Monday, June 30, 2008

House of plague

The Spousal Unit and Noddie have both had viral gastroenteritis (or so the doctor described it) all weekend. J was so sick he asked me to drive him to the doctor on Sunday morning.
Things I am glad about:
- I haven't caught it (fingers crossed, please!)
- the 24-hour clinic 2km from our place
- whatever the doctor gave J, because it worked.
- our washing machine and dryer (I know, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! We were running out of sheets and it's been freezing and drizzly)
- Gatorade, because J can keep it down
- they're much better today
- five more sleeps until we leave for Queensland. Six sleeps until the Gold Coast half and Noddie's interstate racing debut

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Not a Run Melbourne race report

I often get comments about getting up early, training out in the weather all the time, how I must be so 'disciplined', 'dedicated' etc. etc (ahem, LOL ROFL). As you know, this is far from the case. When I was little my Mum used to play us a bedtime story tape of Peter Rabbit. Peter sang a little song about why he got into such mischief. It pretty much explains everything, and goes like this:
Why do I do it?
What is the cure?
My brothers and my sisters find it easy I am sure
That's how I've been ever since I begun
Why do I do it?
Why do I do it?
Why DO I do it?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy anniversary

June 22nd 2007 June 22nd 2008
Running a hilly half marathon in the rain was undoubtedly a stupid idea* given that the doctor told me to stay in bed until tomorrow, but I was happy with my time (if not my heart rate), considering. I wanted to celebrate being on two strong legs, and I did.
I plan to spend tomorrow glued to the live feed from Ironman Coeur d'Alene, where my blogger mates Misty, Brian, Tea and SWTG are dreaming big and going hard.

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*VERY, VERY STUPID. DO NOT DO THIS. DAIS, NAID (Do As I Say, Not As I Do) *cough cough*

Friday, June 20, 2008

It could have worked - renamed NO, YOU DUFFER, IT COULDN'T

When Lurgi Attack (top name for a movie, no?) here at chateau LBTEPA, the normal procedure is thus:
1. strike dramatic pose, complain frequently and loudly;
2. Rest Rest Rest (always secretly convinced that I will certainly lose every skerrick of hard-earned fitness and gain at least 11kg in four or five days);
3. Get better, start training again (see 1.)
This time I thought, well, why not be all TTHU* and maintain a reduced exercise program, of course monitoring frequently for Bad Things such as those weird hot and cold sweats or trouble getting a full breath.
This seemed Like a Good Idea At The Time because
1. It amuses me to pretend to be all gritty and hardcore;
2. I've read in lots of places that 'above the neck is ok' (although reading back over that, it sounds like what I'll tell Noddie before her first date WHEN SHE IS 28), and this was just a HEAD cold;
*UPDATE: My doctor tells me this is a MAJOR furphy. Sick = sick. Rest = rest. LBTEPA = STUPID.
3. No pesky head cold is going to stop me having fun;
4. No Bad Things were happening.........
until yesterday, when my short slow swim told me loud and clear that I lost the toss BIG time. Maaate.... it wasn't exactly unpleasant (especially after I hit the codral). I just couldn't move. Or think. Oh well. I've crawled out of bed today to email my boss, J is taking me to the doctor for some horse pills later, and these tiresome aches and razor throat will disappear by Sunday. They will. Even if they don't, it's time to start tapering for the Gold Coast so I was going to rest more this week anyway. So there.
It could have worked.
UPDATE 1: (smacks self on head) NO, IT COULDN'T, YOU NONG!. Oh well. Live and learn. Take your antibiotics. Sleep.
UPDATE 2: The wonderful Spousal Unit interrupted my moaning about being too stupid to realise I had an acute infection to say he thought I'd have got sick anyway and I probably hadn't made myself worse by soldiering on. He's so nice.

