Sunday, February 27, 2011

Amazing words from amazing friends

I noticed a glaring omission on my chart o' fabulousness this morning - I didn't organise myself to blog this week! So here I am. I'll keep this short because it'll be dark in about an hour and a half and I am Making Lemonade by riding my bike to my inlaws' new house (they are only 20km away now , oh woe! oh woe! No no no I never said that, naughty Evil LBTEPA has been hijacking my blog again)
But I digress.
My imaginary internet friends have been in particularly scintillating and thought-provoking form lately. In the interests of brevity I will note the phrases which jumped out and lodged in the LBTEPA noggin, changing it forever, then direct you to their posts....bugger, I have run out of time, will finish this tomorrow

1. The mighty DG
Last year I hated opening my wardrobe. All those too-tight or just plain too-small clothes seemed to mock me. They were testament to my lack of self-control, my weakness, my laziness... (so been there, sister!) Something has shifted in the past few weeks...A dress is just a dress again, not failure-on-a-coathanger. (the most perfect phrase ever!) What saddens me is how little I wore these clothes when I actually did fit into them.
This last is the key, my fabulous friends. While we here at the LBTEPA Style Bureau are all about Dressing Appropriately, we strongly believe that in this sad, beige world, it is our Duty to Share the Inner Diva. Be the chick who wears dresses to work! Rock those awesome shoes and earrings on the school run! Be the only one at the races in a hat! Nothing bad will happen, I promise.
2. You may be thinking, but geez LBTEPA, how shallow you are faffing on about being fabulous when the world is so hard and harsh and people are suffering with terrible floods and cyclones and earthquakes. The ever-brilliant Kathryn has some thoughts on this:
It makes you realise that in an instant, your life can be changed forever - whether its a disaster that makes the world news or a private tragedy. What can we do in this life but hold those people we treasure close to our hearts, and not let the precious moments slip away....and make the most of today - do something brave and sparkling and daring, because life is now.
So. True.
3. The gorgeous Linda, who absolutely embodies a sparkling, beige-defying life, pointed out the blindingly obvious (although not to me in recent times) - you can't out-train a bad diet. Thanks for the *slapping forehead* moment mate! I needed that!
4. Finally, St Thomas Aquinas (not that I know him, he's been dead for ages) said this:
Go back and read that again. What an amazing thought. Joy as an act. I have this on a little plaque near my front door to remind me that joy is a choice. It's easy to focus on the bad stuff. It's much harder to live a joyful life in this imperfect world. It takes practice and discipline and courage, and it's a gift to everyone you encounter.

In other news, remember I wasn't going to buy any clothes this year? I'm sorry. Won't happen again.
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

19 and a bit

19 and a bit weeks....
136 days.....
Roughly 3264 hours....
About 195840 minutes.....
until Very Slow Marathon #4, Gold Coast 2011.
Crikey! Better get cracking then!
Now, what to do first?


Nahhh.... ???


Aha! I know! The answer to everything!

Now, onward!
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Monday, February 14, 2011


I reckon yesterday was almost the perfect day.
I wanted to do a bike workout. The Spousal Unit wanted to go to a market (LBTEPA: aka a collection of junk stalls ew ew ew yawn yawn) in a little town 20km away, and then out in the boat. Noddie didn't want to do anything she seems to be in "default setting = "NO!" mode a lot lately, le sigh.... This discouraged J. We'll just go to the market quoth he, it's too cold and it might rain and I'm too tired.
Mummy Took Charge (as she does). No No No she quoth in turn (we were having a quoth-y day) I will help you get ready, and We Will Have Fun.
We did, too. I rode my bike to the market while J and Noddie faffed around looking at...err... stuff. The good ship Mad Dog carried us across the lake to the 90 mile beach where we paddled and made sandcastles until we were driven away by the #$%*!$ sandflies ow ow ow note to self: keep some aerogard IN the boat. Then Noddie wanted to swim in the lake but we'd not brought our togs - so we said bugger it, we're wearing undies and had a brilliant time hurling ourselves off the jetty and mucking about in the water. The jetty was about eight feet above the water so I thought Noddie was a bit of a legend jumping in. Oh Mummy, she said, it's almost like flying! When we got a bit cold we climbed back into the good ship Mad Dog and went home across the lake. I'd done all the washing and folding on Saturday so there was nothing to do but cook a roast for tea. Perfect.
Now I really must get stuck into my uni stuff and last year's tax. I'm in such a good mood it doesn't seem like quite such a mountain now. And I have a teaspoon. No worries!
What's your perfect Sunday?
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Saturday, February 12, 2011


