Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Speed Blogging

I have 10 minutes before I have to jump in the shower and then go and fetch Noddie from kinder, then frantically do a faux-tidy of the house before a friend from church comes around to look at our paint as she has to choose colours for her house by Friday and our house has a lot of different colours, so this will be slapped down in a hurry.
- a friend of mine is in a mother-baby acute psychiatric ward with her 3 month old baby. Poor darling, please send her your prayers if you do that sort of thing.
- faced my Fear Of Long Runs again - why do I dread them and procrastinate so? same with my bike rides, which I LOVE? - and had quite a good one. This will be the best prepared I have ever been for a half-marathon I think. Not to say I will be particularly fast (hahahahaha ROFL) just well-prepared. I've entered the Run Melbourne half marathon on June 22nd as an untapered last long run before the Gold Coast. Should be a hoot and there's bling involved......
- sleep has been a bit broken as Noddie conquers the last toileting milestone - waking up and going to the loo! Hurrah for Noddie, and please pass the eye cream for the suitcases under my eyes.
- J and I walked up to the primary school and enrolled Noddie for next year!! Our baby is going to school!
- it has occurred to me that as a heavyish 41 year old with prior injuries, my major goal this winter should be to remain injury- free. Well, hi there Captain Obvious!! In which case I should REALLY not try and build both my run base and my bike base simultaneously (Hi again C.A! You're doing a great job!). Just because the mighty Sara is cranking out the kms doesn't mean I have to. She'll just have to wait for me at the finish, and I bet she does too, she's a kind person. The best thing about this realisation is that I had it before I injured myself. Maybe I am growing up... nah
- Don't laugh, Eat 'Em - I am thrilled to be about to crack 100km of running this month. My best total ever!
- my new bike seat and the words 'anterior pelvic tilt' are currently my favourite things in the whole world. So sue me. I'm fickle.
Sh*t, ten minutes already. Must dash as I am scared of Noddie's kinder teacher glaring at me for being late. I think she plays netball.

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Friday, May 23, 2008


My run last night was magic. I couldn’t go in the morning because the Spousal Unit left for work at 5.40a.m. and not even Keen Virtuous LBTEPA is home from exercise that early. I was pretty tired after work, it was cold and dark, Noddie was in full arsenic hour swing and I was expecting a get-the-bastard-done slog. Off I trotted. I’ve been reading about chi running and practising tucking my pelvis under and lifting my feet, which felt terribly awkward at first but I think I'm getting the hang of it. It's hard to explain; you'll have to read the book yourself.
Anyway - last night was one of the magic ones. It felt as though all the slogs and trudges and plain simple Time On The Road had led to this one moment. I was floating. It was effortless. My feet were barely touching the ground. The stars were out, and when I came over the hill next to the primary school there was such a moon as I’ve never seen – huge and bright and ochre with vivid blood-red streaks. On and on I floated in the timeless night – and then on the last downhill Josh Groban sang You Raise Me Up and I was thinking about God and J and Noddie and all my friends and I was so happy I almost had tears in my eyes.

Off to graduation this afternoon. Noddie is already wildly excited because I took her with me to uni during the week to check out where the hall is. I have decided that fishnet tights and red heels are appropriate graduation attire (the brochure was quite stern on that point) and I am determined to not be disappointed when J doesn't give me a naff graduation bear. We are taking the in-laws to the ceremony and then out to dinner as a thankyou for all their help; my mum will be there as a buffer and there's always champagne too of course.

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UPDATE: J, I have wronged you and I apologise. Thankyou for indulging me. Mwah!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just a week

It's been a week of stuff, just stuff - cancelled meetings on the other side of the city, strange shifts for J, everyone a bit run-down from the latest lurgi Noddie has brought home...just stuff.
But then again
J lost his WORK KEYS on Sunday (security and alarm keys for a huge hardware store) and although I was pretty dark that the rare free afternoon earmarked for knitting and movie-watching was spent looking under fridges and shaking out couch cushions, I FOUND THEM!!! WOOT! - FYI if you put a pile of folded washing on top of keys, it is possible that the key tag can hook into a sock so what when you lift up the washing the keys appear not to be there and you don't find them until you give up looking and say f#$% it, I might as well put the washing away.
We had to get a photo of Sally-the-pup printed for Noddie to take to kinder and I LOST THE CAMERA MEMORY CARD. Ackkk! Words cannot express the confusion of feelings - oh no! why am I so stupid? It's not fair! I found J's lost stuff and now mine is gone for good! Then at 3 o'clock next morning I woke up and thought I wore black boots and a pink coat to church - why did I look in my red handbag? I bet it's in my black handbag! And it was! Huzzah!
And yesterday I had the slowest most crap ride ever but the full moon was so bright and the sunrise was so pretty it almost made up for it, and this morning Sally hadn't left any messes for me to clean up.
I'm graduating on Friday. I wasn't going to, but I think it's important to punctuate life milestones, and to show Noddie what this Mummy-going-to-uni bizzo is about. Any excuse to robe up and then go out to dinner, really!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