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*Toughen The Heck Up. I'm in a genteel phase

Monday, June 16, 2008

S and M on the freeway

S(ara) and M(inerva) and I had the Best Day Ever riding along the freeway yesterday morning. I didn't take my camera; these photos are from the paper .Hard to imagine, but it was even more fun than it looks!
Highlights of the day
- waking up at 3.30am with a rotten headache from my #$%&! headcold, hopping online while the drugs kicked in, reading Nancy's post and remembering I needed my number and chip!!!!
- sleeping in, being horribly late and the wonderful Sara saying she'd wait for me
- parking in an illegal spot, realising it, joining the enormous slow queue of other confused sad late people, and then getting a super park only 1km from the start.
- finding Sara easily among the 26,000 other cyclists
- zoooooooooooming along the smoothest road I've ever been on
- a funny, positive thoughtful friend to pedal along, puff up hills and generally share the day with (((HUGS))) to you Sara!
- my arm warmers and gloves - so soft! so light! so warm!
- the quirky sculptures
- calling 'beeep' to each other and giggling as we rode under the toll points
- lowering my seat 3mm = no hip soreness at all
- getting mixed up with the 'family ride' - it was like riding through a chook pen, so funny!
- also very funny - a small girl yelling look Mummy, one of the really fast riders! as I passed
- the grease I got on my new red windcheater when I was getting Minerva out of the car aarrgghh!!! Nooooooooo!! came off easily in the wash
- a glorious nanna nap zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Other news

My friend is going much better and thanks you all very much for your kind thoughts and prayers ((hugs)) you are all the BEST ((mwah!!))
Other news: I'm very very pleased to report that Team LBTEPA seems to be getting on much better since the Family Meeting.
The 65km freeway ride is this Sunday, and if this weather keeps up I should drown or freeze to death before I fall off from exhaustion. As is my wont, I have resorted to the 'throw money at it' solution and invested in arm-warmers and some winter gloves.
I have now lost 4.5 whole kgs this year - what a speedster, eh? - and can write a thrilling new 'Xkg-1' number on the fridge and the stove splashback, woot! This is the lightest I've been in seven years.
Noddie's latest disgusting lurgi has attacked and is incommoding me somewhat, but echinacea and ibuprofen are keeping it at bay and me on the road and in the pool. Never surrender!
My new windcheater arrived startlingly quickly, no doubt because of the astonishing postage charges. I am utterly in love with it - so soft! so red! such a cool design! - and want to wear it All The Time.
Our new lounge suite will be here in about an hour. It's a La-Z-Boy with those footrest thingos so J thinks he's died and gone to heaven. He's actually sweeping the living room right now, so maybe I've died and gone to heaven!

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Friday, June 13, 2008


I just got some news that put all my petty tribulations and triumphs into perspective. My friend who was admitted to the psych ward for excessive anxiety about her baby's development has finally got to see a consultant paediatric neurologist ie someone who actually knows what he's talking about and has been told that her 4-month old actually does have brain damage because of the medication she (my friend) was prescribed to help with breastfeeding. Which is banned in the U.S. because it's known to cause brain damage.
F#$%ing breast-feeding Nazis and their rotten stinking breastfeed-at-all-costs propaganda. F#$%ing judgemental no-kids know-nothing psychiatrist. F#$%ing dismisstive paediatricians and maternal health nurses. Bastards.

I don't know how she can stand it. How could anyone stand it? I just don't know.
Please send her your prayers.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Snakes and ladders