- 44 revolutions of the sun completed, crikey when did that happen? Thursday, silly. You were there! You ate this fabulous chocolate crackle cake! - celebrations: appropriate. Cake, a card and flowers at work what a lovely surprise they are so nice :). When a client conveniently cancelled just before lunch, I headed for the beach, hopped into my togs and swam out past the breakers. For the next half hour I just enjoyed myself in the clear green water. Happy Birthday to me!
To mark the auspicious occasion, Chateau LBTEPA was the scene of such a soiree as our rural hamlet has never witnessed. We actually just kept inviting people we like and then when it came time to buy the food we counted them all up....and said, thirty five?....oh.....but it was all cool apart from being very hot and extremely humid but that just meant every time a chair near the air conditioner was vacated someone else sat down in it rather quickly and pretended they'd been there for ages, which was amusing to watch and everyone seemed to have a good time or at least said they did. LBTEPA herself pronounced it The Best Birthday Ever. Next morning at legal training for work LBTEPA was reported to have consumed two diet c0kes before morning tea, but this has not been confirmed.

- it has struck LBTEPA recently that Time is Ticking By. It's getting close to time to Get Serious. -in the short term, I have a backlog of stuff from uni last year, thanks to the Amazing Disappearing Supervisor, the current semester's stuff and also my tax to do. Time to Buckle Down. Le Sigh. It's been a fun summer faffing around with sprint tris but it will soon be time to think about Gold Coast, Melbourne and Goofy. I'm also wondering how I might fit this in.
- in the long term, I need to really Take A Good Hard Look at Myself regarding my health. I've gained a fair bit of weight in the last year - no problem in itself of course, as anyone can be splendidly healthy at any size. However, the eating and drinking habits in which I've been indulging are neither compatible with what I want to do in 2012 nor with good health in the long term. As my five faithful readers are aware, I struggle with "I'm feeling tired/sad/angry/overwhelmed /might as well have a chardy/ well f#$% it might as well eat those chips" Syndrome. Maybe I always will. Although it is the LBTEPA way to do her level best to make make a fabulous and rich life appear effortless, it never will be. It isn't meant to be.
My Chart O'Good Things is proving a great help. The Spousal Unit is being wonderful. I'm exercising nearly every day - the "2011 SWEATING' box in my sidebar is proving a strangely effective incentive - and have even Cooked some Proper Food, out of a recipe book and everything! Although logging my food is a screaming bore, it's proving helpful in terms of being mindful, and choosing to eat stuff I actually want to eat. The LBTEPA Research Lab is currently working on Project Stuffwe'vetakenforgranted, including (but not limited to) Wellit'ssaturdaynightit'sbeenabigweeklet'shavesomebubbles. No! you gasp - but Yes! We'll go there!
Stay tuned....
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Monday, February 07, 2011

Allstars and Superstars

I was lucky enough to do a corporate team triathlon on Sunday with some workmates. Apart from one friend, I knew little about my teammates - apart from the fact that they were up for a challenge! It was a case of one old triathlon warhorse (me) and five others who'd previously done one triathlon between them (!) fronting up to the line on a mixture of bravado, curiosity and because-I-said-I-would. The mighty GLCH Allstars and Superstars, smiling with relief!
The day started in a fearsome fashion. The area was drenched and lashed by the tip of Cyclone Yasi's 3000km tail - it was pouring and cold and blowing a gale. A tree down over the main road to the venue caused an accident as a car spun on the wet road trying to avoid it and hit a tree. I was first on the scene and felt sick to see a woman slumped over the steering wheel. She was quite shocked but able to move and speak quite well. After I'd rung the emergency services, and some other bossy organising-type people arrived and took over, I kept going as I would just have been in the way. The woman was ok, thank goodness - a friend of mine who knows her told me she was released from hospital later that day with concussion and bruising. Our teams were huddled together under our marquee when I arrived. They are mostly quite slender people and the wind was freezing. I was worried about the weak swimmers in the whitecaps (in the sheltered lake!!) - but thankfully, the wind died altogether half an hour before the start and stayed away until after the race.
I was pleased with my race. The ride was mostly uphill on the way out ewwwww, and therefore very agreeable for we mass-enhanced athletes on the way back, especially since I got my brakes fixed. My target all ahem "summer" has been to reliably run 2km non-stop straight off the bike, no matter what - no small thing for this Very Slow Marathoner. I did run all the way, including an ahem "impressive" burst of speed into the transition area to hand over the chip to my teammate.
I just about burst with pride at the others. They were great, especially one bloke who, when he said I can't swim, didn't mean I can't swim very well. He literally could not swim. 300m is a long way in double-armed backstroke and dog paddle. Guts, bloke. Guts. Well done sir. The all-conquering GLCH Allstars
Since I had spent Saturday afternoon volunteering at the registration table I knew a few people from the tri club. I was surprised at how many other people from around the place I knew who were either racing or cheering on friends. I called in to work this morning to drop off some photos and there are already murmurings of next year we'll have to......(train harder, get more teams up, organise a barbecue etc etc) around the place.
It's all good.
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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

