Monday, May 30, 2011

A satisfying conversation

~In which LBTEPA's best self does not appear~
Last Saturday I was on my way back along the trail working my way through 30km when a couple of perky types breezed past me. I knew one of them vaguely from the tri club and the post office (I live in a small town) but not the other one. They were moving well faster than me of course, everyone does but I was feeling ok so there was a bit of "Hi!" "Hi!" and I thought nothing of it.
About an hour later, near the end of the trail, the two women breezed past again. "Hi!" said I again. I'm known for my originality. Keep going! said the one I didn't know.
There was a pause as I took this in.
Keep going???Keep going??? I left home at 5.30am! GGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! thought I, but said nothing, only waved (breezily). It seemed the thing to do.
Not long afterward I reached the end of the trail where the two breezy types had stopped (ha!) and were stretching. It happened that it was time for one of my walk breaks so I stopped as well, and said
Nice day for it
Yes, it's good to be finished isn't it?
I'm still 5km from home, but I'm looking forward to getting there (see? Still breezy. Not aggressive At All)
Oh! How far have you done?
Umm, I'm running at the Gold Coast in five weeks so I'm doing some long ones now (see? Not showing off At All)
Are you going up for the marathon?
Are you doing your first full marathon up there?
Umm, no, this'll be my fourth now

(thinks: bwahahahaha, I'll give YOU keep going!).
(notes faintly startled looks, feels extremely smug)
How about you guys?
We're training for a half marathon next weekend!
Oh, are you doing Traralgon? Wow! That'll be great! Have fun!
(thinks: aww, your first half, how sweet).
Better get this finished now, bye!

Please note: LBTEPA's Evil Twin has been coaxed back into her cage with tea and toasted sandwiches. Indiscriminate mental rantings at perfectly nice encouraging strangers have now ceased and normal blog service will resume shortly.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Not being one to complain (stop laughing!) I am just going to say how happy I am to have sent off the second draft of my literature review to my supervisor after an 11-hour revise-a-thon yesterday b/c she only sent it back last Thursday - she's expecting, poor lambie and has been a bit off-colour - and the Spousal Unit was working on the weekend and I had to go to Melbourne on Sunday to see my Dad, who is recovering wonderfully thank you God, and the sinus surgeon (all good-ish, just some pesky stuff but we are on to it) and didn't get back until Monday night and had to work on Tuesday morning. Tomorrow when I get it back I'll deal with whatever needs to be fixed up and hand it in. Then all I have to do is my stats exam.
Oh, and train for this pesky marathon thingy I have signed up for and bought plane tickets and booked a hotel......
Look, it is what it is. I've been a bit sad that my (ahem) "readership" has dropped off (grandiosity anyone?) but at least now that not many skinnyfasts read my burblings (hi Wes! Hi Mark! Hi Paul!) I'm not going to get lectured that I'm not respecting the distance because I have fish and chips for tea every Friday and my life ate some of my long runs. And some of my mid-week runs. And a little bit of my cross-training. 42.2km is going to happen on the third of June. It's going to be slow. It's going to be quite painful at some points. But that's ok. You do your impressive, well-organised, amazing 42.2km and I'll clap as you go past. I love seeing really good runners. They are so strong and well-trained and beautiful. But I'm not them, and I am going to do my underdone, slow, cheerful marathon my way.
Mind you this calm could wear off at any time and the AAAAARRRRGGGGGGGHH OMG oshitohshitohshitwe'reallgoingtodie monster could jump out of my head at any time. You have been warned.
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Well they SAID

There was all this stuff all over the interwebs (so it must be true) about how the end of the world was on this weekend so I thought what the heck, I may as well lash out seeing as it's all puffs of smoke/long white smocks and wings/oblivion from now on - and then some charming WatchTower sellers came around and said it wasn't this weekend after all! But I've already taken the tags off and moved the buttons so I'm keeping it. More anon

