reading Bear Grylls' autobiography. Fascinating stuff, all GO FOR IT, DREAM BIG, WORK AS HARD AS YOU CAN AND THEN WORK HARDER, NEVER GIVE UP AND THEN GO FOR IT SOME MORE. He could so be a member of Team Stupidly Determined (especially if he took his shirt off a lot).
 Anyway, of course the GPs weren't nearly as scary as i had imagined them to be (although they were pretty grumpy, possibly an occupational hazard??) and they were happy to help me. That's a major yay since I need a sample size of 138 for appropriate statistical power and as of last week I had eleven.

And YAY for sucking it up and going for it. When did I forget how to do that?

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