Thursday, May 03, 2012

Just like the big kids

The nice chap at the bike shop gave me an Endura Cool Mint Gel to try so I thought I'd be like all the big kids and do a product review. Here it is: this gel sounded as though it would taste like toothpaste, and did taste like toothpaste. I'll stick with the raspberry and vanilla. They are Yummy.

I confess I haven't tasted the coffee one; I am extrapolating from the fact that I don't like anything else coffee-flavoured

In other news, Noddie has a new bike and has started riding to school! It's about 1km along a straight road so no big dramas but I am still SO proud, and so happy to see her beaming as she flies down the hill.
She also has her first sports injury BOOOOOO! - a hairline crack in her heel, which is not uncommon and will resolve itself in time but it's been quite painful, poor lambie. She was so brave at the podiatrist's. I have lent her my favourite ice pack.
Please don't feel you have to read this next bit as it's quite dull.

Activity here at the LBTEPA Institute for Behavioural Modification continues apace. Project thisissoboringOKAYI'llwritedownallmyfood has interacted with my laziness in an interesting way: I'll often refrain from cupboard-grazing when I can't be bothered looking for the notebook o'boringness (aka my food diary)! As so often happens, my friend the Mighty Emma has lit the way to another breakthrough. She has recently modified her diet to include porridge for breakfast and salad for lunch. I don't especially care for porridge, or rather, since it is the LBTEPA way to be accurate, washing the porridge pot, so I have substituted muesli as a fast-breaker, and fang down on rabbit food at noon. Rather startlingly, after only four days the button on my work pants is noticeably happier.
Have you fallen asleep yet? Sorry.
I must tell you about the Most Awesome Run I had the other day. It wasn't one of the effortless floating ones or the wow that was fast ones or the I could go all day ones. It was after work eww and warmer than I like and I was stiff from my long run on Sunday (14km, how the mighty have fallen, eh?) and my foot was hurting and I couldn't get my shoe tied properly or my orthotic to sit right. But I kept going. I retied my shoe and fixed my orthotic and stretched my calves. I focussed on my form and reminded myself I only had to run for two songs (BTW ahem did you just read that? Two whole songs! Squee!! And happy dance!!) As I trotted on, things settled down. I felt more comfortable, and strong. I didn't ever feel good as such, but I felt ok and as though I could keep going as long as I had to. No dramas, no desperation. Enough in the tank, physically and mentally. I felt strong! I didn't realise how much I had missed feeling strong. I think about it now and I smile.
More anon, exemplars!

6 much-appreciated comments:

jeanne said...

As someone who has written down her food intake every day for one solid year, hells yeah, i'm interested! Also? It hasn't helped one bit. Well, I haven't lost, but then again, I haven't gained! Ta-da!

You make me laugh out loud! (btw, i had to write this comment twice! It's like breaking into fort knox to leave a comment! :) )

jeanne said...

And...I think it's totally AWESOME that noddie is riding her bike to school!!! That's practically against the law in the U.S. Well done!

jeanne said... case you think i make things up, I do not!

Wes said...

that's the quite the review :-) Congrats to Noodie on her sweet set of wheels!

I'm a cereal and yogurt man myself for breakfast, but I like to mix it up once in a while.

Anonymous said...

An acceptable porridge can be made in the microwave. That's what I do. While it's cooking, I make the salad.

I don't know that I'd use me as an example with food. A horrible warning, perhaps, but not an example.


Mary Sunshine said...

porridge sucks....but that is not a bad thing. it's good fuel.

You are pure matter what you eat or how far you run.