Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday seven

1. Re: my last post. As my five faithful readers will attest, I am all for complaining as a rule but lately I have been getting totally bogged down in my own whingeing. I have been tangled almost to a standstill in my own doubts and pains and struggles - hence my 'ignore it and it will go away' strategy. I will keep you posted.
2. a self-limiting rehab exercise program* is mind-bending. It's really really hard not to worry all the time or to get a bit obsessed about missing a day of stretching/strength/core. Progress is excruciatingly slow and difficult to maintain a focus on. I have been able to wear wedges to work a few times though! Seriously, apart from, you know, missing Goofy and not being able to walk without pain or exercise pretty much at all for three months, yes apart from those small things, the worst thing about this injury is not being able to wear heels. I know: Me = Shallow. It's very difficult to Sweep About The Place Fabulously in flat mary janes!
3. I didn't realise how much I enjoy a nice sweaty McSweatfest mmmm cardio until I couldn't do it. I've realised that running and cycling/the bike trainer are some of the very few activities Noddie can't/won't interrupt. A marathon is 42.2km of peace and quiet.
4. I am really struggling with Noddie's behaviour at the moment. The urge to dive into the chardy to make the feelings of helplessness and anger Just Go Away is strong, but I am keeping things within civilised limits most of the time
5. I've recently read Julie and Julia and it is ruining my life. In the last week alone I have made my very first cheesecake, a successful banana cake (!!!), home-made singapore noodles with crumbed tofu and a pumpkin and prawn risotto 35 minutes of stirring, anyone?. I'm consulting Nigella almost daily. What has happened to me?
6. I think I might go a bit Steampunk this winter.I am lusting after this coat. But then again I am bidding on these (a pair of them. Not just one). My town needs me to wear these! (Really. You haven't been here).7. I want to do the Gold Coast Marathon on the first weekend of July this year. There. I said it. It's out now. I don't know whether the rehab will happen fast enough for me to rack up the ks, but that's what I want.

More anon, galloping gourmets!

*weak core muscles = wobbly hip = leg torsion = actually feeling foot tearing as I run or ride ewwww. If I don't get it right I literally cannot overdo it.

5 much-appreciated comments:

Lisa said...

you had me at successful banana cake!!!


Anonymous said...

Get your hands on a Julia Childs cookbook. There are things I only dare cook when in full training, but it is magnificent.

There are a lot of recipes that shouldn't work: her carrot recipe includes boiling the pot dry, with carrots in place.

Her recipes are clearly written, but still a lot of work. And, if you go down that path, I have reduced the fat in a lot of the dishes, by a long way. Because 250g butter in a dinner for two is excessive!


Anonymous said...

I watched Julia and Julie whilst bedridden with my ankle reco- I laughed cried and salivated!
Sounds like Noddy may be a very good candidate for Team Seriously Determined! Feisty is good for girls surely ;)
(says the deliberately barren)


Wes said...

A marathon is 42.2km of peace and quiet.


Step away from the shoes ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hugs. Hugs. Hugs.
Cilla :)