Sunday, February 21, 2010

WTF am I thinking?

May I say, I am Not Thrilled with the way what/whoever is running my brain is going about it. Normally I wouldn't share these intimate maunderings with you, my five loyal readers, for fear of seeming self-indulgent and lame, but a) I thought someone else might read this and find it useful and b) it's my damn blog and as will be become clear, I need to stop listening to the imagined opinions of others. You well-adjusted confident types you know who you are should stop reading here and come back next post.
My perspective is all out of whack. Since mid-October I've passed all my assignments and exams, bought a house, dealt with the Spousal Unit working away all week, maintained Noddie's six-year-old world including birthday parties, dance concerts, end of school and Christmas at our place, packed up our whole place and unpacked it again in the new house, painted two bathrooms, a loo, a bedroom, a hallway and a living room, taught Noddie to ride her boogie board and tie her shoelaces and got her settled at tap dancing classes and school, started uni and a TAFE course, applied for two jobs and got an interview for one (it's on Wednesday, wish me luck!!), and cooked prawn and sweet corn chowder and a proper vegetable pie with a blind-baked bottom and a pastry lattice top. I ROCK, no?
But get this: foremost in my mind, blotting out all of the hard work and coolness of the last five months with its ludicrously inaccurately inflated proportions, is the fact that I've gained 5kg. Eleven pounds. That is pretty much all I have been thinking about in those 2 a.m. wake-and-fret fests. That one thing is the criteria by which I have been judging myself. That is MESSED UP and I'm NOT STANDING FOR IT. I have a Plan, my friends, and The Plan Is This: next time I teeter on the edge of that "weight gain => lazy/disorganised/unworthy/unhappy with my whole self" slough of despond, I'll grab the list of everything I've done, everything I've ever done in my whole life if necessary, and recite it, over and over and over again if I have to. These extra kgs are one thing. I'm doing something about them becuase I like to be able to wear all my clothes and feel comfortable in my skin. But they're not everything.
I have another question for whoever's in charge of the LBTEPA thought schema: what's with all these comparisons? Some of my good friends are really in the training and racing zone right now, pulling out 20km here and 6min/km there with insouciance and no hip soreness. I am so happy for them! I really am - but their hard work and achievements make me feel sick about what I'm not doing. I'm fearful of imagined failure and jealous of their support networks and their apparent confidence. My feet and heart are heavy with this needless burden. As of now, I PUT IT DOWN. We are women trying our best and cheering each other on. My friends are gifts!
Brain, could you make a note of the fact that NOT everything is about me? Today I was talking to a lady at my church, generally a dynamo whose conversation consists of tales of good works and improving activites. She remarked how this very hot sticky weather makes her feel like a complete dishrag - and I realised that my sloth this morning was not becuase I am a big sooky la-la lacking any discernable self-discipline. It was the weather! Must every explanation be a smothering glop of self-criticism? Hmmmmmmmmm?
I find myself thinking "I couldn't do that...." and "I'll never be able to .....". I've been too scared to go to the local tri-club training becuase I'm so slow and heavy, and I almost didn't enter the Run for The Kids because I didn't want my running friends to see me with five extra kgs! WTF IS THAT ABOUT? It's as though everything about me and anything I've ever done is meaningless in the face of being a bit lonely and a bit lardy. It's as though part of me thinks my value is associated with my weight!
THIS IS RUBBISH. My issues exist. Nothing to be done about that. But now I have recognised them for the insidious, joy-sucking harpies that they are. Let me don my tall silk issue-taming hat and my red frock coat, and pick up my whip and chair. I may have to live with them, but I'll make those little b#$!ards sit up and beg, by crikey I will. THEY WILL NOT WIN. I am LBTEPA and I DREAM BIG. I have entered the Run for The Kids and will finish, uninjured, if it takes me all day. I might even front up at the local tri club on Wednesday - I promise nothing.
Thanks for listening as I've faffed on about all this. I feel better already.
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Friday, February 19, 2010

perfect ten

I'd like to thank the Spousal Unit for becoming the Spousal Unit ten years ago today. You're ace, S.U. *mwah*

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


From: your knee
Subject: WTF were you thinking?
This is to protest in the strongest possible terms against the behaviour listed below, in which you have been engaging in the most cavalier and devil-may-care fashion.
- "forget" to stretch
- ditto core exercises
- gain weight
- work out with weights on what can only be (very charitably) called the most casual and inconsistent basis
- suddenly start running exclusively on unstable surfaces. Yes, yes, the river is pretty, but a sandy path requires more motion control than we're used to.
- spend a lot of time in the surf. Yes, yes, preventing Noddie from sailing to Tasmania is important, but sand and waves are hard on the knees
- suddenly start riding your bike outdoors. On the road. Up hills. Yes, yes, it's beautiful here what with the paddocks and the river and the view and all, but a little bit more little by little would be helpful. Are you picking up a theme here?
- climb up and down ladders and crawl on the floor with paintbrushes for days on end. Yes, yes, the house was a sea of blah and had to be Dealt With, but really. I don't know why you were so surprised when we jacked up.
In view of the circumstances, i.e. the chaos and excitement of the move, and the fact that you took us to the physio and have been diligent about following her exercises and training advice, we are prepared to let you off with a warning in this case.
Don't let it happen again.
Sincerely etc etc