LBTEPA - 1 , sloth - 0

*looks around, startled that it's Saturday already*
Yesterday morning Slothful LBTEPA woke up at 5.20 and had this conversation with herself
- I think it's raining, it's a bit dangerous to ride in the dark and the rain
- zzzzz
- it's it raining? Oh it's not raining. I thought it was raining...five more minutes...
- s#$%! It's 6.01! Dammit I haven't got time to do my full circuit now...oh well, I have had a rotten headcold this week, the rest will do me good.
(Keen Virtuous LBTEPA, silent until now) - What? I can't believe this! GET. THE. F#$% UP. Since when do we miss an entire session becuase we haven't got time to do it all? You la-la!
SL - (whines)
KVL - I tell you what, if we ride for 10min and can't keep our heart rate down then we'll go home.
SL - (grumpy) oh, all right. Bloody nag.
Half an hour later
KVL - (zooming along the freewaybike path in the rushing wind, watching the sunrise) Wheeeee! This is SO MUCH FUN!
SL - I suppose you're going to remember this for next time, are you? (mutters)
KVL - Yep
I don't know whether heart rate monitors are the Best Thing Ever or Pitiless Sweepers Aside of Feeble Excuses. I've had a yucky headcold this week so I decided I'd have a crack at all my sessions and then abandon them if I couldn't keep my heart rate down - and lo and behold, my head can be stuffed with kapok and my nose running like a tap and nothing bad happens when I run or ride. Good news, huh? Hmmmm......

In other extremely fun news, Sara-of-the-Top-Secret-blog (she'd tell you but she'd have to kill you) invited me to do this! What could be more cool than riding along a brand spanking new freeway before the cars get a turn?
Mind you, when I said this to the Spousal Unit he gave me such a funny look....
In closing I would like to wish my friend Wes all the very best for a great day at his first Half-Ironman! Go Wes go!

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Ups and downs

Good things that happened this weekend:

Our new puppy Sally

The wonderful atmosphere at the Mother's Day run.
A pretty good time (56.20-ish for 8km).
Sharing the day with J and Noddie.
Catching up with my brother and sister.

Bad things that happened this weekend:
A huge, horrid, MASSIVE row with J lasting more than seventeen hours, that included - but was by no means limited to - cold and fatigue, people we don't know very well, priorities, a stubby holder, thoughtfulness, moccasins, TV and Noddie's pants.
Far too much pizza and bubbles.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008


That was a busy week for me - training and site visits meant I had to work four days instead of three, and was in the office for a total of two hours. Now the Spousal Unit has taken Noddie to her swimming lessons and to get me a fabulous Mothers' Day present (or he will if he knows what's good for him), and one for his mother too. I was going to say, not so important, but just because I can't stand the woman doesn't mean she should miss out.
The house is quiet, my tea is steaming gently and my saved-up-for-the weekend dark rye toast is crunchy and good.
My mum is coming down on the train this arvo so we have to clean the bathroom, vacuum, and attempt to conceal the normal squalor in the study coz it's also the guest room. Tomorrow will be a huge day - not only are we running in the morning and having the family (including M-I-L, don't say I don't put in) over for dinner, but I am determined to finally present my dear mama with the four mothers' day cards which I have bought over the years and completely failed to either post or hand deliver.
Prior to all that - in about twenty minutes, as soon as I stop faffing around on the computer - I will be finding out whether this is my new best friend.A chick bike seat! Following the example of the invincible GGtI, I have invested in some kindness to my ladyparts. Will this be the answer? We shall see.

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No need to thank me. I'm here to help.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Happy Mothers' Day

This is a bit early, but I will be flat stick busy for the rest of the week and probably won't have time to post before Sunday.

MOTHER'S DAY 2003-2008.
5 years ago I was throwing up around the clock and fearing I would miscarry.
4 years ago I 'ran' 4km in 38 minutes, 4 minutes slower than my Mum!Three years ago it was such a beautiful day I did the 8 km instead of the 4km and had such a good time I ended up finishing my first half-marathon later that year.Two years ago it poured with rain, I ran on my own and no-one took any photos. It was still a great day.
Last year I was so proud to be sharing the day with Mum and Noddie that I ignored my sore ankle.

Last June I thought I wouldn't be racing again until now.This year we will be running together again. You're the best, Mum.

IMPORTANT PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: If you have a Mum, or the woman you love is a Mum, go and organise an EXCELLENT present STRAIGHT AWAY.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

All the cool kids have one

A heart rate monitor! I am slowly but inexorably being sucked into the vortex of training toys. I blame Wes and Misty. I'm sure it will make all the difference once I work out how to make it stop telling me I'm dead.

UPDATE: OMG I am TURTLEY in love with this thing! How fun is it to know that you ARE working hard enough - but not too hard? So much information! So much beeping!UPDATE: Yesterday I finally got around to installing the bike computer I got for my birthday (clearly I was temporarily possessed by the spirit of some mechanically-capable person).