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dear Diary

Dear Diary
Last Tuesday I ran out of my thyroid medication. I was a bit disorganised that day no! you cry so I didn't get around to looking in the basket on top of the fridge for the script until Wednesday and realised I didn't have a refill left. Bugger I said, for the rest of the week wasn't looking filled with clear space to go the the drs and get a new one. Then stuff happened, as it does, and I forgot about it again. On Thursday I drove my parents three and a half hours to Melbourne so my Dad could have a heart procedure, just a keyhole thingy, no dramas. Or so we thought cue sinister music dun dun duhnnnn.....
There were three huge blockages and the valve is more buggered than they expected so poor Dad will be having A Triple Bypass and Valve Replacement! Cue wide open eyes and horrified gasp! Well of course we knew that was going to happen said my saintly yet sometimes quite annoying parents, he was far too crook for it to be fixed with stents, we were expecting this and it'll all be fine. They're old no offence Mum, they know heaps of people who've had OPENHEARTSURGERYAARRGGHHH and are now prancing about like young gazelles. That's all very well, say I, but this is My Dad!!!
I love my friends. One post on EffBee and I was inundated with stories about how their Dads/Uncles/Inlaws/friends at work have had OPENHEARTSURGERYAARRGGHHH and are now prancing about like young gazelles. A running friend of mine is actually a cardiac ICU nurse hi DG!!! and she said most of her patients who have had OPENHEARTSURGERYAARRGGHHH are now prancing about like young gazelles and Dad will feel much better really soon. Which is good.
It was pouring on Friday and Dad looked pretty crook all the way home so it was a bit of a strain, especially for Mum b/c I like to sing when I'm driving. Dad's a bit deaf so he was spared. I remembered to ring the Spousal Unit and get him to pop in to the Dr and order a refill for my thyroid medicine because they won't do it over the phone. I had planned to do my long run on Saturday morning, but instead we got stuck into the housework so the house was pleasant and welcoming again. Noddie and I had a massive row about how like an irretrievably spoiled brat she was choosing to behave, and I did a bike workout while J took Noddie to tap dancing. He did the shopping while he was out and came home with some mouth-watering prawns that he made into a delicious curry for tea. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
4.45 am came around really quickly on Sunday. I set out in my cool hat with the light in the brim, my camelbak, 1p0d, gels, gloves, the lot. I could tell pretty early it wasn't going to be one of those 'effortless' ones where you just float along (do you ever have them? You do? Bully for you *sulks*) but I'm pretty good at getting the not-super-fun ones done by now. I just felt strange. The curry made plain its displeasure at being awoken and shaken about at such an hour, but there are plenty of trees along the trail and it wasn't really too bad. It was more that I kept going hot and cold for no reason. After a while I felt almost separate from myself. It wasn't like normal tired and leg-weary at all. I was eating and drinking to The Schedule. I was going even more slowly than usual yet still moving! How does she do it? At 18km, all I could think was that I had to sit down. I. Had. To. Sit. Down. So I did.
I. Sat. Down.
There are nine Benches O'Temptation on my 30km route. I do an out-and-back so that's 18 little moments of enticement to be given the finger before trudging gamely on. Never, ever before, not once have I stopped and rested on one. I didn't this time either - there wasn't one in sight so I sat on the ground. Just sat there. It was like a strange dream, where I was moving like cold honey and had no choice about it. When I got up again I had no run left. It crossed my mind that a Real Runner would be all Brave and Keen and walk home to Get the KMs On The Legs. After about a nanosecond I gave that idea the flick and rang my mum because the fam was at church. It seemed to take a long time to walk back to the highway. Mum's Jaguar is really comfortable.
Notes to self:
a) don't expect your thyroid medication to kick in overnight
c) The Spousal Unit's prawn curry is yummy but contra-indicated prior to long runs.
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Monday, May 09, 2011

Oh, come on

Surely I wasn't the only one who looked at this on the bookstall at the market and saw "The Race Leader"?
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Friday, May 06, 2011

Exceptional restraint

The mind of the female, married, employed, studying, be-offspringed endurance sport afficionado is a complicated place. Take the weekly long run, for example no really, take it, I don't want it hahaha oh no I can't believe I did that sorry. Say, just for example, your would-be Very Slow Marathon runner plans, say, 28km as her long run for the week. This will require well over four hours away from the house. Her kid is seven so can't be left alone for too long and must be in bed by eight pm lest all hell breaks loose on the morrow. It is not the right-thinking VSMr Way to treat her parents or inlaws as free last-minute babysitters who exist to take up the slack on her lack of forethought. The VSMr's husband might be starting/finishing work any time between 6am and 9pm, on any five of seven days. Her only guide to this is a crumpled and scribbled-on roster on the fridge, which is about as accurate as my footy tipping. She also must fit in two mid-week runs, at least two cross-training days and a rest day here and/or there. The latest mid-week run must be two days before the long run. The long run Must Be Done becuase it's 8 weeks until VSM#4 and I was sick last week. It's mother's day on Sunday, which means a 10k, but that can be a trudge-fest if necessary. I'm on a seven year streak of mother's day bling. I'll crawl if I have to. Uni is Just Too Horrible to Mention but is another time-piranha.
To be precise Noddie's new favourite phrase, awww my time management is a sudoku in sanskrit.
So when I spoke to the Spousal Unit yesterday (Thursday) and at the end of the conversation he casually mentioned that he had changed his Saturday shift from a 10am (doable if I leave at Stupid O'Clock) start to a 7am (You're F#$%ing Joking) start, I restrained myself to remarking (in stern tones) that this was EXCEPTIONALLY INCONVENIENT, rather than swearing aloud, bursting into tears or leaving the office and driving home specifically to dong him on the noggin with a wok. I thought that was rather well done.

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Monday, May 02, 2011


This time last year I would have kept going on that run on Saturday morning, and suffered and suffered and suffered and got a lot sicker for my stupidity. The year before I would have spent a lot of energy blaming myself (not being in perfect health all the time is solely and completely one's own fault, no?) and on oh why? oh why? oh woe! oh woe!
This year I'm just irritated and a bit gloomy about being sick for so long, and doing what I can when I can. So go me! Yay! (I think).
In other news:
Project You Don't Want to Have to Admit You Stuffed Up, Do You*? has been going well, with only one confessional sms required in the first seven days. The ante is slightly up this week (hint: chocolate and wine, crikey) but I'm up for it. LBTEPA's crack team of Multivariate Statisticians continue to toil gamely away at the Impossible Assignment, aka OMG I'm Going to Fail*, albeit with frequent breaks for refreshing wallows in the self-pity pool and looking at shoes on the interweb. But Progress Has Been Made*, and that's the main thing. I keep reminding myself that once this b@stard is handed in there's no more course work, and (ahem) "only" two placements and my thesis to do before I am a Proper Psychologist who will finally get paid Proper Money.*
So. Onward! 2-way ANOVA here we come.
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*The Ethics Committee of LBTEPA Institute would like to assure readers that No Capital Letters Were Harmed in the Production of This Post