Friday, August 06, 2010

Enough said

Well sports fans it's been quite a week. All my jobs are hotting up which is great as I'm learning heaps - especially about playing catch-up with required documentation which it would have be helpful to have been told about.
Uni is interesting although it would also be helpful if my supervisor would answer his phone or emails. I'm not missing TV all that much.
The inlaws are up for a flying visit. Noddie's school concert was last night (awwwwwwww) and J has given Noddie the day off school today b/c the inlaws can't possibly drive back to Melbourne tomorrow and then go to the footy in the evening. Far too fatiguing. Their dog won't walk on our tiles. Too cold. Noddie is Over-Excited. I'm staying right out of it.
I'm off to my fancy-pants consultant job this morning and then covering 20km on foot this afternoon, not calling it running 'cause the plan is to Just Keep Moving very very slowly over back streets and the rail path through the paddocks mmmmm......... oh how I am looking forward to it.
more anon, weekend warriors!

3 much-appreciated comments:

Anonymous said...

I for one, am horrified that you would expect the dog to walk on the tiles! And as for expecting people to drive then enjoy an evening at the footy- your expectations are far too great!
Enjoy your country jaunt- hope it is lovely and cool, but not raining too much.


kathrynoh said...

Wow, so much going on. Have a good weekend. Btw can you recommend somewhere close to home to run that isn't concrete? I'm going to try running outside this weekend!

Wes said...

I'm working my way up to a 20km JKM run meself...