More anon, tibia tenders!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

painting lessons

As I have mentioned, when we moved into our nice new house it was a sea (a swamp?) of BEIGE. I. Don't. Like. BEIGE. I do like painting, so BEIGE's days were numbered.
Painting can be quite the philosophical experience, you know. Listen to music, fill the tray, wipe the roller.... all very meditative. I will share with you now, if I may, the Wisdom of the Fumes.
1. There's no hurry. It doesn't matter if it takes all day, or two weeks. If you know what you want and keep at it, you'll get there.
2. Some things just aren't that important. If people think less of you for something as small as getting paint on the light switch, they're not your friends.
3. Being careful is important. However, sometimes it's more conducive to your happiness to not be too fussy.
4. You can't kid yourself that you like something when you don't. It won't take. Better to do something about it.
5. It's ok to want things to be different.
6. Don't panic if it looks wrong at first.
7. Wait until you can see the whole thing before you decide whether it's a disaster.
8. Sometimes something you'd never have even thought of turns out to be a really good idea.
9. Changing your world takes a fair bit of work, but it's very satisfying and easier than you think.
10. Painting the living room is a good way to celebrate your birthday. Riding a very long bumpy slide down a hillside five times with a tummy full of prawns and champagne is a new one for me, but I can feel a tradition coming on...........
More anon, Rembrandts!

Thursday, February 04, 2010


Hello there! I write to you, my five faithful readers, from the rural fastness of my (almost) fully assembled, unpacked, unfolded and organised new home. It's nice here. I hope you are all well and enjoying this lovely summer weather, unless you're from the other hemisphere, in which case *snicker*
So much has happened at the new Casa del LBTEPA that I hardly know where to begin.
1. Here is a really truly true Public Service Announcement. As my five faithful readers well know, my sinuses and I have a very special relationship. I hate them; they turn on me at the slightest provocation. Taking them to live in the dusty, pollen-y, smoky (from bushfires) country was possibly not the best idea. In an effort to function I started taking some OTC sinus pain medication that I've had before. I was taking it as infrequently as possible, not even close to the maximum dose. I was finding the unpacking and looking after Noddie a real struggle and was even worried I was falling back into clinical depression again. And then..... I was about to slurp down a couple more of these sinus pills, when I noticed on the package in teeny tiny letters that people taking antidepressants should consult their doctors before using this stuff. Hmmm, I thought, I'm not on ADs but I am feeling more and more thoroughly and pervasively gloomy with every passing day. I don't think I'll take any more of these. So I didn't.
Well let me tell you, my five faithful readers, it was like a switch being thrown. Within 24 hours I was my old irritatingly cheerful bundle-of-energy self. With a face that feels as though it's full of acid, yes, but I'm working on that with stuff that doesn't suck all the joy out of life. So - yes, I have finally got to the point - if you have sinus problems in summer and experience any sort of lowered mood, check what you're taking. Those things are poison to me and they might be to you too.
2. In a sensational piece of serendipity, a friend of mine needed a new home just as we left our old place. Tenants, anyone? We're so thrilled - they're no-BS people, old hands at renting and happy to tell us what we need to do to be good landlords.
3. One of the most fun things about moving house is that you can throw out all your old scruffy tea-towels and get nice new matching ones. Ditto bath mats.
4. Mum gave me a tape measure and matching stanley knife, all covered in roses so the Spousal Unit won't take them to the Shed O'Doom from whence nothing returns. Yes, there's one here too.
5. I love my tape measure. I have a lot of stuff on my walls, and in this house it's perfectly straight, and aligned to perfection.
6. We seem to have acquired two new dogs. They are exact replicas of our previous dogs, but don't bark at the next door dogs or pull washing off the line!
7. When we moved in, every single room in this nice big house was BEIGE. I hate beige. Hate. It. since Noddie started school on Monday I have painted her room pink and purple, as requested - with butterflies! It's too cute! - and the bathroom, en suite and loo pale yellow. They look smashing. Next week I'll transform the front living room from a blah approximation of cosy to a white chocolate den of yumminess. I'm not doing it tomorrow because the job involves unpacking three large bookshelves, and I do need to start organising the filing cabinet some time. Although it might be a good beach day............
8. Noddie has become a complete daredevil on her boogie board. I love going to the beach with her. She's a legend.
9. The view from our front verandah is a few rows of houses and then rolling hills.
10. I live five minutes' walk from the river track. Seeing the sun come up as you run beside the water is exactly as perfect as it sounds.
11.Rain smells so good here. I'm going to go and sit on the verandah for a while before I go to bed.
So when are you coming to stay? Hop on the train, we'll pick you up from the station!

More anon, future guests!