Saturday, March 31, 2012

why I walked home


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Friday, March 30, 2012

What does it mean?

What does it mean when you dream you've drunk-dialled Mark Allen and told him he has diabetes and he threatens to shoot his doctor and then you have to stop him?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I know this

if I am consistent with my strength work and running I will progress
if I am consistent with my stretching and core work my foot will take more running without hurting me
if I am consistently patient with my run/walking I will be able to run further and not aggravate my foot
if I am consistent with my patience run/walking so slowly won't mess with my head so much
if I am consistent training will get to be a habit again
if I am consistent I won't worry about what's going to go wrong this time, I'll just do it
if I am consistent I'll believe in the process and that one day I'll be able to run without thinking about it
if I am consistent I will be able to come home from a run all sore and hurting and not be upset because I am looking at the big picture
if I am consistent I'll finish another marathon one day. Maybe one day this year
if I am brave I will get up from this computer and put the ice back in the freezer and limp off to the tri club dinner.



Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Interesting facts

- Running shoes that are not  completely worn out don't make your feet and knees hurt. Note to self: mark the date on them somewhere.
- These shoes don't make my feet and knees hurt either. They may blind bystanders with their fabulousness but I can't help that.
- The lurgi that hath laid low half my town is of a treacherous and deceitful type, viz., it pretends to bugger off and then when you're reaching slightly-less-feebly for a bite of something more substantial than dry toast, returns with a vengeance. I tricked mine this morning: I went out for a stagger before I'd properly woken up so I didn't register how crappy I was feeling until I was out watching the sunrise and bidding a gay good morning to the sprightly octogenarians and their foxies fox terriers, what were YOU thinking?. Worked like a charm - I was slow as a wet week but got the ks done and didn't die. KPIs achieved!
- The sum total of Australian awesomeness dropped this week. Jim Stynes and Lincoln Hall have died. Let us learn from their lives. Live the dream, people! Go big or go home!
And fill up your life with small sparkly joys while you're at it.
- I am not entering the Gold Coast Marathon until the last week of May I have done a 30km training run. I am not entering the Gold Coast Marathon until I have done a 30km training run.. I am not entering the Gold Coast Marathon until I have done a 30km training run.. I am not entering the Gold Coast Marathon until I have done a 30km training run. Let sense rule over optimism this once.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Living the dream

This edition of the LBTEPA News begins with ORN (obligatory running news):  despite being laid low with the vicious lurgi that has claimed half my town I am stringing together sort-of regular workouts. Nowhere near what I'd prefer at this stage in a (ahem) "marathon" campaign but what can you do? and anyway I haven't entered yet although I'm not giving up. I'm gaining weight like it's my job, le sigh, but I have A Plan for that which I may go into in another post if it doesn't seem too boring. My foot gets niggly when I slack off on the core/strength/stretching but hasn't torn again. That is A Good Thing.
The first ever Ironman Melbourne is next week and I was really looking forward to being part of it as a spectator with the Spousal Unit and Mum and Dad. I don't know if you remember the magnificent Dave, who gave me his marathon medal when I sooked all over him after they ran out of bling at the end of Melbourne 2010? Well you should, he is a Top Bloke, and I was looking forward to cheering him over the line of his first Ironman. But as so often happens, everything has fallen into a sorry heap and we're not going. Mum and J both thought it was on the Saturday not the Sunday, so J would have had to arrange an extra leave day. Then it turned out that Mum and Dad are moving into their new house on the Monday as well. Not the best time to be away and there will be loads of last minute things to help with over the weekend. I'm really very disappointed, but in comparison with spending three days hobbling painfully around Disney World looking at other people with Goofy medals it's not so bad. I can go next year.
But I digress.
Not long ago Noddie went to a party where she'd had a great time playing football with the boys, playing on her friend's wii (which we don't have at home) eating cake and watching the big kids play car chase games on the x-box. We were talking at bedtime and I asked her how it was. Oh mummy, she said, we were living the dream!
A couple of things have happened lately that have got me thinking about that.  Margaret Whitlam died this week. Although I never met her (my Mum has) I felt happy for her that she lived well for a long time and passed quickly. She lived by her principles and from all accounts her life, although not perfect of course, was how she wanted it.  The second thing was that a friend of mine was on holiday when she heard that a friend of hers, whose wonderful life she'd always been a teeny bit jealous of - great job, married to the man of her dreams, brand new baby - had died, very suddenly. My friend went home, packed up and left her partner. She wrote in her blog that life's too short.
I asked J if  there was anything he isn't doing that he wants to do, any important thing that's missing from his life? He thought for a bit and said no. This probably sounds terribly smug but, touching wood, I can also answer 'no' to that question. I'm blessed with loved ones, I live where I want to and I'm doing the work I want to do. My commute is a drive through the countryside. My home is warm and pretty and full of stuff that would horrify the style police. I wear red lipstick and fab shoes and crochet lairy blankets and run Very Slow Marathons with other big dreamers. Of course I've got a one of these days list like everyone else - an ironman, Macchu Pichu, piano lessons - but - and this is the important bit - it's not an oh, I could never do that list.
My question, seeing as we are getting all philosophical oh you weren't? righto, carry on is: are you living the dream? What are you not doing? Do you want to wear polka dots and paint your bedroom silver and sing opera and get a dog? Why aren't you doing it? If the answer is because it's not the right time, but I know I will one day - great! Keep your eye on your dream and grab it when you can. If it's oh, (a person like me) couldn't....  well...

Just trust me, my friends. The Style Police, the Too Fat Police and the Not Good Enough Police never come.
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Monday, March 12, 2012

Playing with the big boys

Hurrah for public holidays and family all the way from Ballarat for the long weekend and trips to the beach in the boat and barbecues at friends' places (but not the totally TMI conversation at the end of the evening, how do I get myself into these things?) and permission to start my placement At Long F#@*ing Last and effective antibiotics and 12 glacially slow, drippingly humid and just bloody wonderful km of 2 min run/2 min walk! My first 'double figures' since October! All that tiresome boring stupid stretching and strength work and patience patience patience is getting me what I want. Who knew? I'm thinking of doing the Traralgon half on the third of June. One of my friends is doing her first full there, pretty exciting! Go Jenny go! It'll  be a good hit-out to see if I should do the full or the half at the Gold Coast as well. We've booked our flights now. I'm stoked.
I've also discovered that you can while away a very pleasant hour googling "good disney running songs". Don't judge me.

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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Happy International Women's Day




...this is not all of you, of course. I'd be here all night.
Cheers to you all, dear friends! You make me brave and the world amazing.