I did 19km yesterday in 2hrs 30 minutes - don't laugh, this is a good non-race run for me! - with no soreness at all afterward. It's either the chi-running technique or the protein shakes after a long workout or both, but I'll be starting the Gold Coast half mara with the most consistent preparation I've ever managed.
Noddie's hobbies du jour include arguing, shouting, contradicting, being rude and disobedient, giving cheek and generally sending Mummy completely mental. This morning after yet another incessant argument-fest, I dropped the ball entirely and just started crying and couldn't stop. This was in lieu of shaking her until her teeth rattled, so it was for the best, although I wish my nose didn't spread across my face when I get the sooks cause everyone at work kept asking me what was wrong. Note to self: write rude letter to Avon about their 'waterproof' mascara, ha!
I racked my brains all day about how we could change the trajectory of this behaviour. All I could think of was a Family Meeting (we've never had such a thing before, but I was desperate) where we started by saying 3 things we liked about the other two, then we each got to set Limits for the other two. They have 'Limits' at kinder, and Noddie loves kinder so much I'm willing to ride that sleigh until it crashes into the gates of Hades. My limits are not be so cross and not shout so much, and Noddie's are to wear what Mummy gives her without arguing, except on Fridays and Saturdays when she can choose whatever she likes, and to either eat her breakfast or to explain politely that she's not hungry. J has some Limits too, but a wifely loyalty forbids me throwing the harsh light of public opinion on them.
Speaking of trajectories, I have radically changed a habit which has been worrying me for some time. For the last five weeks I have restricted my wine drinking to one glass - or fewer! - per day, 5 days a week. I didn't say anything because people can be a bit judgemental about drinking and also ok ok I admit it I was a bit ashamed that it had got this far, and a bit afraid I wouldn't be able to do it. But I made myself a little chart, and nicked some of Noddie's good behaviour stickers, and I did it!
I will soon be wearing this to remind myself that I can - and I do - make positive changes. It's not all whingeing and showing off!
The best news of all that I got today is that my dear friend M does not have lupus. It's a good day.
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Friday, June 06, 2008


Riding 40km along a new bike path in the fog that never burned off even at midday: a cold cold adventure.
Running in the dark foggy morning: freezing, but spookily fun!
Running out of petrol on the way to work, blocking the Hoddle St on ramp, being pushed to a safe place by a kind cyclist and then rescued by the Spousal Unit: an embarrassing pain in the a%se.

Hearing that your new baby nephew has arrived safe and sound: priceless! Driving a 300km round trip after work to see him, my brother and sister-in-law and introduce Noddie to her new cousin: absolutely worth it.
Welcome to our family, little Zach.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Ten minutes more

Off to face the Fear of Long Runs again (but it's a step-back week, yay!) after this so will keep it to a ten-minute 'splat' - I apologise in advance for all the lazy-arse dashes - yes I do!
Thanks for all the good wishes and prayers about my friend - she is improving little by little and has been allowed home for the weekend which is a good sign.
It was one of those stupid weekends where the best plans were thrown awry and a lovely sleep-in turned into a missed run b/c of lack of organisation by people other than myself, so I had to wrench my mind away from the 'failure' and back to the fact that May was my second-highest and most- consistent training month for the year. The fabulous Jeanne has been good enough to send on her tri-club swim workouts so lunchtime plods-up-and-down have turned into fun fun fun speedy(ish) playtimes.
On Saturday Noddie and I went to the airport and saw Mum and my sister off on their Big Trip - a month in the U.K! So exciting!

My beloved Doggies handed the undefeated Hawks a trouncing, causing me to dance and sing about the living room in an immoderate fashion and make Noddie laugh and laugh.
J and I went to an engagement party full of 20-somethings - why do they all wear so much black, I wonder?
(the following conversation became even funnier when it was repeated almost verbatim several times).
LBTEPA to 20-something uni friend: so good to see you - we'll have to catch up more often. Can I message you on Facebook? 20-S u f (very startled): Are you on Facebook?!?!!?
LBTEPA: darl, my parents both have Facebook pages
20-S u f (creaking sound of shifting world-view): Oh.......
Confirmed my social ineptitude by dashing from church to a blogger meetup, arriving half an hour late, finding no-one, apologising on facebook then finding out I was 3 weeks early. Please pass me the paper bag mask that none may recognise me.
The thing I love most about my kid is that a day spent arguing over everything and fighting with me about everything and generally driving me insane can end with an exciting adventure walk (aka what the f$%& else can I do to pass the time before J gets home ?) down by the creek in the foggy dark - with gloves and hats and torches!!! Cool!! - and all is well again.
That's 20 minutes....must be off - I'm wearing my "Warning: training with hangover" shirt and it's not even the slightest bit accurate and after the weekend I had that's an achievement too :)

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