Monday, March 30, 2009


Just lately, life has been running at tempo rather than the adagio pace I prefer. I don't mind it, which is good because now that uni is in full swing and I persist in persisting with my mad endurance sport hobby, things won't be slowing down any time soon. I do prefer more pauses in a day, and less housework after dinner, oh well. Despite the volume and intensity, Masters-level study is great - after all those years of theory theory theory it's finally super-practical and relevant. I can picture myself doing this stuff!
I had the best day yesterday. I slept in a bit then went for a run, zoomed into the shower then off to church, then had lunch and a nap then spent the afternoon on the front step in the sun drinking tea and reading 50 marathons in 50 days that I got for my birthday. Of course now that means my 'study breaks' today will be spent washing dishes and stuffing washing in the machine and hauling it out to the line and back in again before the idiot dogs chew it. These things happen.
Exciting news - my darling peugeot hatch has finally reached the beyond-practicable-to-repair stage, so I've bought a (sort-of) new car! It's a 2007 Renault (another French car, what was I thinking?) with under 20k on the clock, much better than we thought we'd do with our budget. It's a snazzy pale gold colour called champagne, which is very apt for me *beams* I'll pick it up on Tuesday night. I can't actually picture myself in a sedan, and the soft clutch will take a bit of getting used to after driving a sports setup for so long, but I'm sure I'll manage LOL.
In other good news, the Grand Prix is over and the footy season has started, rather well as it happens. There's one more race this weekend to wrap up the triathlon season, which will be good fun if the weather holds. Then I can start to get my breath back!

6 much-appreciated comments:

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Congrats on the (almost) new car!

And best wishes with the upcoming race. :-)

SWTrigal said...

Tempo pace is manageable! And congrats on the new car..

Wes said...

A great day AND a new-ish car!?! How does one top that? :-)

MorseyRuns said...

I just powered through you posts that I missed in the last month AND I MISSED A LOT! You continue to be amazing at an amazing pace. Congratulations on your Athena title which you have earned! And I am so glad you enjoyed Bairnsdale- it seems like such fun and hopefully one day I will join you there. Enjoy that new car- we must catch up soon.

IHateToast said...

aren't you having some fun?

i dated a guy who had a citroen (put a roof on one of those vowels) obsession. he even got an old one, hauled it up to his apartment and sawed off the top to make a bed.

he lost that fun part of him when i started to date him. oh well. maybe you and i could date on the side. every man's fantasy.

the capcha word looks like a disease: sphylize

jeanne said...

I want a citroen! not in the bedroom, though.

your day sounds lovely. we need more days like that, consequences be damned.