Monday, March 28, 2011


There is just So Much Going On at Schloss LBTEPA. I am almost speechless with feeling overwhlemed, and since bleating maketh not for a good blog, I have shut myself away from you, my five faithful readers. But you know what? No more. Best brace yourselves.
After a week of bleah, I've got over the Bastard Sinus Infection from Hell, which I must say was a pale shadow of its previous incarnations. I also must point out that it's been six months since I was last really crook, which is unheard of here at the LBTEPA Centre for Disease Control. I've been to Melbourne for a couple of days for uni don't get me started on how shabbily we are being treated now that the course is no longer taking students grrrrrrrrrrr and realised that I have so much work to do that between now and mid-June Noddie and the Spousal Unit might just as well get used to pushing pita bread under the study door
*fans self at the frightening enormity of it all*
Ooh ooh ooh!! I meant to tell you!!!! Not only did we shell out for our tickets to the US during the week, but I also signed up for Goofy! It. Is. Really. Happening. The entries have been open for a couple of weeks but the link to the size chart for the race shirts was broken for a while and I wasn't taking the chance of getting the wrong size. Stop laughing! This little jaunt is expensive and I want mementos that I can wear to the shops for years to come.

Ok for shops
Not ok for shops
It's 96 days until VSM#4 and all I can say is AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! I did 20.5km on Sunday morning, after getting off the train at 10pm the previous night ('coz I'm just hardcore like that) *snort*. In my infinite wisdom, rather than a nice out-and-back along the rail trail (shade, level, asphalt) I chose to do a point-to-point to the inlaws', where Noddie was staying because J was on an early shift blah blah blah boring domestic minutiae. From now on when I drive or ride my bike along a charming country road chockers with scenic vistas etc etc I will notice whether there is any verge to the road (a clue: no) or a noticeable and irritating camber most of the way (clue: yes). It was good to get into that almost peaceful mindset where there's a long way to go and there's nothing you can do about it and it's not a bad day really and it doesn't hurt that much. Mind you this reverie was frequently interrupted by %$&#*! A car! Jump into the bushes! but that was ok too. I got there in one piece. I'm glad I don't have to do a marathon today.
Back to the study now. I don't really care for pita bread that much.
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We have rummaged down the back of the couch

and paid our airfares to the US next January! Floridaand Hawaii, here we come!
I recognise that I will quite likely become more excited as time goes by, but quite frankly I can't see how.
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Still here

...that should actually read Still here? So am I! How are you all? Keeping well?
As my five faithful and astute readers will have noticed, there has been little blogging at Chateau LBTEPA of late. This is becuase your hero is quite determined that this year will not be one tedious OhnooonotagainI'msickandcan'ttrainwoeisme post after another. So now that I am sick (and the above, I must confess has been a recurring motif in my thoughts and conversation), I've been a bit stuck for words, and energy for that matter. To be quite honest I've been riding the self-pity train all the way to Poor Me City. Trust me, you don't need to read about that.
But still
- it's been six whole months since the last Attack of the Bastard Sinuses. My five faithful readers will recognise that this is A Very Long Time between antibiotics for me. Hurrah!
- having the Best Sinuses Money Can BuyTM makes a huge difference. With this much room in the schnozz area, all I have to put up with is feeling weak and sick and a bit of pain, not OMGifImovemyheaditwillexplodepleaseshootmenow. Again I say, hurrah!
- although I'm very disappointed at missing the tri club championship race tomorrow, if Chrissie Wellington can suck it up cheerfully and graciously, then so can I. These things happen.
Now it's 15 weeks until VSM #4. I'm Quite Excited and also Quietly Confident. Let me tell you why.
The other week I set out on my first Long Run of this campaign (don't laugh, that's what I call them, it makes me feel all Napoleonic). Things did not bode well, my friends. Noddie and J dropped me off 14.5km from home while they went out in the boat (no chance of a lift home). It was 1pm (getting to the warmest part of the day) and smoky from the bushfires (not the best conditions for The Best Sinuses Money can BuyTM even at their efficient best). I couldn't get my shoe tied properly. My hip hurt. My water belt kept slipping. This whole marathon thing was a joke, I was a joke and what was I thinking putting myself through this humiliating BS again? It was a true blue whingefest all right. And then....
I remembered how to run. It didn't get easier and I don't think I got faster, but something in my head changed and I realised I know how to do this. Just Keep Moving. Think about your form and your breathing. Listen to your music and enjoy the scenery, the paddocks and the cows and the river and the trees. Run three, walk one. Let it hurt as much as it hurts and take as long as it takes. It was a good run, in the end. I've done another one since. It was good too.
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday ten

I used to live in Japan, not that that makes me anything special or any more or less shocked and appalled by what's happened there. When I think of how densely the (by our standards) flimsy dwellings are packed together and how flat the land is, I just feel sick. I've had to practice what I preach and limit myself to the occasional look at a news site. Thankfully, our dear blogger friend Kathryn is safe.
It's hard not to dwell on all these awful, awful things that have happened so close together. It's hard not to think that the world is an awful place and wish that 2011 would just finish the (*insert expletive here: I have given up swearing for Lent so I can't help you*) up and go away.
But we can't, and we mustn't. We can't pretend the world is kind and that bad things never happen to good people, but we must also notice the things that bring joy to our lives. I'll start.
Today I appreciate
- my fab new work pants, that I bought online (eek), arrived in 3 days and look awesome.
- J planting the rose I bought at the market
- I got the washing in off the line before the rain hit on Sunday night.
- It's so sunny today!
- Our budgie is chirping his little head off, such a pleasant sound
- a client cancelled just before lunch so I got the groceries-servo-pharmacy run done (= won't have to drag Noddie around after school)
- my placement for next semester has been approved!
- I saw the sun rise when I was out on my bike this morning
- Red shoes
- the Spousal Unit and Noddie
That's my ten.
What's good in your life today?

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Please note: normal programming will resume shortly. Oh my do I have some running stuff to faff on about!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Run for Christchurch

Wanna know a Good Thing To Do?
1. Click here.
2. Donate some money.
3. Run or walk 5km next weekend, wearing red and black in honour of our devastated Kiwi friends.
4. Count your blessings.
That is all.

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