You know what?

...the less frequently you blog, the harder it is. You (that is, I, that is, LBTEPA) get all caught up in the it's been ages I'd better put together something epic/hilarious/profound oh crap all I want is to have a bit of a whinge I think I'll just go and have a cuppa instead thing.
I don't really know why I write my blog but I do like it, my five faithful readers seem to like reading it *waves to FFRs!*, and who knows, maybe something I write will resonate with someone or inspire them or make their day a bit more cheerful, cheerful stoicism being, as we know, the LBTEPA Way. I have to tell you, cheerful stoicism is much easier to manage when you have properly functioning sinuses. I have a bit of a cold and it's very smoky here from the fires and I feel a little bit rough - a massive improvement from last summer's on my knees with pain and out of my mind and sending everyone else insane with crankiness.
...Oh bugger, I was going to do one of those cool lists that regular bloggers do and now I've given away the exciting bits. Oh well. We shall just have to press on, no?
1. I have a head cold and it's very smoky and I feel a wee bit rough. Functioning sinuses are absolutely worth every cent.
2. LBTEPA apologises fully and unreservedly for being so remiss as to allow Noddie and the Spousal Unit to reach the ages of 7 and 49 (respectively) without seeing The Princess Bride. Best. Movie. Ever. Lemme Is too much. Lemme sum up.
3. Noddie and I had a girls' weekend away in Melbourne. We went on the train and stayed in a hotel (and had breakfast at the hotel restaurant! I love being around seven year olds, they are So Excited about Everything). We went to the art gallery and the Aquarium and bought Noddie some new sparkly shoes and a nice man in the bead shop made her a gorgeous necklace.
4. I really don't like shopping. My dream is for someone to measure me and bring me nice stuff that's comfy and looks fabulous.
5. My right knee and foot are twinge-y. Must. Do. Hip. Exercises. And. Core. Work. And possibly not do two triathlons in three days
6. I seem to be more tired than normal lately. Is it a) thyroid? b) low iron? c) staying up too late? d) no proper exercise routine established for 2011 as yet? Who can tell? There are lots of things to tinker with. I'm hopeful
7. Dear work colleage: if you say in December that you'll participate in a team triathlon, and people you know pay the entry and get a uniform and marquee organised, and then four days before the race you announce I'm not doing it becuase I'm feeling really anxious about not doing well becuase I have't been training or given up smoking and I might get injured, maybe some people will say, you poor thing, that's ok. But other people will think you are rude and lame and a la-la, and will wonder whether your lack of responsibility and belief that you don't have to do anything unpleasant pervades other aspects of your life.
8. Dear husband of my friend: you are a filthy scumbag lowlife for cheating on her. Even if she forgives you, and even in the context of your childhood experiences blah blah blah, you are still a pathetic excuse for a human and don't deserve her. R.E.S.P.E.C.T., bloke. Look it up and then write it on your hand.
9. Dear five faithful readers: thankyou for constantly seeking to be the best people you can be. You make the world a better place with your striving and your smiles.
10. OMG OMG SQUEALS AND GIRLY HANDFLAPS!!!! We're going to Goofy!!!! And Hawaii on the way home!!
11. Don't start watching Running on the Sun at 9pm and expect to get to bed on time. Utterly engrossing.
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